Top 10 Worst Disney Movies of All Time

Disney has gifted us with some of the most magical and timeless films ever made, creating a tapestry of enchanting stories that span generations. But, let's face it, even the House of Mouse has a few not-so-shining stars in its vault. If you find some of your favorites on this list, don't worry! Everyone's got a soft spot for a film that may not be a critical darling. Keep in mind that opinions are as diverse as the Disney fandom itself; what one person might consider a "flop," another might consider an underrated gem. And just like any list of "worst movies," this one might have some surprises that many actually enjoy. So go ahead and discover which of these films genuinely rank as your least magical Disney experiences.
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1 High School Musical

Okay, let me put it this way: this movie is so bad that it shouldn't even have been allowed to be a movie. And it really puts down many girls, because Ashley is so "pretty" and has a "cute" crush called Troy. Are you serious?! The storyline and plot are so rubbish! Whoever likes High School Musical needs to watch more films and get real.

This movie is dumb. Like, I thought musical movies stopped 50 years ago. I hate Ashley Tisdale because, one, she is a terrible singer, and two, she does the annoying voice of Candace on Phineas and Ferb. I guess Phineas and Ferb is an okay show, but Ashley Tisdale is dumb.

2 Chicken Little

"High School Musical" is not a good movie, but there's no harm done or being done with that. This movie has the worst message in a Disney movie, as all they do is harass and torment the main character because he mistakenly led everyone to believe "the sky was falling." The pop culture references are obnoxious.

At least "Let it Go" was original and kind of sounds nice. The only music in this movie is just pop music that is way too good even for this movie. And geez, the father is a prick. I'd much rather watch "High School Musical," "Cars 2," and "Planes" back to back than watch this movie for a whole minute. This movie is without question the worst Disney movie of all time!

3 Mars Needs Moms

No wonder this movie bombed so hard at the box office. This is the worst Disney movie I've ever seen! As bad as Chicken Little is, it at least has some funny moments and okay animation.

The characters in Mars Needs Moms have some of the most disgusting designs I've ever seen. Are these characters monkeys?! They don't even look like humans or aliens. Milo is such a brat, and hearing him say he wishes he never had a mother made me want to go into the screen and break his neck.

And haven't we had enough of these movies about characters getting into a fight, something bad happens, and they have to find each other?! This movie angers me every time I think about it, and I'm glad it bombed at the box office because it deserved it.

4 Hannah Montana: The Movie

I watched Todd In The Shadows' review of this film a couple of years ago and let me say... it clearly spoke to me and addressed the various flaws of this film very well. I just didn't like how the city people in California were very valley girl-like and whined about everything (even Hannah Montana herself was this way at the beginning of the film) and how the country people in Tennessee were either inbred or actual welcoming people... or both. This film really loves to show all the stereotypes of the Southern United States... and it's clear to see why.

I think the "best of both worlds" message in this film was either between Hannah's personality or different lifestyles. Also, yeah, I felt that the songs in this film were generic as all hell, even though the "hip-hop hoedown" song in this film is so bad it's good, in my opinion. But, you know. This film just plain sucked.

5 Teen Beach Movie

Imagine "West Side Story," "Hairspray," "Back to the Future," "Beach Party," "Rocky Horror Picture Show," "High School Musical," "Enchanted," "Grease," "The Wizard of Oz," and "Beach Blanket Bingo" all rolled into one. That is "Teen Beach Movie." The characters have little to no personality. The musical numbers are mediocre at best, and the story is not original at all.

It ripped off some of my favorite movies of all time! They shouldn't be allowed to call it an "original" movie since it's anything but original. The only thing I like about it is the character Mack. She is the only character I can actually tolerate in this poor excuse for a movie, and I think her character pretty much saved the movie.

6 Home on the Range

This movie is definitely the worst animated Disney classic out there. There is basically zero soundtrack, poor leading characters, and a boring plotline. This movie feels like something that has already been done by a low-quality studio, not someone as highly respected as Disney.

At least you can laugh at Chicken Little as a joke, but this movie has no action or humor. Every five seconds you wish the movie was over! There are some really bad Disney movies out there, but I don't think there is a way to be worse than this garbage.

7 Planes

Fun fact: I was one of those people tricked into believing that this was a Pixar film. It's not even made by Pixar, so what happened? It was advertised as the next big thing after "Cars," but I saw it in theaters, so... yeah, the sequel is miles better than the original.

It all starts with a prologue where nothing of substance happens, also portraying Dusty as Lightning McQueen without any personality or charm. Then, when the tour around the world plot unfolds, it results in a massive plane crash. Ripslinger is extremely unlikable, and many of the racers were stereotypes of their own countries, with El Chupacabra being the most obvious (some Latino people in the theater were groaning when I watched the film).

Then it has the absolute nerve to include an intense moment, like, what? But, you know, there were some things I enjoyed about this film, like the "SkyPad" scene and the soundtrack.

