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Death Battle is a Youtube and Screwattack show in which two characters fight to the death. The one remaining is the winner. Although I dislike the foul language in the character descriptions, the battles are always good, if a bit bloody. Nine out of ten times I agreed with the winner. It recently hit 25 episodes.
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1 Goku vs Superman

"Why didn't Goku destroy the source of Superman's power, the Sun? "

Simple. If Goku destroyed the Sun while fighting on Earth, both combatants' energy supply would be limited, seeing as how when Goku was "drained", he relied on the energy from Earth's organisms, who - news flash - can't survive without the Sun. Plus, destroying the Sun would cause a pretty massive spatial upset, which Superman has been confirmed to survive (and things worse than that, too!). Goku, on the other hand...

"America's more popular than Japan! "

Popularity has nothing to do with the majority of Death Battle outcomes. Digimon won their battle, but in a poll between the two franchises represented in the fight, Pokemon had a massive 86/14 percent popularity difference. The same can be said for Wolverine vs Raiden, though arguably closer.

"But Superman's weak to Kryptonite! "

Superman has lifted an island full of Kryptonite before. And that's nowhere near his most impressive ...more

It all depends on the time it is during the battle. Superman gets power from the sun and because it was daytime he won. If it was a nightime battle goku probably would have won, but I still like superman a bit better. My friend nearly destroyed his computer when he saw Goku lost, because he is a dragon ball z fan. I like the graphics and humor though if it was real, we would all be dead because they obliterated the earth.

One of the best, only overcome by his successor, and the most controversial Death Battles. The animation is of quick pace, the lines are cool and all of Goku's transformations are absolutely gorgeous visually. The explanations is very convincing to me and detailed, the voice-acting was good and I like Superman's comedic comments on Goku's Super Saiyans ("Upon time you ran out of hairstyles").

Fight 10/10 (-20/10 for all Goku fanboys)
Explanation 10/10

From what I've heard, Superman seems stronger, but I don't understand why Goku do not just blow up the Sun, which is Superman's source of power. Superman has more fans, but it's because America is a more famous country than Japan. It doesn't automatically make Superman a better character. Personally, I like Goku billions of times more, and I really hope he would win. Epic fight anyway.

2 Deadpool vs. Deathstroke

This battle is extremely funny, but I think it was unfair to give Deadpool a sword that ignores regeneration. But overall good battle

Best Death battle I've ever seen.

Fast paced action, Raw computer 3D animation this fight has it all even big time comedy.

Wade Wilson aka Deadpool "the Merc with a Mouth"
Versus (My personal favourite)
Slade Wilson aka Deathstroke "the Terminator"

Entertaining: 10/10
Explanation: 8/10

I love these characters and I even love this death battle

Deadpool vs Deathstroke is the greatest Death Battle episode. It keeps it viewers on its toes, and is one of the smoothest animations on the series. Parody vs Original. I was on team Deathstroke all the way!

Funniest. Death Battle. Ever. I especially loved how they had D-Pooly break the fourth wall in his briefing. In which other Death Battle do you see a fighter pull out a BOOMBOX & start break-dancing in his opponent's face?! I thought so...

3 Solid Snake vs Sam Fisher

My personal favorite Death Battle. Until this came along, Mario vs. Sonic and Deadpool vs. Deathstroke were considered the epitome of "Death Battle." As entertaining as they were, they still weren't quite as definitive as this one. With great introductions that told you exactly who was fighting, a reasonable aftermath, and one of the best fan-made CGI crossover fights ever, this truly is the menaing of "Death Battle." If you only see one, it should be this.

Entertainment: 9/10
Explanation: 10/10

This should be top ten. Ever since metal gear solid I was a huge snake fan. Still am. I played splinter cell and was a fan of that game. Fans always wondered who would win a fight between these 2. No its not as popular as sonic vs Mario or Goku vs superman but damn this was an excellent match this should be higher for sure

This was, by far, the most action packed death battle I've ever seen. Having three fight scenes, awesome introduction, great conversations, gruesome death, bad ass one liner, and I'm running out of breath.

Is the best death battle at the time, for the suspense, in Goku vs superman is Obviously win superman, this battle have more emotion.. In my opinion is the better

4 Iron Man vs. Lex Luthor

Tony won, you know why? All this time, he was not playing god, he was playing human.

