Top 10 Cutest Undertale Moments


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1 Undyne Kisses Alphys

Oh myyy... Would you two just SMOOCH already? The audience is dying for some romantic action! Ooh yesss...

2 Dating Papyrus
3 Dating Alphys
4 Discovering Temmie Village
5 Endogeny's True Form
6 Frisk Hugs Asriel
7 Chara's Childhood Friendship Memories With Asriel
8 Toriel Hugs Frisk
9 Stretching Lesser Dog's Neck
10 Playing With Greater Dog

The Contenders

11 Mettaton's Phone Call To Napstablook
12 Returning The Amalgamates To Their Families
13 Undyne Hugs Alphys
14 Papyrus Leaves A Plate Of Spaghetti Underneath His Hat, Just For You
15 Papyrus' Favorite Book (Peekaboo With Fluffy Bunny)
16 Petting Doggo
17 Meeting So Sorry
18 One Of Muffet's Babies Leaving A Flower On The Ground After You Kill Her
19 Alphys Going Off On Hyperactive Tangents About Mew Mew Kissy Cutie
20 Alphys Cosplaying As Mew Mew Kissy Cutie
21 Alphys And Undyne Sleeping Together In Pajamas
22 Alphys And Undyne Snuggling Together As Babies
23 Papyrus Meets The Sun
24 Papyrus' Reaction To Toriel's SHIN-gles Pun
25 Sans Telling Toriel Knock-Knock Jokes Through The Snowdin/Ruins Door
26 Mettaton Catching Your Stick In His Mouth And Winking At You
27 Meeting Asgore
28 Meeting Toriel
29 Meeting Alphys
30 Mettaton Makes Fun Of Alphys For Having A Crush On Undyne
31 Alphys Makes Fun Of Mettaton For Having A Crush On Papyrus
32 Alphys' Reaction To Mettaton's Death
33 Mettaton's Love Song
34 Monster Kid's Crush On Undyne
35 Alphys' Crush On Undyne
36 Papyrus' Crush On Undyne
37 Asgore's Crush On Toriel
38 Alphys' Crush On Asgore
39 RG01 And RG02 Are Totally Gay For Each Other
40 Temmie's Facial Expressions
41 Burgerpants' Facial Expressions
42 Meeting Flowey
43 Saying Goodbye To Asriel
44 Complimenting Froggit
45 Dancing With Moldsmal
46 Humoring Snowdrake's Mother
47 Meeting Catty and Bratty
48 Toriel Leaving A Pie On The Floor For You In The True Pacifist Ending
49 Asgore Discovers Robot Yaoi On Alphys' Phone
50 Undyne Believes Anime Is Real
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