10 Best Dragon Ball Z Fighting Games

The Top Ten 10 Best Dragon Ball Z Fighting Games

1 Dragon Ball Z: Budokai Tenkaichi 3

Over 32.4? , haha I'm not suprised, I bought this game last week, with Budokia 3 also,, and I havn't been playing Budokai 3 lately because I've been playing this one instead more often, it has ALL the characters, and MOST of them are already unlocked, pure AWESOME - SmoothCriminal

This is awesome and the best dbz game ever. Ps3 dbz games need to take pointers from this game. You know what they should make a dbz bt3 remake in hd or all 3 tenkaichi games 1,2, and 3. Yea that would be awesome. What do you guys think, people should vote on it.

Bt3 is the best game for dbz ever after it dbz Raging Blast2 it just need more characters like bt3 I have ultimate tenkaichi and burst limet on ps3 I didn't found raging blast 1 or 2 in ultimate tenkaichi the boss battles is hard but I've completed it, it sucks even hero mode sucks and the characters is less I can't believe there is no ssj2 vegeta, the next dbz game should have:more than 150 characters like bt3, better hero mode, good graphics, good story mode, tag team fights, and better online until now dbz bt3 is the best game.

Unique and amazing combat system. Best character roster although not a whole lot of diversity between characters. The most fun out of all the games in my humble opinion.

2 Dragon Ball Z: Budokai 3

Out of all the Dragon Ball Z games I've ever owned, I have the best memories from this game. I remember playing some really intense battles with friends. You could perform all kinds of attack combinations with punches and kicks. That's something you couldn't do in the Tenkaichi games. I don't know why people liked Tenkaichi 3 so much. Sure it had a lot of characters, but the combat controls were shallow (one button does all). The voice acting was terrible in the Tenkaichi games. Budokai 3 really got your blood flowing when you pulled off an ultimate attack, and the cutscenes were marvelous. They had the right music in the game, enough characters, customizeable moves with capsules, and Dragon Arena. The only thing I didn't like was transformations took up too many slots. They fixed that in Infinite World, but iw got rid of Goku's Warp Kamehameha. They also got rid of Vegeta's Final Flash. Vegito got Final Kamehameha which was cool, but still, taking away two of the best ultimate moves ...more

Better than fighter Z in terms of "dragon ball game feel". Hard to describe, although the fighter z combat system and visuals should be, and are, greatly appreciated, this game is easy to pick up and fun to master. slightly edges out fighter Z as the better 2D fighting game for fans of the series. Nice character roster too.

One of the best fighters of all time. The only Dragon ball Z fighting game that can stand among MK, Street fighter, and Killer instict as the best fighters to be programed. The graphics, music, story, voice acting, controls, mechanics are all perfect. And a badass character roster to boot. This simply redefines how to make a dragon ball Z game. Don't even try to prove me wrong

Best game for ps2, budokai tenkaichi is just like a copy of all the characters and I think if there was no copy it would have like 50 characters to

3 Dragonball Z Budokai Tenkaichi 2

Dragonball Z Budokai Tenkaichi 2 is a great game for the DBZ fan and an incredible adventure for the dedicated console fighter. The core of the game welcomes the average player with an easy to learn fighting engine, at the same time possessing more hidden layers of technical and mechanical depth than any other DBZ game for the hardcore gamer. While most fighting games present the challenge factor through specific difficulty levels, Tenkaichi 2 allows the player to challenge him/herself based on their own dedication. The more dedication exhibited by the player, the more a challenge the game will present.

Great story mode. Many different things to do before "finishing" the game. Combat very fun although not as fleshed out as BT3.

First DBZ game I played and still my favorite. It made me want to play other DBZ game. So I went out and bought like all of them but this one is still my favorite. It's the little things I like about this game the music, the super attacks, leveling up system for the fighters, almost all the movies characters, and I love being able to fly around the map like I was a Z Fighter. Also still the best effort in the story mode in one of these game "in my opinion". This game will make you feel like your in the show or the Manga.

Dragon Ball Z: Budokai Tenkaichi 3 is my second favorite but it was not as good to me but the roster is better, I must admit.

People now a days care more about the characters however I think tenkaichi 2 is the best game because of its story mode and the fact that you can fly around cities, (something that was not included in bt3) also people complain about rb2 where as if it had more characters than tenkaichi 3 it would be the better game (characters only do not make a game good)
Things that make a game good is, gameplay and storyline

4 Dragon Ball: Xenoverse

It was good but when you have to save Bardock in the extra mission it was a was so hard to this day I could not beat it and that was 1 year ago

I just finished the game. To start off, the game was kinda stupid in the beginning, but once you keep moving forward, it gets a lot better and you start to enjoy. a lot of people will love it but a few people will dislike it. Character creation, parallel quest, and online content. So far, I enjoy it. I can't wait to get the dlc

This one changed the game.. The story line was better, the gameplay is dope. Been a while since we had a great DBZ... Omega Shenron must have been summoned

I love this game, It's my favorite. While it may seam, Weird... Its awesome. My only complaint is: 'Why does it take SO long to get the Dragon Balls? ' I get that It's a challenging game, But this is ridiculous.

