Top 10 Pixar Directors

These are the most talented people who have directed feature-length or short films for the wonderful animation studio of Pixar.
The Top Ten
1 Pete Docter

While John Lasseter is the bread and butter of Pixar, Pete Docter is the warm milk that goes along with it. Taking a look at Docter's directorial career, of all the three Pixar movies he's directed, all of them are probably the most emotional of any Pixar movie.

Sure, every Pixar movie is filled with emotion and will have you either laughing with joy or crying of sadness, but to me, Monsters Inc., Up, and Inside Out are perhaps the saddest Pixar movies that are bound to make you shed a tear or two and truly move your heart.

All in all, Docter really knows how to bring out the emotional aspects of Pixar's movies. Especially Up. That movie had me tearing up right at the beginning of the story.

2 Brad Bird

He is incredible. Some of the movies he has directed in animation are some of the best in the genre.

3 John Lasseter John Alan Lasseter is an American animator and film director, who is the chief creative officer of Pixar Animation Studios, Walt Disney Animation Studios, and DisneyToon Studios.

He's directed quite a lot of good films with only a few bad ones here and there. Regardless of those few slip-ups, Lasseter was truly important to the Pixar company. His whole history, along with Pixar's history, truly amazes me with how much the company went through to maintain their unique identity and creative integrity.

John Lasseter directed the most Pixar films, like Toy Story 1 and 2, Cars 1 and 2, and A Bug's Life. I wish I could rank him higher, but I can't because of the controversy.

4 Andrew Stanton

Andrew Stanton made the best Pixar film in the 2000s, in my opinion, which is Finding Nemo. He also directed Wall-E and Finding Dory.

5 Lee Unkrich

Unkrich is seriously underrated, seeing as he directed two of Pixar's best works ever, Toy Story 3 and Coco. Both of which are some of my favourite movies of all time.

Lee Unkrich has directed my favorite Pixar film ever. That is Coco. He also directed Toy Story 3. He has an amazing track record.

6 Peter Sohn

Peter Sohn directed The Good Dinosaur, which I thought was a little underrated, but he is not a memorable director.

7 Dan Scanlon

Dan Scanlon directed Monster's University, which I didn't love, but I gained more love for him because he directed Onward, and I thought Onward was great.

8 Brian Fee

Brian Fee directed Cars 3, which is a decent Pixar film, but he is not an iconic Pixar director.

9 Mark Andrews

Mark Andrews and Brenda Chapman directed Brave. For me, they are, in my opinion, the worst Pixar directors, even though Brave wasn't bad. They did make my least favorite Pixar film that is not Cars 2. Cars 2 is the worst, but John Lasseter has a great track record.

10 Jan Pinkava
The Contenders
11 David Silverman

A Simpsons alumnus who helmed Monsters Inc.

12 Brenda Chapman
13 Josh Cooley

This is where the list gets tricky. I don't think Josh Cooley is the best Pixar director, but he directed an amazing Pixar film that is Toy Story 4.

14 Enrico Casarosa
15 Domee Shi
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