Luthor NEVER stood a chance, my personal favourite battle

I'm not playing god. All this time...I've been playing human!

Entertaining, funny, a good research and just so much fun.

5 Kirby vs Majin Buu

Well, I'm not interested in Kirby, but Buu was a huge show-changer in DBZ. Majin Buu was said to easily defeat Base Frieza. I'm a DBZ, DBS, and a SDBH fan and I love this death battle so much,

Was the aftermath and explanation for why who won did win weak? Yes. In fact, it was among the weakest in the series. It was far more than made up for, however, by the battle. People will say "Majin Buu shouldn't be tossed around by a ' hammer! " Don't listen to them (that hammer, by the way, is made up of pure Star Power and is one of Kirby's most powerful weapons. Do your research). Set to some of the greatest battle music in video game history, the battle was a constant rollercoaster of power. Kirby was winning on moment, Majin Buu the next. Kirby would gain an ability and Buu would have to overcome it. Kid Buu comes in and Kirby must gain enough power to deal with him. Combined with amazing (and hilarious) candy-colored visuals, this was one of the best Battles ever (key word: battles).

Entertainment: 10/10 if you are reasonable, 2/10 if you are a DBZ fanboy.
Explanation: 3/10

Hopefully this is the last time they use Dragon Ball Z characters cause that's getting kinda old

One personal idea for a battle I have is Undertale fanboys vs. DBZ fanboys. The two fans who will never let their characters lose. Just shut up already. Kirby would stomp.

6 Link vs Cloud

An epic duel of swordsmen, this was both an obvious fight and a very close one at the same time. If you were rooting for Link, somehow it seemed Link was destroying Cloud, if you were rooting for Cloud, somehow it seemed that Cloud was beating up Link. If you didn't care who won, you could see how close the battle was.

Entertaining: 10/10
Explanation: 9/10

I hate this battle! Animation was awkward (to be fair, this was their transition into 3D), Cloud was nerfed so badly (far worse than the nerf that Garaa in Toph vs Cloud, but Cloud could have won if not for the worst part of this fight), and Link was able to the golden gauntlets in battle despite that HE IS NOT ABLE TO USE THOSE GAUNTLETS IN BATTLE AT ALL! The research was done well (with some wrong facts like Cloud liking friga and thundaga materia), but the use of research facts was done poorly. This battle would have been so much better if Boomstick and Wiz actually got the golden gauntlets info right. Cloud should have won, but Wiz and Boomstick cheated by nerfing Cloud and giving Link powers he never had (wether it was intentional or not, it's still cheating)! This battle needs redone! Note: I'm not a FF fan (I never played any of the games, but from Crisis Core, Advent Children, FF 7 gameplay footage, and KH II Cloud vs Sephiroth scene, I know what Cloud is capable of) and I ...more

This fight was pretty cool but... they placed a fully upgraded link vs a noobie cloud with nothing besides the basic equipment, however I can see that they would have done this or cloud would finish the fihgt in seconds fully upgraded.

Cloud is stronger but link is faster, smarter, has better defenses and weapons, a bigger weapon aresonal, and is more famous. this battle seemed close though in real life cloud would have no chance

7 Mario vs Sonic

The fight itself was very nice, and is basically the meaning of "Death Battle. " However, this is the one fight in which I disagree with the winner. SPOILER ALERT: Sonic wins. With how they outfitted Mario, it's slightly reasonable that Sonic would win, but only slightly. I mean, Mario's Ultra Hammer breaks through metal like it was nothing. Why didn't it make a dent on Sonic? And if they had given Mario a few more or different items he would've easily won, like the Rock Mushroom, the Drill, and the Crystal Stars. Oh, and THE MEGA MUSHROOM DOESN'T MAKE Mario DIZZY AFTER USING IT.

