Top Ten Doctor Who Companions Who Should Return


The Top Ten

1 Rose Tyler Rose Tyler

Rose should return to doctor who for series 9, would be so amazing - jaythomo2

I love rose she is the only companion I've seen

2 Jenny (the doctors daughter)

Yes! There is no way, she can just fly off, and then just leave it at that! - Icegirl119

3 River Song River Song

Whenever the wife steps's awsomeness time! And with every new Doctor her relationship starts anew. We have seen too little of the archeologist with Peter Capaldi's 12!

4 Jo Grant
5 Captain Jack
6 Amy Pond Amy Pond
7 Rory Williams Rory Williams
8 Martha Jones Martha Jones

She was the greatest companion ever so why isn't she number one - 2storm

9 Jackie Tyler
10 Donna Noble Donna Noble

The Doctor's best friend deserves a better fate than obscurity after we discovered how brilliant she really wad - pdr313

I just want her to remember. :(

She had spunk.

The Contenders

11 Kamelion
12 Astrid Peth Astrid Peth
13 Clara Oswald Clara Oswald
14 Clara Oswald Clara Oswald
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