Top 10 Creepiest Kirby Bosses

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1 Drawcia Soul (Kirby Canvas Curse)

A giant glob of paint with not one, not three, but five eyes large golden yellow eyes that constantly screams. What makes it even creepier is the fact that it doesn't scream at Kirby, but rather at the person who controls Kirby, the player. The boss fight even has a trippy/corrupted background that reminds me of Earthbound. Whoever thought it was a good idea to put this in an E rated game wasn't aware of how video game ratings work. But this boss fight also proves how epic HAL is when it comes to final bosses.

Literally the creepiest thing the kirby series has ever created, hands down.

Who the hell thought that this was a Kid Friendly boss?!

I like the music though

2 Zero (Kirby Dreamland 3)

The only reason I thought this was scary is because once you defeat him just In case of a emergency RIPPING OFF HIS PUPIL AND HE SPREDS THAT STRAWBERRY JELLY EVERTWHERE

Big and giant white ball with a red eye that shoots blood, what is more creepier that this?

The only boss in a kids game that straight up has his eye ripped out and bleeding!

What's with HAL labs giving everything only one eye?

3 Miracle Matter (Kirby 64)

This boss don't have a single eye but MORE THAN 15 EYES, he can't take some forms like kirby, but the most creepy is the background... for me

4 Zero Two (Kirby 64)

Again a single Eye Boss It's Zero but less creepy for me

I think he is scary because think of it all of these adams sent out to kill you until you finally face him and the kick A$$ theme that plays when you fight him it just whispers this is the end of your peaceful little world.

Underrated... Really creepy...

5 Magolor Soul (Kirby Return to Dreamland Kirby Adventure Wii)

What is also creepy about the eyeball in his mouth is that it doesn't look at Kirby, it looks directly at the player who has Kirby under his/her control.

The first form of Magolor is not creepy but his soul is A... monster with a eye in the mouth.

The scream he lets out at the end is nightmare fuel. No, I mean WORSE than Marx Soul.

What makes him even creepier, is that he yells "Kirby" when he's destroyed.

6 Dark Matter (Kirby Dreamland 2)

Dark Matter is a single eye boss (yes again) a eye into eye? I don't really know he can shoot dark matter... I don't really know what is it

7 Marx Soul (Kirby Super Star)

Marx Soul is not really creepy but some attacks are creepy but the most creepy is his death...

Now this one is CREEPY

That Scream

the scream was the reason I had trouble falling asleep one night

8 Dark Mind (Kirby and the Amazing Mirror)

A BIG ball (It's the sun? ) with a eye, and he likes mirrors and... he is 100X more big than kirby, (PEGI 3)

9 Void Soul (Kirby Star Allies)

TRUE FACT: void soul has watched over Kirby for thousands of years, gaining more and more info of Kirby, this is why he knows (almost) all of Kirby's faces. once you fight him, he turns into Kirby's worst nightmare (dark matter) to show that HE IS THE BETTER KIRBY!

Think of his creepy faces. One creepy face he makes is when he makes a hideous smile with dots for eyes. Another creepy face he makes is when his eyes turn huge and connected. A third creepy face is when his eyes disappear, his mouth turns huge, and a yellow eyeball appears in his mouth (he looks a bit like Dark Matter when he does that).

The faces of Dark Matter, Kirby, 02 and more, in an amalgamation of chaos into one being

He looks like Kirby, which likely means Kirby is related to Dark Matter somewhat...

10 Kracko (Kirby Series)

A popular kirby boss, AGAIN A SINGLE EYE white cloud...


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11 King Dedede (Kirby's Dream Land 3)

It looks like somebody kill him and put dark matter inside of him.

Dedede's stomach tears open to show a set of teeth or a giant eye

Dedede's not creepy, but the thumbnail is...

1 word:freaky

12 Nova (Kirby Planet Robobot. True Arena)

The NOVA thing is creepy. It's scream is a mix of a big baby (no pun intended) and a cat. And last is the heart of NOVA. It said on Kirby Wiki, that when you defeat the heart of NOVA/Access Ark, it says it has Pres. Haltmann's soul in there. It also says that you can HEAR his last bit of his soul scream in pain as the heart breaks up.

Not really creepy on sight, but during the fight you can hear Haltmann scream and that also keeps me awake by the way...

This doesn't deserve a spot here.

13 Hyness (Kirby Star Allies)

Make more aliens that scare me.. Hyness will kill you.

he's not even creepy, the only thing weird about him is his second phase

kirby's kkk leader

Juh. Why must you do this, HAL?

14 Dark Nebula (Kirby Squeek Squad)

This boss is creepy! You are in front of a single eye black star!

The only thing creepy about it is it's a piss easy final boss

Why did this boss have to be so bad?

15 Queen Sectonia (Kirby: Triple Deluxe)

Dreamstalk lives, Sectonia is the thing that will kill us all.

she not creepy

she is completely the opposite of creepy. she's beautiful

16 Chef Kawasaki (Kirby Super Star)

His emotionless face, the face when he cooks Kirby, he looks like someone who has killed.

I like how chef kawasaki is on the list but meta knight and dark meta knight arnt. That's just great

He literally cooks everything he finds. now what will happen if the random food is made by him?

I'm Assuming You Were High When You Did This

17 Void Termina (Kirby Star Allies)

I don't know what to say but anyways... Move on kid!

He might kill you and I am still scared of him.

Three words: "Destroyer of Worlds."

18 Whispy Woods (Kirby's Dreamland 3)

Chases Kirby during it's second phase with a creepy expression

Just his 2nd phase

cuando persigue a kirby..

19 King D-Mind (Team Kirby Clash Deluxe)

I kind of want dedede from star allies on this list but that will probably not happen because I'm the only one who thinks his second phase is creepy

This boss is a combination of King Dedede and Dark Mind in his first phase. His belly turns into a monster mouth, and a certain scale down phase of dark mind appears inside of the monster mouth when he gets serious.

not creepy. in fact I like the name of this boss and I think he has a cool design

he's not creepy in this form. it's in it's second phase where it's gets creepy

20 HR-H (Kirby 64)

A giant killer robot that probably isn't even under the influence of Dark Matter is terrifying on it's own.

21 Dark Matter (Swordsman)

Spike hair, eye freak, get him in top twenty.

he's married to his sword (no pun intended)

22 Shadowbite (Kirby Mass Attack)

This guy is the reason I sleep with the lights on.

23 Galacta Knight (Kirby Super Star Ultra)

Not creepy at first, morpho knight is why he scares me.

No origin, so pleez give him 1.

24 Dark Meta Knight (Triple Deluxe)

One reason, in his battle in Triple Deluxe, he shoots off blood as he appears.

This guy has an awkward backstory and he is out for your death

25 Heavy Lobster (Kirby Super Star)

freaking lobster made of mecanicle poop

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