Top 10 Things that Would Have Made Frozen a Better Film

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1 Prince Hans Being a Good Guy

Every time I rewatch this movie, I have a hard time believing that the Hans in the beginning is the same as the Hans in the end. I've come to one conclusion: Hans genuinely liked Anna, but he was so lost in his quest for power and the throne that he lost sight of even his own feelings. Hans's less of a villain and more of a sad story about a boy overshadowed by his big older brothers who's forced to find his own way; he just went down the wrong path. That's all.

The twist at the end felt very...tidy. Like they were like "well, we can't have Ana just leave Hans for Kristoff. So we have to make him EVIL so that way she doesn't have to make a choice." seems very lazy to me. I honestly believe having Hans just not be the one for her but still being a good guy would have been the not stupid way to go

2 Olaf Not Being In the Film

He offers no contribution to the movie at all. It would be exactly the same without him infact even better as we don't have to listen to his cheesy, random jokes.

No! The film is better with him.
He is fun and kind and some movies need silly characters in order for entertainment.
Whoever made this item is stupid.

He wasn't needed. He was just somebody who Anna and Elsa played with when they were kids. (I like the movie, but I wouldn't call myself a fan)

3 The Duke of Weselton Being the Main Villain

I usually thought he was the bad one, but the twist seem...too twisted...
If they're doing this for another REALLY BORING "Happy ending" then yeah! Go on!
A happy ending is always good...But can you have at least a little touch of a bad ending?
And I think Anna would go better with Hans than with a icy slob (#hatingkristoff4ever)
And the Duke would have more use in the movie...but NO! The creators would do the boring way! Removing the Duke from the story is just the same. Just like removing the trolls (they are actual trollfaces) and suicidal Olaf.

4 Anna Acting More Mature

Wouldn't want to alienate the targeted audience. What did she do exactly that was immature? Marrying a man she just met-she learned the lesson.

Another neive Disney princess. Elsa had to be locked up (bad idea in the first place), but Anna should have been able to leave the castle whenever she wanted.

Idiot creators of Frozen should've been more careful portraying Anna back then before.

5 Elsa Not Worrying So Much

No, we just don't want her to be so idiotic.

So you want Elsa to be carefree then?

6 The Trolls Not Being In the Film

To be honest, I don't think the movie could've happened without the trolls. In the beginning, the troll who healed Anna ended up scaring Elsa. This led to her parents deciding to keep her locked away. She lost all confidence in herself. Thus, at the coronation, she couldn't control her powers when Anna took her glove. In a way, the trolls are the villains in the movie.

They kinda just... Were there. No important role in the movie, no significant lines or part of the plot... I get why they were there, but they weren't necessary and too undeveloped and unexplained.

7 Anna and Elsa Not Being Sisters

Thank you for putting this one on the list all because I don't like the idea portrayal of Anna and Elsa as sisters at all because of the love hate relationship, especially strife at the coronation ball party. I don't think Anna and Elsa should be together in the same film/movie at all. I don't think Anna and Elsa should be raised in the royal, Norwegian kingdom in Norway together at all either. I don't think Anna and Elsa should be in the same canon universe together at all. I don't think Anna and Elsa should be be portrayed to be part of the same royal family. The portrayal of Anna and Elsa as sisters wasn't a good idea at all. The portrayal of Anna and Elsa as sisters was a bad idea. The idea of Anna and Elsa as sisters was a nightmare that came true.

8 Anna and Elsa's Parents Living

Let's face it. The idea portrayal of Elsa being permanently stuck in the same orphanhood with some pain in the neck, that major insult to Gerda the original heroine of The Snow Queen by Hans Christian Andersen is the worst permanent nightmare ever of all times. It's better if a cool female Kai like Elsa was better off being portrayed to be unrelated to some major insult to Gerda the original heroine of The Snow Queen by Hans Christian Andersen, isn't it? Yup. The idea portrayal of her and that insult to Gerda the original heroine of The Snow Queen by Hans Christian Andersen as related to each other as sisters is always a nightmare.

