Top Ten Best Disney Descendants Characters

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1 Evie (Daughter of the Evil Queen)

My list-
1. CARLOS (I love this guy)
2. Uma ( great villain, hero, singer)
3. Dude the dog (he is cute and funny)
4. Jane (very beautiful)
5. Evie (nice lady)
6. Jay (funny and best tourney player)
7. Celia (attractive)
8. Mal (a little too much spotlight but nice anyway)
9. Ben (ok-ok)
10. Audrey (queen of mean is grt)
11. Doug (innocent and definitely cute)
12. Lonnie (grt warrior)
13. Chad (Messed up the 3rd movie)

Omg yes what a queen, I mean, she is so sweet and protective over the ones she loves, so beautiful I mean I want to look like her, and I totally ship her and Doug SO much, they are just so cute together! 🥳

I am Evie for Halloween. She is so smart and pretty she does not need a guy to make her special. I love Decenants because it teaches a great message "we can be who we want to be". We don't have to follow what our parents did. We can make our own choices we are human too. They were all once our ages and had to make choices too. Ask them if they ever had a rough time making choices. Listen to what they say that might come in handy in life. They went through life they already and have faced many of the same challenges we face every day.

So happy she's voted number 1. I don't like her only cause she's gorgeous but also because she doesn't need a prince, (doesn't realize it at first) is actually smart, and, yes this is based on looks, she dresses really cool and is artistic in that way.

2 Mal (Daughter Of Maleficent)

She would be my bestie girl along with Carlos but to be honest... he would be my boyfriend so oop~ Anyway, Mal is misunderstood just like Uma and just wants to be good and I really feel for her ❤️

I love Mal but she’s kinda bossy but I still like her I kinda wanted her to go with Harry like in real life like Dove Cameron and Thomas Dougherty and by the way her mum looks weird.

" Mal is the best but not as good as Evie. Mal is played by Dove Cameron. She also is Liv and Maddie. I always think that is so cool. How do you do that? How can you be in 2 places at once. Mal is strongwilled, confident and brave. She is a example to all girls. Be yourself no matter what. Mal is always there for her friends. She also stands up for whats right. Be yourself know matter what!

mal was the villain in descendants the whole time but anyway she is still my favourite charater in the movie dove cameron is her fake name chloe celester hosterman is dove cameron's real name mal is sort of stuborn in all 3 movies what did mal look like when she was little mal dated harry hook before she met ben in descendants 3 mal was happy when she had the magic wand mal was evil the whole time and no noticed that in the descendants films

mal lied in all three she kept it a secret until she told evie and everyone else ex😁accept for ben since he already knows I mean why was mal bad she did miss the isle of the lost she did not want audrey to be the queen

3 Carlos (Son of Cruella)

I felt really bad when cameron mica boyce died he was my third favourite character in the movie I wish he could be my boyfriend he had cancer here's what he sings in rotten to the core

they think I'm callous a low life hood I feel so useless misunderstood

the past is past forgive forget the truth is you ain't seen nothing yet

Carlos and that dog dude is so cute! I think that is a cute! Carlos is my favourite! The son of cruella de vil

He in my opinion is the best descendent. Best looking, loves dogs, athletic and has a great fashion sense

He looks like an 80 year old man who took a bet that said he could only dress in animal hides.

4 Uma

Personally I love Uma, I mean, she is so misunderstood and no one understands her life and no one knows that she acts tough on the outside, but really on the inside she is dying. Love you Uma 😌

Um, HELLO?! Uma is handsdown the best character out of all of them! She's the best at singing and dancing, she's beautiful (not that I'm saying she's prettier than Sofia and Dove), and she SLAYS. She's a female leader, and an awesome one at that! I feel like she's only underrated because she's a bad girl. That's what I love about her!

If you don't like Uma the most I cannot be your friend. Uma is the best thing in the world. China Anne McClain(sorry if I spelled it wrong) is my favorite Disney actress. Man is a drama queen as someone said and everyone else isn't cool. She can turn in to a giant sea monster you can't beat that!

Um hello Uma is like a goddess Duh?she’s a leader just like me .I love her blue turquoise hair.She’s letting her inner bad girl out.

5 Jayden (Son of Jafar)

I love Jafar and Jay because he's the son of my favorite Disney character of all time Jafar! No I mean he is Jay is good enough to be Jafar why doesn't his father just call him Jafar himself then there will be two

I love Jay he is my favourite Descendants character

He should be higher on this list!

Jayden is cool, and single.

6 Audrey

What a misunderstood beauty of a girl! Sarah Jefferies is just the definition of ✨beauty✨ Absolute beauty and I hope she knows how much she is loved and respected in this world 🌎

Firstly I love Audrey I love her beautiful hair l💕 love her voice it is amazing I absolutely love the Queen of mean and she should obviously first (not saying that Evie and and Mal aren’t good at singing but I love queen of mean.Actually I love Audrey Better then Briar Beauty,Briar is Bossy Audrey rocks.

She should be lower. She's annoying in the first one, a villain in the 3rd one.She was dating ben than was dancing with jay in set it off. Then was dating chad but descendants 3 hinted that she might be with harry at the end. Queen of mean is a bop though.

Look... I know audrey is bad at the movie but she is kind in her heart always have a good heart like a hedious beast! and she has a pretty face if you boys or guys will hate him! someday you will meet audrey and then falls in love with him! ugh chad will be angry!

