Gangem Film Reviews: Dumbo

Gangem For my next movie review, I'm going to review one of the most famous Disney movies of all time, Dumbo. I really liked this film as a kid, but watching it again it is not as good, but still enjoyable. Here is my review of Dumbo.

The Story
The story is a bullied elephant discover he has a special talent, he can fly! Sorry if spoilers but you've had over 70 years to watch and besides, even you haven't you probably know that Dumbo can fly. There's a scene in Who Framed Roger Rabbit where he flies! I was going to do a Roger Rabbit review but I decided to do a review of this instead.

The Bad Stuff
Those female elephants are so annoying, they are mean and bully Dumbo and just scream at the mice, I'm so glad they weren't in the second half the movie. I just wanted them to just fade and never exist! By far the absolute worst part of the movie! I can't easy other bad stuff but I don't think there was! Just those elephants! I'm glad they didn't touch Dumbo when they did those direct to DVD movies, I would hate to see those elephants again!

The Good Stuff
The film has very good animation for 1941. I would not say it has the best animation in a classic Disney movie, but very good. I'm also glad it is a short film. I can't imagine it being any longer than it already was. I like the fact that Dumbo does not speak, in the Tim Burton live action movie I hope that he does not make Dumbo speak, I would hate that! I don't see why Danny DeVito and Michael Keaton are going to play the circus owners, they are barely onscreen! I also liked the relationship between Dumbo and the Mouse, and the scene where Dumbo flies for the first time is one of my favourite Disney moments of all time. But my my favourite thing about the movie is the message. The message of the film is no matter what you look like, you can still be special. In my opinion this is the best message in a Disney movie. So yeah a lot of good stuff.

Dumbo is still a pretty good movie, even though I probably enjoyed it more when I was younger, Dumbo is still a very good movie. Also I don't want to read reviews anymore. And also why is Dumbo not in the top 30 on this list? But anyway, still a good movie.


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