Entertaining: 8/10
Explanation: 4/10

The 2018 version was wrong, 2011 was more accurate, Sonic has void wisp which a one shot white tanooki and starman, and Super Sonic has the power to break a planet in sonic unleashed, also Sonic was durable to survive a exploding death egg, and fall down from earth in Sonic Advance 2. Also 2011 didn't over do there research using gag cop out feat, like picking out a castle, and rosalina save mario in the supernova according to the guide. 2011 is always the real Mario vs Sonic

This in my option was one of the worst if not the worst, the battle itself wasn't any entertaining, they did not include white tanoki Mario or gold, I want a rematch but this time with both Mario actually at his best and same with sonic. 2.5/10 for entertaining and 0.5/10 for explanation

The hell, was Mario dizzy after using the Mega Mushroom? If Mario's speed was combined with the star he would be able to catch up. Also, it's pretty unfair how Mario gets limited powers yet Sonic gets the Chaos Emeralds.

8 Power Rangers vs Voltron

I was rooting for voltron and betting for power rangers but I was super happy that voltron beat the megazord and I thought that this would be in my top 5 favorite season 4 death battle.

The battle was superb. And I don’t say the word “ superb” much . Seriously I’m not much of a formal guy

best battle ever

9 Wolverine vs Raiden

This was just awesome. However... Although the High Frequency Blade had many similarities to Antarctic vibranium. Misty Night's arm liquified metal just by being near it. If it is comparable to the murasama, wouldn't it have melted his cyborg metal body?

I thought death battle picked favorites, but this battle proves they are being fare

Wolvie would have won

10 Batman vs Spiderman

This battle is in my top 10 because it was a fun battle, with good bios, and correct verdict. I also imagined these two fighting against each other, since I was a kid

Oops. Guess I forgot about this. For me, this easily takes spot No. 10 instead of Mario vs. Sonic. There were many thrilling moments, and the explanation was well done, but it just wasn't as good as most of the others on this list.

Entertaining: 7/10
Explanation: 7/10

By the Way, to whoever suggested Moses vs. Mohammed and Optimus vs Megatron, you most likely don't understand what this list is. Look up Death Battle on Screwattack. Com

You know what's really hilarious? Look at the comment sections on Batman Vs Spider-Man and Batman vs Captain America, in the one with Spidy almost ALL of the comments are Batman fanboys complaining about batman losing and posting their fake knowledge on why they think Batman would win, and for the one with Cap it's kinda the reversal of the comments on the one with Spidy but also ones that say this was just made to please all the angry batfans (which it was)

This was awesome. The reasoning was perfect, the fight was great, and the ending was epic. Spidey is much stronger, faster, and tougher, so his win was unarguable, and Screwattack finally gave the world what it needed; someone to beat Batman.

The Contenders
11 Hulk vs Doomsday

I was sad that hulk lost but doomsday had gone up against the man of steel who had beaten goku twice and won!

12 Dante vs Bayonetta

One of the best fight videos yet. The outcome was fairly obvious if you know both series as I do, but the animators really splurged on the weapons and clashes. Of course I knew Dante would win because:

1: He's much faster and has ways to counter Witch Time

2: He's ridiculously hard to kill while Bayonetta's witch clan were slaughtered by humans and Bayonetta's survivability is consistent with that: she's tough but quite vulnerable compared to him, though that's because he's meant to be basically invincible

Still, the best female hack n slash protagonist there is still put up a hell of a fight considering she was fighting someone who is meant to be pretty much invincible. Both these characters are awesome and OP, but one is meant to have weaknesses and clear limitations while one is meant to be almost invincible by the end.

Amazing magic and ambient. Just felt like each other, on the right way.

Glorious animation, amazing fight, so close to call!

Good fight but now my heart is broken...

13 Chuck Norris vs Segata Sanshiro

The two most powerful characters in the history of ever fight? Why the heck isn't this higher? Remember Goku vs Superman, where they sort of ended up destroying the earth fighting each other? Well, these guys destroy the earth half-way through, and continue fighting, using planets and moons as weapons! They keep fighting after both of them go through stupidly powerful things, including being thrown through the entire earth, getting caught in a supernova, and entering a black hole. The explanation of the characters was fantastic, and when you have a Death Battle that's good enough to shut up the haters, you know it's impressive.

Entertainment: 9/10
Explanation: 10/10

This fight was awesome, from the very concept to the fight itself. The ending was lackluster, as, honestly, Chuck really takes it by a mile, but it was incredible nonetheless. The destruction of all of fiction at the end was only a bonus.