8 Frozen

Look, this movie isn't awful. If anything, it definitely beats a few overused tropes Disney has used over the years. One of them being that you shouldn't marry someone you've just met. Plus, "Let It Go" is pretty catchy. I also loved how, instead of the generic true love's kiss, it was about sisterly love.

However, this movie still gets way too much credit. So, if anything, this movie is just overrated. Many people also try to make a big deal out of Elsa possibly being a lesbian since she has shown no interest in men. It could just be argued that she wants to be single.

People love her because of her powers and dress. Sure, they're cool and all, but there's no need to make a big deal out of them. Either way, this movie isn't the worst thing ever made, but I hate seeing it overshadow movies that are clearly better.

9 High School Musical 3: Senior Year

Oh my gosh, I'm watching this with my 8th-grade class as our prize for a reading contest. I first watched this at a birthday party in first grade and hated it. Two hours were wasted from my childhood.

Ugh. Why did this movie musical even deserve a trilogy? It's like a musical version of Twilight, worse because of all the singing and cheesy choreography.

This movie honestly sucked, and the originals are a whole lot worse.

10 High School Musical 2

Honest to God, this movie is super cheesy and not worth a cent. Disney wastes way too much time in the recording studio making these rubbish movies that nobody cares about.

The problem with this movie is that it was terrible, and Disney mashed these different stars into this godforsaken movie. Ashley Tisdale, Zac Efron, and Vanessa Hudgens.

You take a movie that is a pandering high school drama that is mediocre at best, give it a sequel, and this is what you get!

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11 G-Force

This movie is probably the most immature, childish movie Disney has ever created. It has pretty much every poop and fart joke you can imagine. Here's what the conversations were like back in that small period of time when Disney was making these kinds of movies:

Disney Executives: If we add as many poop and fart jokes in this movie as we can, it'll entertain people for sure.

Me: Yeah, maybe it'll entertain all the 2-year-olds watching, but newsflash: you're Disney! You're like one of the only two animation studios that actually try to make movies that aren't just made for little kids.

12 Inspector Gadget

I LOVE Inspector Gadget, but I hate this movie. It's a disgrace to the franchise. If you want to introduce someone to the series, show them the cartoon for the real Inspector Gadget, not this trash Disney calls a "movie." In fact, Quimby should have given Gadget the mission to find this movie and lock it up before Dr. Claw finds it, because this movie is the root of all evil.

Some of the movies on this list are Disney Channel originals, and some are not. This 1999 live-action adaptation of the popular cartoon show is one of them. They made two of these subpar movies, by the way, but I guess you only wanted to include one because this movie was definitely horrible! Even with Matthew Broderick as Gadget.

13 Cars 2

The fact that this was a Pixar movie is so surprising to me. Normally, Pixar makes amazing movies, but this felt more like a cash grab than a Pixar movie. While the action scenes are fun to watch and the animation looks fantastic, having Mater as the focus felt unnecessary.

I felt this movie would've been a lot better if the film focused on Lightning McQueen instead of Mater. That way, we could learn more about the events taking place after Cars 2. Luckily, Cars 3 was able to make up for this movie and was a lot more fun to watch, focusing more on Lightning McQueen.

14 The Wild

This is a horrible ripoff of Madagascar! It's the same storyline. I loved the Madagascar movies, but I hated this movie. Animals are in Central Park. They leave in the middle of the night. They are put on a ship to Africa, where Madagascar is located. They have adventures and then try to return to New York! It was too cheesy!

It's like the creators weren't even trying with this movie! All it was about was a lion trying to find its son in Africa, but it was trying to get a good roar only! Also, a ripoff of Dumbo. 50% ripoff of Madagascar and 50% ripoff of Dumbo!

15 The Cheetah Girls 2

Disney makes all these dumb, stereotypical teen girl movies to try and attract girls to watch their movies, but it's all really stupid. Remember when Disney animated their own stuff and actually had good actors? Not anymore. This is basically Hannah Montana all over again.

It's really a lame version of a Bratz movie, in my perspective. They have poor talent, and this movie is just too snobby. I feel that Disney should be ashamed of making this film.

The characters were hard to relate to, and it was very cheesy. All three of these movies were. I think Dorinda (the blonde one) was the only good character because some people could relate to her and her backstory.

16 Camp Rock

In my opinion, this was just another rip-off of High School Musical. Disney should be ashamed to have released this rubbish. The characters are fruity, and the Jonas Brothers suck.

Firstly, this movie was as cheesy as can be.

Secondly, it featured nothing but untalented kids playing randomly.

Thirdly, what is Home on the Range doing at number 8? This should be number 4 at least!

This movie is literally a piece of crap. There is no plot, just some stupid love story that no one cares about. The girl Mitchie is so annoying and fake, and I swear to God she is the worst actress I have ever seen. Maybe this movie could have potential if she wasn't the main character and there was no ridiculous love story.

