Movie Review - Planes

MegaSoulhero UGH!!!! Planes! Because the Cars movies were so "successful", they decided to make a spinoff. But instead of cars, it's about planes! This movie wasn't made by Pixar. It was made by Disney Toon Studios. The same studio that made all those direct to dvd Disney sequels. So this will be fun. Not really.

It's about a cropduster named Dusty, yeah very clever name (sarcasm), who has a dream of being racing other planes. Unfortunately, he has a fear of heights. A plane with a fear of heights? Weird. He then ends up competeing in a 'round the world race after being trained by a veteran. I don't know what to say. This is one of the worst Disney movies I have ever seen in my entire life. Is it worse than Cars 2? Yes. It's worse than Cars 2. At least you can tell that some effort was put into that movie. It's like they didn't even try with this one. This is such a bad movie. Mostly from how boring it is. Every single character in this movie is either bland or annoying! I barely remember any of their names. I don't have a problem with the voice cast. They all do a good job but they are given terrible scripts. I thought it was pretty clever that Roger Craig Smith was cast as the main antagonist. In case you don't know, Roger Craig Smith is best known for providing the voice of Sonic. I actually met him once, by the way. So the fact that he was playing another character who loves to be fast is pretty cool. But his character in this movie is just so unlikeable! I know he's a character we're supposed to hate, but they kind of made him too much of a jerk. There's also this one character named El Chupacabra. He is very annoying. Couldn't stand him. Every time he was on screen, I groaned. To sum it up, every character in this movie is terrible and they're all stereotypes.

The movie is the same underdog race story that we've seen hundreds of times. It's very cliché. I've said that the DreamWorks film Turbo was a ripoff of Cars, but there are some elements in Planes that feel very similar to Turbo. There's nothing really new in this story. The humor was absolutely terrible! The jokes weren't funny, and some of them didn't make sense. There's this one British guy who says "I'm not crying! I'm British!" What was the joke? How was that supposed to be funny!? I honestly don't get it. The animation is pretty good but it doesn't look as good as the animation of other Disney and Pixar films. I heard this was originally going to be a direct to dvd movie but they decided to release it in theaters. Because I don't know. The same thing happened with Norm of the North. Some things aren't meant to be put in theaters!

Planes is such an awful movie! The story is unoriginal, the characters are terrible, and the jokes are incredibly stupid! This movie shouldn't have been made! It's dumb! Just stick with Cars! This movie isn't worth your time.

Score: 3/10


Well, this is the last time you'll be hearing from me on this site but yeah, this movie is *censored* - visitor

And a sequel was made 1 year later so it was made to be a cash grabbgrabbing franchise - visitor

This movie was absolute garbage. The outcome was fairly predictable, and also, Dusty and their friends are stereotypical annoying retards. Even Thomas The Tank Engine is superior to this. - TwilightKitsune

Never watched it. Sounds pretty bad. - Jessicarabbit

I really liked this movie to be honest - darthvadern