Top Ten Most Disappointing Characters In Lego Marvel's Avengers

Once again, I have a few rules. I am not including filler characters such as Damage Control or S.H.I.E.L.D. Scientist. Are they a waste of space? Yes. No one ever uses them. But they don't count. I am also not including movie characters, like Maya Hansen and Harley Keener. This game mainly focuses on the movies anyway, so there are a ton of movie characters. Anyways, I hope you agree! Enjoy!

The Top Ten

1 Beth the Waitress Beth the Waitress

The worst character in the game is Beth the Waitress. I understand completely that her voice actor is Ashley Johnson, the same actor of Ellie in The Last of Us. I don't care. Beth the Waitress? NOT NECESSARY! I'm so angry because there are so many better characters that your leaving out of the game...for THIS!? BETH THE WAITRESS? REALLY? I...I just don't even know what to say. I can't fathom what they were thinking that made them feel this was a character that people wouldn't just completely tool on and make fun of and say "What the heck! What are you doing? " Is anyone that excited to use her, considering there are so many other characters? I think we all would've moved on with our lives and not even known that Beth the Waitress was a thing if they left her out. - DCfnaf

If anyone is still here, "MAD 10" on YouTube put my list on his Channel.

2 Butterball Butterball

This is where joke characters come in. Here's one of the only characters who is far worse than Squirrel Girl in the Marvel Universe. I get that they went heavy with Initiative characters, but there are so many and this was a mistake. He's invincible, he waddles, and he uses his lame pans. He looks dumb, he sounds dumb. Is there anyone alive who looks at this character and says, "YES! We got my favorite character...BUTTERBALL! " NO, Because the character's ridiculous in this game and in the comics. Ugh, awful. - DCfnaf

3 Squirrel Girl Squirrel Girl

I understand that there are several of you that are Squirrel Girl "fans". I am NOT one of those people. Just...ugh, such an awful character in the Marvel universe. She's so annoying, even when she speaks and makes her squirrel noises. She was part of the Great Lake Avengers, a group of Avengers who were supposed to be complete jokes and nothing more. Somehow, Squirrel Girl gets out of it. Sorry Squirrel Girl fans, but I blame all of you. Also, not only do we get the classic, ugly version of Squirrel Girl, but we also get the Totally Defeatable Version of Squirrel Girl. "You know who to find right? Monkey Joe! Tippy Toe! " Ugh, so annoying. And last, and most certainly least...she gets a SQUIRREL BUSTER! WHY? Okay, look, I get it. Tt had to put this character in the game. This is 100% personal preference, but...ugh. You don't give me Deadpool, but you give me two Squirrel Girls. - DCfnaf

I HATE squirrel girl!

4 Egghead Egghead

Please raise your hand if you are one of the people that said, "PLEASE! I can't wait to play as Egghead! " Ugh. This is where I understand it's a "kids" game, and you're trying to go with the cute and goofy, but it REALLY misses the mark, it's such an awful character, and he looks stupid. To be honest, I'm just pretending it's Dan Aykroyd's Conehead Character. Such a waste of a character. There are so many great villains that got the shaft and didn't get used. Maybe I'm the one that's wrong here. Maybe I should take a step back and realize what they're trying to do here. For me, I don't know. This was a character I wasn't in any rush to ever play as. Oh, he throws eggs. Great. So disappointing. - DCfnaf

5 Ravage Ravage

Is there anyone who has grown to love this character? No? Yeah...I thought so. Nobody knows who this is. I know they went super heavy with the hulks in this game. Guess what? Here's just one hulk we could've lived without. I speak on behalf of everyone here. I don't think there's one person who would've said "I want Ravage over World War Hulk". I get that there's already Hulks in this game, but you're just reusing the Hulk Model and abilities anyway, so you might as well do that with a character people actually really want. World War Hulk would've been a FAR BETTER CHOICE, than Ravage a character who I never heard of. He's only had four appearances overall so they really went out on a limb to get him in here, which is frustrating. There are so many other characters that people would really enjoy, instead of a bearded Hulk. Number 5 goes to Ravage. - DCfnaf

