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Sweden, officially the Kingdom of Sweden, is a Scandinavian country in Northern Europe. ...read more.


I'm not Swedish - but being a brown Asian man, I have found the Swedes to be the most generous, warm and loving people. I'm sure there are exceptions, but in my opinion, they have a quaint, calm nature. Enjoyed talking to them on the streets and cafes. I love the beautiful nature they are blessed with - the design thinking their young talent display to come up with the most sophisticated, socially forward civil development ideas. I wish to live there someday.

Sweden has high standards, is very safe, clean, taxes are high in order to provide people health care and school for free. People are well educated and polite. It's easy to live in Sweden. Swedes are generally no racists and they welcome a big amount of immigrants. Most of them are really thankful to come from war to such a peaceful country. It's not paradise on earth, some people would find it a bit stiff maybe, and people are not usually very outgoing, but it's probably the number one best country to live in. My mother is Swedish so I have visited the country many times. My favorite part is Dalecarlia, with strong cultural heritage, great nature and beautiful folklorist art. - ChatonNoir

I don't know how the USA could be on this list. I live n Sweden and I have lived here since I was born so I have had a great life time experience of the country and all I can say is that we have a great climate, great girls and the list goes on. The only negative side of Sweden is the politics but judging by this list I don't think that that that ill be a problem just look at the second to the top.

I'm brazilian, but I had to give my vote to Sweden... Such an amazing country - RandomPerson1234

I believe that Sweden has the most cleanest for family's to enjoy their visit or life there. Not only clean in public environment but also people. And Sweden kind of keeps to them self and does not try to expand their country. They are happy with what they have. That is why they haven't had a war since 1809.

Sweden is not only one of the countries who almost never go into war it is as well very clean.

Rapid development, but norway is best!

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You are just an homophobic guy, Sweden is a country where homosexual rights are absolutely respected, keep your awful comments for you and don't come here to spread your crap. I don't from where you are coming but surely not from an advanced place, surely from Eastern or Southern Europe.

Sweden is a really nice country, because you have a very relaxed way of life, and the people there are very friendly and nice. It has many beautiful landscapes and is so beautiful. It is very cosmopolitan and trendy

Do not pay any attention to comments concerning French or France, you can find here, they are written by the same moronic troll who likes to practice French bashing and mass voting for certain countries. Not necessary to mention his origin here, everyone know. Happy new year Sweden!

Sweden deserves to be in the top 5 of the best countries of this planet Earth. Firstly because we are the kindest people, secondly because the Sweden people are the most beautiful, our blond hair women are recognized to be the most beautiful women of the whole world, please have a look on the appropriate lists on this website. Thirdly our country is so beautiful with its numerous fantastic lakes, islands, sea costs, forests and the winter sport you can enjoy with lot of fun in so relax atmosphere. Our country is the cleanest, we take care about our environment, take care about our people our healthcare system one of the best and our food are just exceptional.
Please do not hesitate to come and visit us,you are all welcome and also for working, the Sweden unemployment rate is one of the lowest in Europe.

I want to live in Sweden so badly and I'm probably gonna move to the country when I get the money! That is how much I love this country!

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Best country for princess stories

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At least Swedes is in the top ten.

I'm an American and I can say that our country is not as good as Sweden. Sweden is a peaceful, intelligent country while mine is filled with war-loving idiots (AKA Conservatives). I am also an Atheist so a country like Sweden that has a much smaller religious population is a plus.

Admin could you please clean the comments coming from the same stupid troll, spending his time in Sweden and French bashing. Thank you.

Sweden gives student free education! You don't have to pay for collage.

Sweden is the opposite of an homophobic country, do you know ying and yang? Sweden, Netherlands, Canada and France are the most advanced countries concerning transgender issues, so keep your arrogant and xenophobic ideas for you. Here it's the place of peace.

I love living in Sweden it is the absolute best country in the world because of many reasons. First of all it is quite safe as the crime rate is very low. People are very kind to everyone.

Sweden has the most relaxed lifestyle on Earth... Iran used to be the best place before the revolution - PatriciaN

Sweden is the best country in the world- why? - because in Sweden they have everything! Moose, Vikings, Robbaz and one of the greatest flags in the world. The school system is amazing, they have a very low crime rate and... Are responsible for both IKEA and ABBA!
Sweden for the win

Sweden's my home. After living in other countries (USA, Thailand et. C) I have definitely realized that we have living standards unparallel to other nations. I have heard many complaints about our nation from inhabitants, native Swedes, but they are blind and cannot see how good our country actually is.