5 Dragon Ball: Raging Blast 2

Great improvement to combat system over the first game. Nice character models that still hold up graphically today. The best game after Tenkaichi 3 in my opinion in terms of fun to be had playing against friends/computer. Some characters almost completely previously unseen in games appear in the roster. First game to do online battles well too.

I have to agree with you dude, rb 2 is the best dbz game. I have to say not very fond of graphics but love the attacks. Galaxy mode is also great

It's so awesome I would love this game so much I would play it almost every day and love the raging blast mode and characters and last but not least and most favorite goku spirit bomb upgrade called "large spirit bomb by using a item called "bit of spirit" it's powerful and the most powerful one by using the "every ones spirit" on goku and the most powerful spirit bomb called "SUPER SPIRIT BOMB" I love the game guys,and add more updates to make it the best DBZ game. Love you guys.

This is a great game buy it it's so good trust me.

6 Dragon Ball Z : Budokai

First DBZ game I ever played. Though other newer DBZ games might technically be better nothing can change the nostalgia of the first game that let you become a Super Saiyan and destroy your friends. Plus the tournament mode was pretty dope!

I have everything but this game is easy and you get zenkai

The music is kinda similar to Stratovarius's Hunting High and Low.

I played this too much - EliHbk

7 Dragon Ball: Raging Blast

For people who haven't played any of the other 3D dragonball fighting games this is not a bad place to start with a decent story mode and more up to date than other games graphically. Not as great as it's sequel or technical predecessor BT3 however.

It was mega cool


First dbz game I ever owned. It's really great for beginners, as well as the intensity in each battle, I beat the whole game in 4 hours. Characters and all.

8 Dragonball Z: Burst Limit

Fast and fluid combat awesome music and GREAT Graphics that look great even by today,

But the BIG problem with this game is that it is SEVERELY Lacking content and replay value (For example: no Buu Saga is a main gripe from people). No Trophies on the PS3 version (even though the 360 version has achievements) pretty much no one plays online in this game anymore by 2015, Only 21 characters plus a handful of stages etc... The story mode on the other hand is REALLY bad in my opinion (Budokai 1 still has the best story mode hands down). Burst Limit's Story mode is just SO LAZY because they keep reusing the same animations OVER and OVER and OVER and OVER again and it gets very annoying to the point where it's ridiculous. I didn't really like the Drama pieces either because they just disturb the flow of the battle. But this game is VERY FUN with friends so I recommend it!

This have the best moment to moment gameplay of any Dragon Ball Z game, is the ultimate refinement of the Budokai formula, with improved graphics and mechanics. It's my favorite DBZ game, but I can understand it being lower than Budokai 3, as that game have more characters and a longer story mode, but this is definitely top 5.

Deep fighting system. Makes for challenging and rewarding combat. Characters actually play differently - no cookie-cutter system like nearly all other DBZ games. It just feels like a legitimate fighting game with DBZ characters.

This game is actually really good and the graphics but the only problem is that there aren't that many stages or characters

9 Dragonball Z Sagas

DBZ Sagas is awesome. It is a low-class sandbox adventure game that allows you to play as Goku and a few of his friends and Broly through the saiyan to the cell saga. Although the characters overall are the same, it is fun to venture around the DBZ world.

What the hell? This piece of ass made it here? Sonic 06 was better than this low budget

Best game I've ever played

This freezes has a whole bunch of glitches and it boring to many invisible walls

10 Super Dragonball Z

It was done by the original crew that did Super Street Fighter 2. Expect the same types of controls, and that makes it the best DBZ fighting game ever.

It's fun but the controls bloody suck

It's a well designed fighting game.

This is an actual fighting game, unlike 90% of DBZ games.

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11 Dragon Ball Z: Battle of Z

HORRIBLE! PURE TRASH! WASTE OF 60 DOLLARS! I recommend you borrow it or wait till the price drops to get it..

I can understand the annoyances people have with the console version, but most of those complaints are absent when you play on the PlayStation Vita. Get it on the Vita for a lower price, plus you can play it on the go with the vita. The combat is limited but still great with a great sense of RPG elements. The best graphics in a Dragon Ball game yet.