17 Zapped

This movie should be first. It has the most annoying Disney star yet as the lead. She can't even dance for her life. Trust me, I would know. I dance and have won three different titles at National Competitions. I was also Junior Miss Dance of New England. She can't dance, can't sing, and has zero sense of style. So, why is she on Disney in a movie where she supposedly can sing, dance, and has good fashion? I really don't know.

Anyway, back to the movie. There was really no real plot to this script. It was just about a girl who moves in with her stepdad and siblings and gets an app that, for no reason at all, controls boys. This is the worst idea Disney has come up with yet!

18 Pocahontas II: Journey to a New World

I did like the first Pocahontas movie, to be honest. Then, they made this dumb sequel. Why is it dumb? You'll find out.

First of all, Pocahontas had a good ending to it, so they should've just left it alone. But no! They made Journey to a New World. Basically, Pocahontas travels to England after hearing about John Smith's death. Later, we find out he's not dead!

She also meets John Rolfe. I know that they did get married in reality, but I still don't like them as a couple. Why? Because Pocahontas admitted that she loves John Smith.

Also, Governor Ratcliffe returns. His design is just god-awful. What's with his mouth? The animation is terrible, the characters are fools, and the songs in this movie are complete garbage!

Why would Disney go and ruin such an awesome classic?!

19 Beauty and the Beast: Belle's Magical World

The first film is one of the best Disney movies of all time. This, however, is just crap. It has terribly cheap animation, a boring plot, it's very childish, and it's one of the worst Disney movies I've ever seen. Belle goes from an intellectual, kind girl to an idiotic housewife. I can't understand why this became a movie.

The most entertaining part of this movie was when I went to the toilet about forty minutes in and found myself not wanting to go back downstairs to catch the rest of it. My toilet is more exciting than this movie, which is what I'm saying.

20 Brave

I didn't like Brave so much. I like some of the top ten movies on this list better than Brave, mostly because Brave has nothing to like about it. There are only a couple of funny moments, and a lot of the moments are supposed to be funny but aren't. There's also a lot of mindless shouting and crap, and I didn't like all that war stuff the king was holding in the room.

Also, it's just not classic enough. It is just too far out of the box.

Ugh, this movie is so stupid. Why? Here are my reasons: 1) Merida did not get married or have a love interest. 2) A tomboy princess, really Disney? Is that the best you can come up with? And 3) She wasn't classic enough.

Even Tangled was more classic than Brave, probably because Tangled is loosely based on Rapunzel, and I don't think Brave is based on anything. Those are my three reasons why Brave is stupid!

21 James and the Giant Peach

The book was so much better. Whenever Disney makes a movie based on a cartoon or a book, they absolutely mess it up. The characters and movements were ugly, and it was very unrealistic. I know that Disney's all about magic, but most of their magic movies make sense.

This should be where Frozen is, at #4. Frozen is actually good! Bash this instead!

This freaked me out. I liked the book and all, but the claymation is creepy in the movie.

22 Inspector Gadget 2

This movie doesn't deserve to be considered a sequel and should just be renamed Inspector Garbage. This is an embarrassing excuse for a movie and was indeed far worse than the first one.

Give this movie some credit. At least it had the decency never to show us what Dr. Claw looked like (a positive quality that the first one never had).

Why is the first Inspector Gadget rated higher than its sequel? The sequel is FAR worse!

23 How to Build a Better Boy

My sister used to joke about this movie. She didn't even watch it. She just made jokes about everything that happened in it.

Think about it. What if the title was, "How to Build a Better Girl"? Feminists would be outraged, so why make this movie at all?

Apparently, Disney is sexist now! What's next? Casting primarily white people? Oh wait...

24 Blank Check

The fact that this steaming pile of garbage is ranked lower on this list than Atlantis makes me lose a lot of hope for the face of humanity.

It's hard to believe that Disney would sink so low in the same year they released The Lion King.

This movie is to Home Alone what The Wild was to Madagascar, as well as what Zoom was to Sky High.

25 The Hunchback of Notre Dame II

The only thing I remotely like about this movie is the fact that Quasimodo's girlfriend's name in this is Madellaine, which reminds me of a certain red-haired actress I really love.

Why is this not No. 1? This is hands down the worst Disney sequel I've ever seen, along with Mulan 2 and The Lion King 1 1/2.

The animation is disgraceful. Quasimodo's personality is nothing like in the first movie. Phoebus, for some reason, has become a racist jerk. Sarousch is the worst sequel Disney villain ever. Madeline, the girl who Quasi falls in love with, is not even a character. I can't even think of one reason why Madeline should be an actual character.

And the worst thing to come from this movie is Zephr. I don't care if I've spelled the name right. There is, however, one thing great about this movie, and it's a song. Yes, a wonderful song.

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