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61 Beast vs Goliath

Easily the most violent death battle death

This was the most violent death

62 Goku vs Superman 2

Superman casually strolling through a Kamehameha was one of the coolest things I've seen in death battle.

This is stupid they didn't change the results

With one of the best animations so far in a Death Battle, the two (now godly) legends meet again, beginning at full power this time. The pacing is great, the lines are awesome ("You're not the only one with that kinda power") and the ending is the only ending possible. The ending shows that they tried more to convince DB fanboys of Superman's power rather than pleasing the whining babies and did I mention that Superman is walking through a Kamehame-Ha wave of a SSGSS Goku?

Fight 10/10
Explanation 10/10

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63 Akuma vs Shang Tsung
64 Shulk vs Harry Potter

Is there even a shulk vs Harry Potter

65 Mii vs Ditto

This is one I liked because the mii won

66 Wario VS Donkey Kong V 1 Comment
67 Indominus Rex vs Future Predator

The legendary Indominus is in for clash against the horrifying Predator.

68 Ben 10 vs Max Steel V 1 Comment
69 Deadpool vs Batman
70 Watersons vs Animatronics

I don't think the person who submitted this item paid ANY attention to the rest of the list. - LarkwingFlight

71 Justin Bieber vs Rebecca Black V 1 Comment
72 Superman vs Mario

Not fully completed but Superman's winning at the moment

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73 Superman vs Mario

Not fully completed but Superman's winning

74 Wonder Woman vs. Rogue

Death Battle: Wonder Woman vs. Donald Duck

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75 Toph vs Gaara

To be honest, there was gold in Gaara's sand, so Toph was able to use that to her advantage to beat Gaara. At least Gaara managed to stand a chance and hang on for a while.

I am going to get hated for this, but this is better than Cloud vs Link. At least this fight gets the details right unlike Link and the gauntlets that don't even work in battle in the first place!

Toph was amazing in this battle, and honestly, Gaara stood no chance.

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76 Peach vs Zelda

Was Empress Peach really that canon to even be used in a Death Battle? Zelda should have won against a damsel in distress who only participates in party games, since Zelda actually tried to help her kingdom and can turn into Sheik!

This fight needs to be redone with the Hyrule Warriors version of Zelda. If Peach is allowed to use her non-canon powers, then Zelda should be allowed to use hers.

That ending though... ouch. They also said that Empress Peach could split the ball into 3, when it can actually go up to 6. So the death kick was twice as powerful as they said it was.

This fight is the wost of the worst, stupid, death battle picking favorites, and more

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