Best Death Angel Albums

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1 The Ultra-Violence
2 Act III

The dream calls for blood sounds like new wave thrash. Act III is their best - Sabbath

3 Frolic Through the Park
4 The Dream Calls for Blood

This album is intense! in my opinion it should be In the top 10 greatest thrash albums ever - Sabbath

5 The Evil Divide

It seems like once Death Angel came out with The Dream Calls for Blood, they totally let loose with a new sound, and it's even tighter, wilder, faster, and heavier. It sounds/feels to me like The Evil Divide is the album they have always been working for. One of my favorite albums ever - DeadlyKiwi

6 Relentless Retribution
7 The Art of Dying
8 Killing Season
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1. Act III
2. The Ultra-Violence
3. The Dream Calls for Blood
1. The Ultra-Violence
2. Act III
3. Frolic Through the Park
1. Act III
2. Frolic Through the Park
3. The Ultra-Violence

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