Best Cover Songs on Holy Dio: A Tribute to the Voice of Metal Ronnie James Dio

This is a compilation album with songs by various artists, released in 2000 by Century Media. These cover versions were originally recorded and released as parts of bands albums before 2000.

This tribute album has 2 versions: 1-disc version with 14 songs, and a 2-disc version with 19 songs.

The Top Ten

1 Don't Talk to Strangers - Blind Guardian

Hansi Kürsch just nailed the vocals. Hands down. - Metal_Treasure

2 Holy Diver - Holy Mother

Their singer Mike Tirelli sounds pretty much like Dio. Holy Mother is an American heavy/power metal band formed in 1994. They probably haven't been active since 2003 though. - Metal_Treasure

3 Sign of the Southern Cross - Fates Warning
4 Man on the Silver Mountain - Hammerfall Man on the Silver Mountain - Hammerfall Cover Art
5 Rainbow Eyes - Catch the Rainbow

Catch the Rainbow is a Rainbow tribute band, formed in 1996 by Helloween drummer Uli Kusch and Gamma Ray guitarist Henjo Richter, who were soon joined by other musicians. - Metal_Treasure

6 Egypt (The Chains are On) - Doro Egypt (The Chains are On) - Doro Cover Art
7 Neon Knights - Steel Prophet Neon Knights - Steel Prophet Cover Art

Steel Prophet are an American power metal band. - Metal_Treasure

8 Children of the Sea - Jag Panzer
9 Kill the King - Stratovarius Kill the King - Stratovarius Cover Art
10 Temple of the King - Angel Dust

The Contenders

11 Shame on the Night - Solitude Aeturnus
12 Long Live Rock 'N' Roll - Gamma Ray
13 The Last in Line - Destiny's End
14 Country Girl - Dan Swanö / Peter Tägtgren
15 Kill the King - Primal Fear Kill the King - Primal Fear Cover Art
16 Heaven and Hell - Enola Gay
17 Gates of Babylon - Yngwie Malmsteen Gates of Babylon - Yngwie Malmsteen Cover Art
18 Still I'm Sad - Axel Rudi Pell
19 We Rock - Grave Digger We Rock - Grave Digger Cover Art
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