9 Kristoff Acting More Mature
10 Taking Place In Russia Instead of Norway

It takes place elsewhere in Norway because why?

Russia's bigger than Norway, is it not?

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11 Sven Talking

Man, I'll never ever even in my whole entire life understand why Sven doesn't talk at all when he deserves to be able to so far, will?

Sven is the only character in Frozen that I actually LIKE! I love Sven

I would love that, Sven was a Little funny without talking but if he can talk the movie would be better

12 Elsa Being Evil

Or blame the writers and directors for not including another snow queen who's the true main antagonist just like the titular, original snow queen herself. The pure evil snow queen would've been portrayed as Elsa's wicked stepmother anyway in the movie, Frozen.

The point of the movie is not the usual evil superpowered witch trying to kill everyone, it's about someone who can't control her powers! This would ruin the point of the movie and make it generic. There's a reason they changed it.

They were going to make Frozen a long time ago with Elsa as the villain. I wonder the what the movie would have been like if they hadn't changed the plot.

13 Explanation for Elsa's Powers

Come on, writers of Froze and Once Upon A Time, any other royals who were born with ice magic too besides only just Elsa and even Ingrid (Once Upon A Time)? Yes? No?

Ugh. Idiot creators of Frozen really should've revealed more knowledges, informations, facts, revelations and proof back then before.

It's no wonder there are reasons why Tangled's better than Frozen.

14 Pairing Elsa with Jack Frost

Let's face it. Anna and Elsa would've been better off in separate, different Disney films and especially in separate canon universes than in the same Disney film and the same canon universe anyway.

Why? Jack Frost is fun, brave and kind. Elsa is a cowardly queen who almost killed an entire kingdom. I love Jack, and I hate Anna and Elsa.

15 Crossovers With The PowerPuff Girls
16 More Jealous Anna

Man some boring, lame idea canon version of Anna never ever even jealous of Elsa never ever even interests me at all anyway.

17 Barefooted Elsa

DUH! That is why Frozen 2 is popular, because she is barefoot in the the movie , and a most people who watch it in theaters are guys with a foot fetish who want to to tickle her soles/toes

I'd love to tickle her soles of her feet just to cheer her up.

I'd love to massage her feet and toes too.

18 Anna Being Frozen In Ice Forever

She's only just a spare who's only just an insult to Gerda the original heroine of The Snow Queen by Hans Christian Andersen anyway.

19 Time Traveling

Yeah! We all agree with you. Time traveling ought to be the only most possible, best, better, fairer, fairest solution to Anna's problems for Anna and her blindness ever since she was unfairly isolated without truthful, honest explanations which it would've been fairer than ever so far.

Yeah! We all agree with you. Time traveling is the best, even better solution for Princess Anna Of Aren-delle and her mother, Gerda (Once Upon A Time).

20 Less Klutzy Anna
21 Elsa as the Most Popular, Most Famous, Center of Attention

It's never ever even right nor even fair that Elsa never ever even got any magical trainers nor any other magical trainers to train her how to control her powers at all in the movie, Frozen back then before. It's neither fair nor right that Frozen barely focuses on her. I dislike the idea of her being isolated from the very start.

I also agree. Whenever you have a conversation about frozen,it will almost always center around her. Heck, in the movie the story basically treats Elsa like the most important person in the world to the point where almost every scene has at least one mention of her

22 Crossovers with The Black Cauldron
23 Crossovers With Yu Gi Oh

Okay, this is ridiculous! Honestly, I believe that this would make the movie even worse somehow.

A Ninjago crossover would be better...

24 Crossovers with Foster's Home For Imaginary Friends
25 Crossovers with The Legend of Zelda

I hate the idea of Anna and Elsa as sisters anyway.

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Everyone in movie theater cheers

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