7 Prince Ben

He is so sweet, Mal and him are just meant to be! And jeez, that boy can SING!🎵 Beautiful voice congratulations on getting so far in the world 🌎

Why's Audrey above him? Audrey's a terrible character. Audrey Parker from Haven is way nicer and better than Audrey the daughter of Aurora in Descendants. (Haven does not have anything to do with Disney, it was a Syfy television series based off of the Stephen King book the Colorado Kid, it ended late 2015).

He is so romantic. Mal is super lucky. Most people wouldn't follow you to the Isle of the Lost just to make sure you're okay.

I like him and Jane. The other characters are bad (well maybe not Evie, but still).

8 Dizzy

She is so CUTE! I do not feel like Drizella deserved to give birth to such a beauty of a girl. She is so pretty in real life and just great 😊

Just watched both movies. For that New Years Evil or whatever they're doing. And Dizzy's literally is the best character!

13 teen year old Anna or in. Descendants 2 dizzy is amazing character Anna if you see this let me know if there is a Desendants 3. It is my dream to be is Desendants

I love dizzy because she's so sweet and she's the daughter of my favorite disney character drizella. Also Dizzys friendship with evie is ADORABLE

9 Harry Hook

I wish he had more lines in the movie. He was definitely a refreshing character after everyone else in the movie was 100% revenge crazed because of a nickname, had the beginnings of Stockholm syndrome, going through an extra edgy faze, or out about a talking dog. The next part is the fan girl coming out in me. His voice -singing or speaking- is pantie dropping hot, then you had that jawline and those cheekbones, his eyes are so blue it's almost scary. Blue eyes and black hair is such a hot combination; especially with messy hair. Then when his jacket first comes off and you see the muscles on his arms. When you see that you know he has to have abs, so you look it up and he does. If Harry Hook was real, I'd screw him in a heartbeat. What can I say? I like my boys with a side of crazy.

Harry needs to be number 1. He's better than all the other vks, and he's the funniest character in the movie, just like his dad was in his movie. So much better than ben or mal. Both ben and jay had to cheat to beat him.

Harry is awesome and I know almost all the girls fell in love with him. He should at least be in the top 5.

So over the top and deliciously evil... He's actually pretty amazing. I love it whenever he's on screen.

10 Maleficent Maleficent is the main antagonist of Disney's 1959 animated feature film Sleeping Beauty. An evil fairy, Maleficent is an incarnation of pure evil, and is responsible for all misfortune in King Stefan's kingdom.

She looks like a ghostly goat with a purple necktie

Maleficent is my favorite bad guy after Audrey

Maleficent is like the mistress of all evil!

Maleficent is so evil! I love it!

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11 The Evil Queen

She looks like a weird beaver in a black jumpsuit with a cheap dress.

The Evil Queen is the funniest!

12 Snow White Snow White is a fictional character from Disney's first ever film, Snow White and the Seven Dwarves . She is Disney's first ever Disney Princess and is the only Disney Princess to have her own star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame .

Snow white is amazing! It would be good if Evie and Snow White met in the movie!

I really hope Snow White gets a daughter in the sequel

Snow white is the news reporter of Auradon! Shes cool

Uhh... was she even in this?

13 Doug

I love that show! It's the best Nick show of all time!

I love that show!

G U Y S! Not the right Doug this show has nothing to do with Descendants!

Wrong Doug here.

14 Jane

Now this character is the most relatable we all have time where we drown ourselves out and praise others for their looks or popularity. Jane is a good role model for girls everywhere #thanksJANE

Jame is actually really beautiful I love her cute big eyes and I love her clothes and hair she deserves to be 2nd.

She's shy, I'm shy. Let's be friends. Simple.

Jane is a simple and polite character.

15 Cruella De Vil Cruella de Vil is a fictional character who appeared in Dodie Smith's 1956 novel The Hundred and One Dalmatians, Disney's animated film adaptations 101 Dalmatians and 101 Dalmatians II: Patch's London Adventure, and Disney's live-action film adaptations 101 Dalmatians and 102 Dalmatians as the main more.

Her character is either delayed but I like it

She looks like a black person

16 Dude (Carlos’ Talking Dog)

How is he 48? There are characters who aren't even in the movie above him?

Dude is so cute so whats not to love. He is funny too

He’s just adorable...

who don't love Dude

17 Celia Facilier

I have other favorites too, but I am most surprised by where Celia is on this list!

Love her and what her role was

Celia is really awesome!

How is she not number 1?

18 Lonnie

I love Lonnie! She's smart and a female warrior, like her mother!

Where was she in the 3rd movie? Great character!

She looks like an Asian stereotype.

She was way better in the 2nd movie

19 Hades

You and me both. And that new picture that was released hints at him possibly being reformed and living in Auradon at the end.

Hades is a new confirmed character for Descendants 3. I think he is Mals Dad.

My favorite Greek god

20 Jordan (Daughter of the Genie)

I'm saying this because Jordan is his polar opposite, I mean I'm not trying to discriminate any characters, but if she were really believable as the Genie's daughter then why doesn't she have his skin colour, at least she should have that.

She has zero of the Genie's DNA in her.

21 Gil

He is my favorite( also he is kinda cute )

Absolutley amazing I would love to see hm have a sister

22 Jafar Jafar is the main antagonist of Disney's 31st full length animated feature film Aladdin. Jafar is introduced as the sinister Royal Vizier to Agrabah's Sultan who desires power over Agrabah.
23 Jay

Isn't his name technically already on here

24 CJ Hook

I love her wickedness

Lol hook has duhter

25 Freddie (Daughter of Dr. Facilier)

She is in Descendants wicked world

She needs to be in the next movie

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