Top 10 Crossovers of Dead Video Game Franchises That Would Be Great

It's time to bring these franchises back to the recent generation of video games.

The Top Ten

1 Adventure Island & Wonder Boy

Yes we all know that Adventure Island was originally a port of Sega's game, Wonder Boy, which means that they are the same games, but can you imagine Master Higgins & Wonder Boy teamed up together? Let's call this crossover Wonder Boy in Adventure Island.

2 Twisted Metal & Wipeout

If you're asking why, I have three reasons.
1. They're both PlayStation franchises.
2. They both have vehicles.
3. They both started in 1995 & ended in 2012.
These two need a comeback, and they should it together. TWISTED WIPEOUT!

3 Final Fight & Streets of Rage

I would like it to be titled "The Final Fight in the Streets of Rage".

4 Goemon & Pocky and Rocky

Let's call it "Pocky & Rocky Starring Goemon".

5 F-Zero & Wave Race

Wave Race Zero

6 Rayman & Crash Bandicoot

I know a lot of you are saying "But Rayman isn't a dead franchise." Think about it. Rayman's last game was Rayman Legends from 2013 & we're not counting mobile games. It would be nice if these two platforming icons crossover. Besides, Crash Bandicoot hasn't been seen since Crash Nitro Kart 2 from 2010. These two deserve better.

7 Contra & Duke Nukem
8 Tomba! & Ty the Tasmanian Tiger
9 Nights & Klonoa

Does anyone remember that Sega Saturn game, Nights into Dreams & its Wii exclusive seqeul, Nights: Journey of Dreams? I hope you do. I also hope there are some of you out there that remember Klonoa. The title for this crossover should be "Klonoa & Nights: Adventure of Dreams".

10 Snowboard Kids & 1080 Degrees

Snowboard Kids & 1080 Degrees Snowboarding both debut on the Nintendo 64. Snowboard Kids 2 was also the Nintendo 64. 1080 Degrees Avalanche was released on the GameCube & SBK: Snowboard Kids released on the Nintendo DS. What there should be is a crossover of these franchises. The title should "1080 Degrees Snowboard Kids".

The Contenders

11 Crash Bandicoot & Spyro the Dragon

Lets pretend the fusion ganes never happened - Ponmon

12 F-Zero & Wipeout
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