The ripped a whole in space time

The battle was a little short

14 Scorpion vs Ryu

Now I didn't expect this coming but this fight is awesome I love this Mascots & Stars of the Top fighting games totally rocked.

Sure we could've had good matches such as Ryu vs. Liu Kang & Scorpion vs Ghost Rider

But the way how Scorpion brought the fight in the NeatherRealm that was just Awesome

Entertaining: 10/10
Explanation: 9.5/10

And I'll will say Ryu did try his best and so did Scorpion

It was really cool but scorpions "fatality" could have been better

Not a bad death battle

15 Terminator vs Robocop

Terminator fraught with t-1000 and tx and killed them, RoboCop may not have survived them and t-800 was the one who got crushed and blown up not t-850, plus the terminator took down armies of t-950s or whatever if I am not mistaken. He would probably rip robots limbs off.

Great gunplay and over all just the best fight

Looks terminator robbery was a no good

I think terminator would have won

16 Charizard vs. Blastoise vs. Venusaur

The question everyone has been asking for years is finally answered. And I totally agree with the verdict.

I'm one of those guys the wanted charizard but I have to agree defencive water types isn't good for charizard at all.

This battle was epic and awesome with a good outcome

Awesome, but charizard should have won

17 Thanos vs Darkseid

How can you not love this battle? It was so hyped, and it delivered. The only downside is, yeah, Darkside was an absolute stomp. That was obvious by the time they were done with his bio.

I think Thanos 100% would have won if they stayed in the same realm

Darkseid wins in this fight

Epic fight good music

18 Carnage vs Lucy

Love the music

19 Goomba vs Koopa

Who thought this would have been good? But it was, and very good, at that. The fight is fun to watch and the fights looks very cool. See it.

Entertaining: 9/10
Explanation: 9/10

Battle of the two Mario idiot enemies, tie, awesome fight though

Such a stupid fight idea yet so amazingly animated

Unfortunately, this wasn't a crossover.

20 Bomberman vs Dig Dug

The battle's graphics weren't all that good, but the fight itself is. This would've been much higher, however, if the winner wasn't so obvious.

Entertaining: 8/10
Explanation: 8/10

21 Wily vs Eggman

Two armies of robots clash together in a very cool fight. The fight was very good, and was basically a bunch of battles in one. Metal Sonic vs Bass would have, by itself, been an interesting fight, but it didn't get done because it was in here! There's not much of an explanation, but the fight's created so it's obvious why who won did win.

Entertaining: 9/10
Explanation: 8/10

How can robots, teen talk & "Sonic & Mega Man (which needs to be replaced by Sonic & Pac-Man)" be cool if it's too annoying & modern?! Wily & Eggman teaming up is a big mistake. & what's with Sonic & Mega Man?!

My friend was begging me to see this death battle, and it was ok, I think that metal sonic was a bit buffed in this fight (than again I don't know much about metal sonic).

The whole Sonic & Mega Man business is very overrated, I prefer Bowser vs. Crash Bandicoot strongly.

22 Naruto vs Ichigo

My fave and I was voting for naruto but thought that ichigo would win but nope ma boi naruto takes number one.

Saw this battle twice and loved it, but I'm still not sure how Naruto won...

This was a good battle. I was rooting for Naruto, because I really haven’t seen bleach.

23 Mario vs Sonic (2018)

I enjoy the 2018 Version better because My boy Mario won and Whiz and Boomstick finally got the fact Mario survived a Huge explosion in Mario tennis Good job guys 10/10 Favorite battle

24 Boba Fett vs Samus Aran

It was the first battle, and it was a good battle. There’s not really much else to say, except for that it was a good start to a good series

It was entertaining 8/10 for me but the the outcome outfitted fett, I mean sure Samus can take on things out of her league but think about, if fett can take out Jedi and he's not a sith, I think he could have done a better job against Samus and besides the Jedi could take out any of Samus enemy's. For explanation 5/10, but hey that's my opinion.

Two of the best Bounty Hunters clash! For the very first episode, this was surprisingly well done and nice. Although it's a better fight, Master Chief vs Doomguy looked a LOT cooler.

Entertaining: 8/10
Explanation: 9/10

Samus Aran was undoubtedly the first character of Death Battle.

25 Fox McCloud vs Bucky O'Hare

Exactly how I pictured it

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