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41 Bear Lake Monster
42 Bubak
43 The Goatman

It's believed that he was a scientist that turned into a half man and half goat creature, result of an experiment gone wrong.

44 Am Fear Liath Mor (Big Grey Man Of Ben MacDuhai)

It's like a giant Bigfoot.

45 The Lusca

It's like a giant Octopus kind of creature.

46 Beast of Dartmoor

A boar-like animal spotted in Dartmoor National Park in England.

47 Maltese Tiger

A tiger in Asia, mainly China, said to have blue fur.

48 Owlman

Also known as the Death Raptor, he is one of England's cryptids. He is often compared to America's Mothman.

49 Lizard Man of Scape Ore Swamp

It's very aggressive and has attacked many people. A horrible creature, indeed.

50 Hopkinsville Goblin V 1 Comment
51 Popobawa
52 Fouke Monster
53 Devil Bird

This has been proven to be a new species of owl so it is no longer unknown. Still, it's awesome. I like Owls. They are very beautiful birds.

It strongly looks like a normal Owl.

V 1 Comment
54 Skunk Ape

He has an unbearable odor, hence the name Skunk Ape.

55 Globster
56 Kaijin
57 Old Yellow Top

Another Bigfoot type creature.

58 Yowie V 1 Comment
59 Yeren

He is China's Bigfoot.

60 Canvey Island Monster

Some believe it's some type of Angler Fish that has washed ashore.

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