Top Ten Best Dez Quotes from Austin & Ally

The Top Ten

1 "Door!" - "Nothing I thought we were just naming stuff in the room"


2 "Fine, your character won't get eaten until the end. But just so you know, I'm naming the crab "Trish." Because it's mean, and everybody's afraid of it. "
3 "This oar!"
4 "Wow, you speak really good gladiator."
5 "And I am Dez-imous!"
6 "Ugh, that movie stinks. I wish I could forget it."
7 "Please.. My cake's so sweet you get a cavity just by looking at it"
8 "My chili's so hot, NASA uses it for rocket fuel"
9 "Looks like it's just me and you chucky"
10 "Dez stop texting the dog!"

The Contenders

11 "My sauce is so strong, it won the Olympic gold medal in weight lifting"
12 "I'm all out of chicken pot pie, I need some more now, PLEASE!"
13 "Oh no, me LIKEY!"
14 "Again Ally you're not a director, you don't know how to say cut, CUT!"
15 "That is it, young lady! I have had enough of your temper tantrums! Now you listen to me or you're getting a timeout! You're the actress, I'm the director. Now stop acting like a baby, get on the beach, and be the mermaid! Have I made myself clear?!"
16 "If you think about it, not having a surprise is a surprise"
17 "That's why they call me, the love whisperer"
18 "They call me the love whisperer"
19 "Sweetie, the adults are talking"
20 "Magic shock finger. Me likey"
21 "Somebody just give me my chicken pot pie, I don't care who it is"
22 "Suzy's Soups. Tastes so good, you'd wanna dive right in. We do not have spiders"
23 "Anyways, I'm an expert in love. I've been rejected so many times I can show you what not to do. Observe. Excuse me, I'm Dez. I don't have a job and I only shower once a week. How would you like to be my girlfriend? See, do not do that"
24 "That is so rock n roll"
25 Cheerio me ladies! That’s british for sup.
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