Top Ten Best Days in Music History


The Top Ten

1 11/30/1982

Release Of Michael Jackson's "Thriller" - FettiMC

2 6/1/1967

Release Of The Beatles' "Sgt Pepper" - FettiMC

3 11/8/1971

Release Of Led Zeppelin's "Led Zeppelin IV" - FettiMC

4 9/24/1991

Blood Sugar Sex Magik was released this day

Release Of Nirvana's "Nevermind" - FettiMC

5 9/5/1946

Birth Of Freddie Mercury - FettiMC

6 10/9/1940

Birth Of John Lennon - FettiMC

7 3/1/1973

Release Of Pink Floyd's "Dark Side Of The Moon" - FettiMC

8 11/27/1942

Birth Of Jimi Hendrix - FettiMC

9 2/20/1967

Birth Of Kurt Cobain - FettiMC

10 2/9/1964

The Beatles debut in America on the Ed Sullivan T.V. show.

Biggest T.V. audience of the time, and they broke the record twice. If the Beatles never arrive on the music scene, there would be music as we know it today. There would have probably been another revolution if the Beatles never arrive...maybe? - westofohio

If The Beatles Never Existed There Would Most Likely Be Another Band That Would Somewhat Of An Important Impact Like The Beatles Did - FettiMC

The Contenders

11 10/2/1995

Release Of Oasis' "(What's The Story)Morning Glory" - FettiMC

12 1/5/1969
13 7/27/1984

Release of Metallica's Ride the Lightning.

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