Top Ten D.V.S.R. Songs

D.V.S.R. is a rap-metal/djent band from Austrailia. Their original name was Devastator, but changed it when there was another band name of the same name. Their new name seems like a condensed version of their former name, but is an acronym for Designed Via Strength & Respect.

The Top Ten

1 Shutdown... Shutdown... Cover Art
2 Unconscious Unconscious Cover Art
3 Fatal Attraction Fatal Attraction Cover Art
4 Hooded Race Hooded Race Cover Art
5 Remission Remission Cover Art
6 Six Figures Deep Six Figures Deep Cover Art
7 React React Cover Art
8 Bad Company Bad Company Cover Art
9 The Forked Tongue The Forked Tongue Cover Art
10 Life and Death Life and Death Cover Art
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