Top 10 Creepiest Kirby Bosses


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1 Drawcia Soul (Kirby Canvas Curse)

Who the hell thought that this was a Kid Friendly boss?!

2 Zero (Kirby Dreamland 3)

, this boss is so creepy, first he take the control of King DeDeDe, and it's Dark Matter but the last form is a White ball with a red eye, and after it's only a eye... and he shoot blood - ASinglePlayer

What's with HAL labs giving everything only one eye? - Garythesnail

Big eye... shoots blood... commander of all things evil... takes control of king dedede... this boss is just plain creepy

3 Miracle Matter (Kirby 64)

This boss don't have a single eye but MORE THAN 15 EYES, he can't take some forms like kirby, but the most creepy is the background... for me - ASinglePlayer

4 Magolor Soul (Kirby Return to Dreamland Kirby Adventure Wii)

The first form of Magolor is not creepy but his soul is A... monster with a eye in the mouth. - ASinglePlayer

The scream he lets out at the end is nightmare fuel. No, I mean WORSE than Marx Soul. - Garythesnail

5 Marx Soul (Kirby Super Star)

Marx Soul is not really creepy but some attacks are creepy but the most creepy is his death... - ASinglePlayer

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6 Dark Mind (Kirby and the Amazing Mirror)

A BIG ball (It's the sun? ) with a eye, and he likes mirrors and... he is 100X more big than kirby, (PEGI 3) - ASinglePlayer

7 Dark Matter (Kirby Dreamland 2)

Dark Matter is a single eye boss (yes again) a eye into eye? I don't really know he can shoot dark matter... I don't really know what is it - ASinglePlayer

8 Kracko (Kirby Series)

A popular kirby boss, AGAIN A SINGLE EYE white cloud... - ASinglePlayer

9 Zero Two (Kirby 64)

Again a single Eye Boss It's Zero but less creepy for me - ASinglePlayer

10 Dark Nebula (Kirby Squeek Squad)

This boss is creepy! You are in front of a single eye black star! - ASinglePlayer

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1. Drawcia Soul (Kirby Canvas Curse)
2. Miracle Matter (Kirby 64)
3. Zero (Kirby Dreamland 3)



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