Top 10 Crossovers of Dead Video Game Franchises That Would Be Great

It's time to bring these franchises back to the recent generation of video games.

The Top Ten Crossovers of Dead Video Game Franchises That Would Be Great

1 Twisted Metal & Wipeout

If you're asking why, I have three reasons.
1. They're both PlayStation franchises.
2. They both have vehicles.
3. They both started in 1995 & ended in 2012.
These two need a comeback, and they should it together. TWISTED WIPEOUT!

2 Adventure Island & Wonder Boy

Yes we all know that Adventure Island was originally a port of Sega's game, Wonder Boy, which means that they are the same games, but can you imagine Master Higgins & Wonder Boy teamed up together? Let's call this crossover Wonder Boy in Adventure Island.

3 Final Fight & Streets of Rage

I would like it to be titled "The Final Fight in the Streets of Rage".

4 Goemon & Pocky and Rocky

Let's call it "Pocky & Rocky Starring Goemon".

5 F-Zero & Wave Race

Wave Race Zero

6 Rayman & Crash Bandicoot

I know a lot of you are saying "But Rayman isn't a dead franchise." Think about it. Rayman's last game was Rayman Legends from 2013 & we're not counting mobile games. It would be nice if these two platforming icons crossover. Besides, Crash Bandicoot hasn't been seen since Crash Nitro Kart 2 from 2010. These two deserve better.

7 Contra & Duke Nukem
8 Tomba! & Ty the Tasmanian Tiger
9 Nights & Klonoa

Does anyone remember that Sega Saturn game, Nights into Dreams & its Wii exclusive seqeul, Nights: Journey of Dreams? I hope you do. I also hope there are some of you out there that remember Klonoa. The title for this crossover should be "Klonoa & Nights: Adventure of Dreams".

10 Snowboard Kids & 1080 Degrees

Snowboard Kids & 1080 Degrees Snowboarding both debut on the Nintendo 64. Snowboard Kids 2 was also the Nintendo 64. 1080 Degrees Avalanche was released on the GameCube & SBK: Snowboard Kids released on the Nintendo DS. What there should be is a crossover of these franchises. The title should "1080 Degrees Snowboard Kids".

The Contenders

11 Crash Bandicoot & Spyro the Dragon

Lets pretend the fusion ganes never happened - Ponmon

12 F-Zero & Wipeout
13 Mother & Crono
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