6 Leader Leader

This character is similar to 8-10 except he's super, even more boring. I'll admit that Leader is one of the massive Avenger villains. However, I'm not the biggest fan on the way he was portrayed. He doesn't do anything substantial. All he does is shoot his laser gun. I even thought he was boring in the last game. He's such a boring character. I'm okay with rehashes, but do something interesting. There are so many BETTER villains that could've been chosen, but I feel like a lot of them were taken out because of their association with Spider Man. They must really hate Spider Man I guess. So yeah, Leader is just so boring to me. - DCfnaf

7 Amadeus Cho Amadeus Cho

A lot of fans are going to agree with me on this one. He's kinda cool, he has his chalice thing. But, he has more abilities than that. He does not turn into Totally Awesome Hulk. I kinda wish he could turn into Iron Spider. But he doesn't. Tt, you do know those are the two reasons people wanted him in the game right? Anyway, they must've went out of their way to make sure no Spider Men were in this game. What a disappointment. - DCfnaf

8 Absorbing Man Absorbing Man

Characters 8-10 are just rehashes that didn't exactly do what they could have. With Absorbing Man, in the last game, he same thing. He doesn't change colors apart from one or two animations. I don't hate the character. Same with Wizard, I don't hate him as a character either and I know you got to have some villains. However, I'm being sold a bill of goods of "we already did that" and here are two guys you already did that you didn't really change. It's disappointing. - DCfnaf

9 Destroyer Destroyer

This character is the exact same character as he was in the last game. He does nothing different. I understand why he is in the game, but the movie being represented in the game is Thor: The Dark World, not the first Thor movie. So characters that make sense to be in this game, but were in the last game, and don't NEED to be in this one frustrate me (That was a mouthful). You guys do know Spider-Man isn't in this game, right? Why? Because they "already did that before". Um...what? So you didn't do the Destroyer before? Really? It would've also been cool if the Destroyer was a big character, but he's not. This is sad. - DCfnaf

10 Doctor Strange Doctor Strange Doctor Stephen Vincent Strange, best known under his alias Doctor Strange, is a fictional superhero created by artist Steve Ditko and writer Stan Lee appearing in American comic books published by Marvel Comics. Doctor Strange serves as the Sorcerer Supreme, the primary protector of Earth against magical more.

Here's an honorable mention that I did leave off, but follows the same theme as character 6 and characters 8-10. I love Doctor Strange. I think he's awesome and I can't wait for his movie. But what I feel like they did is they just copy-pasted him into the game. They didn't really change all that much. He does all the same things. You're doing a Doctor Strange DLC, Tt! If you want to have classic Doctor it there! Like, this is a character slot that could've went to Deadpool or someone else if they just left Doctor Strange out of the main game. - DCfnaf

The Contenders

11 Wizard Wizard

You know, there's so many other characters that could've been in this game, and this is the one you went back to. I would've loved it if they left him out of the game and picked some obscure other villain. He doesn't even seem to fit in the fact that he is a Fantastic Four/Spider-Man Villain. Okay, so his powers are kind of cool. But if you're going to tell me that Spider Man and Deadpool are not in this game because you "already did that before", guess what? Don't throw characters like Wizard at me Tt! "Eh, let's just take the code from the last one and put it in this one! " "Sigh" - DCfnaf

12 Luke Cage Luke Cage Luke Cage, also known as Power Man, is a fictional superhero appearing in American comic books published by Marvel Comics. Luke Cage first appeared in Luke Cage, Hero for Hire #1 and was created by Archie Goodwin, John Romita, Sr. and George Tuska.

To me, all they did was say, "We're lazy. Let's just take the code from the last game and put it in this one. Then we'll change his name to Luke Cage. To me this is Power Man, not Luke Cage. Why couldn't we get Luke Cage in his Yellow Shirt, Jeans, and No glasses. (It probably isn't hard to make a custom character though) - DCfnaf

13 Black Widow Black Widow Natalia Alianovna Romanoff, most known as Natasha Romanoff or the Black Widow, is a fictional superhero appearing in American comic books published by Marvel Comics. She is one of the most talented spies and assassins in the entire world and is a founding member of the Avengers. The character was created more.
14 Bruce Banner
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