Top 10 Differences Between Speed & Thrash Metal

There have been a lot of confusions between Speed Metal and Thrash metal. But these two genres are different.
I am trying my best to mentioning those differences. Its hard to fill 10 item.

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1 Thrash metal was sped up by punk rock, speed metal wasn't

Yes, and for this reason speed metal is one of the purest subgenres of metal because there aren't influences from other music genres. Nice and accurate list, by the way. - Metal_Treasure

Most well known thrash metal guitarists were inspired by punk rock guitarists. James Hetfield, Kirk Hammett, Dave Mustaine, Scott Ian are some of them.
While speed metal guitarists such as Ritchie Blackmore, Duo KK Downing & Glenn Tipton, Kai Hansen, Michael Weikath weren't much inspired by punk rock. Rather they were more inspired by various music genres such as classical, hard rock, blues, heavy metal etc. - zxm

2 Thrash metal falls under extreme metal genres, speed metal doesn't

Thrash metal is probably the best genre of extreme metal, but speed metal hangs between two of them. I remember once seeing that speed metal hasn't been considered as extreme metal because it doesn't have hardcore punk influence - zxm

Speed Metal is between Power Metal and Thrash Metal - heavier than power metal but not extreme like thrash metal - Metal_Treasure

3 Thrash metal sounds more brutal than speed metal

Speed metal is just fast, but not really brutal, while thrash metal is more brutal. - zxm

4 Thrash metal has more uses of downpicking riffs, speed metal has more uses of alternate picking riffs

Downpicking riffs are very common in punk rock and thrash metal. But more or less, speed metal have always been using alternate picking.
I am not saying thrash metal doesn't have alternate picking or vice versa but check some speed and thrash metal riffs. - zxm

5 Speed metal has melodic vocals, while thrash metal has aggressive vocals

Yeah, speed metal has powerful vocals, thrash metal also does, but speed metal usually have more melodic vocals than thrash metal. But vocals isn't always the major thing, that's why I didn't add higher. - zxm

6 Thrash metal has more uses of snare drums

Thrash metal drummers beat snare drums more to keep the rhythm with guitarist, but speed metal drummers usually beat more pieces. - zxm

7 Thrash metal riffs have more uses of lower strings

The low E and A string. Thickest strings of a guitar. Which makes more low pitched (brutal) sound. While, the aim of speed metal is to be fast, that's why it can be less restricted to low strings. And can be easily performed on high strings. - zxm

8 Speed metal is a fast fusion genre of heavy metal and sounds closer to traditional heavy metal than thrash metal

Dumb reason I know, I had to fill the list. - zxm

9 Speed metal was developed in the 70s, thrash metal was developed in the 80s

In the 70s Rainbow and Deep Purple created the foundations of speed metal - Metal_Treasure

I know both of them came in the 70s, but speed metal was slowly developed from 70s to 80s, were thrash metal was quickly developed in the 80s.
Even though guitarists like Glenn Tipton and KK Downing may not be speed metal guitarists, but they were important for creating fast paced metal riffs bases on traditional heavy metal.
Besides, I was running out of point. - zxm

10 Thrash metal songs have darker lyrics than speed metal

Lyrics doesn't matter. That's why its on the end. But speed metal songs have more varieties. While thrash metal songs have dark stuffs, like war, violence, conflicts etc. - zxm

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11 Thrash metal is more aggressive than speed metal
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