After you complete the story, the game is exciting. You can play as whoever you want and launch a devastating limit break Kamehameha.

Battle of Z has groundbreaking animation and amazing graphics and a very size able character roster but that's were the pros end all around 6/10 for me

12 Dragon Ball Z: Infinite World

Took the Budokai 3 style and revamped it for fighting gamers to create hours upon hours of intense matches. It's only real flaw? No beam-struggles.

This is a best game

Infinite enemy infinite fun

This should be way ahead of ultimate tenkaichi

13 Dragon Ball Z Budokai 2

My first ever dbz game and there were so many exclusives like super buu freiza, vegeta, tien absorbed. Also the gameplay was kind of like a board game which had its limitations. Otherwise, it is the only game that stuck to the original dbz story with no movie characters or filler arcs.

The story style is the best ever.

My first ever DBZ game.

I like but budokai tenkaichi 2 is better

14 Dragon Ball Z: Budokai Tenkaichi

As far as multiplayer goes, the Tenkaichi series has suffered from two major problems: the repetitiveness of super moves (particularly rush attacks) and the unbalancing of characters. In BT2 and 3, you were always at a disadvantage unless you picked one of the Saiyans or one of the final supervillains (Omega Shenron, Baby et al. ), even with upgrades. The first Tenkaichi, however, didn't suffer nearly as much from this problem as the later games; rather than copy-pasting moves across dozens of boring secondary characters, this game focused on balancing fewer opponents. The result was a game that did not stay true to the series, but was a better fighting game overall.

Little strange but cool

I like dudokai tenkaichi cause of its character selection and the story modes persicety to the original show series

15 Dragon Ball: Xenoverse 2

The fast paced action of this game online pays a lot of respect to the anime. Fighting controls are fairly simple yet breaking a players stamina and going for 50+ hit combos becomes a very rewarding challenge and the rpg elements of this game are deceptively deep with many favorite races to choose from. It is hands down the best dragon ball game on the next-gen market!

Not released yet, but probably will be on top of the list once it does.

Truly a magnificent time to be had. At the time of me posting this, it's my favorite game of all time. I love every single aspect of it.

It's not even released and it's already the best dragon ball game

16 Dragon Ball Z: Buu's Fury

Very good game and the story is the same as the book.

The First DBZ Game That I Played...Low Graphics But a Worth Playing!

Great mechanics, Great story with a fun rpg system

Awesome game, I have played tons of times

17 Dragon Ball Z: Tenkaichi Tag Team

How is this so far down the list? For a PSP game that came out in 2010 this game actually holds a lot! The graphics aren't bad, the storyline is preserved and there are even the little what-if scenarios not to mention it's best feature : 1v2 and 2v2 battling. In addition it had in-game transformations and 3 fusions that could be done in-game and to top it off it even defuses players that fused during the duration of the game! The customization was absolutely awesome, so when you play as a character it could really affect your fighting style and stuff! It actually gave purpose to acquiring a good score! The Battle 100 was also great! All of the transformations were included and each with specific skill sets and they even had the co-op system with the Union concept! How and why is it so far down?!

Best DBZ game for psp

Love this game better than any of it

I loves this game but needs to gain more characters

18 Dragon Ball Z: Idainaru Son Goku Densetsu


19 Dragon Ball Z: The Legend

First DBZ game for me and my best friend. Played before the Buu Saga came out on Cartoon Network. Getting a glimpse of the weird Buu characters before the show was priceless -- graphics are better on other games nowand much better gameplay as well, but all is reused and essentially the same, trying to capitalize on the series popularity. Too bad it was all in Japanese and I have no idea what they were saying!

20 Dragon Ball Z: The Legacy of Goku II

I don't know why this is lower than the original

Best game based on DBZ

Very very good game

The Best Dragon Ball Game Ever!

21 Dragon Ball Z: Super Sonic Warriors

To this day the only gameboy game I own. I got one specifically for this game and I still play it over a decade later. TRULY a must have for dbz action on the go!

VERY UNDErrated GAME! The stories are intresting, has a wide assortment of characters, fast paces, easy to play, and handheld. My favorite dbz game, and one of my favorite fighting games of all time!

Yeah one of the best DBZ games

22 Dragon Ball Z: Hyper Dimension

Dope game, great graphics for it's time and it was really fun and competitive to play one of my all time favorites only the truest DBZ fans own this game!

This game was good - Thisisamerica

One of the best fighting games in the SNES, more tradicional than the Butouden games, but also more sofisticated.

I think. This game was'nt Include as dbz boutuden series, even so many remake System'playable, but'the timing realeased (In '95) not fit to depending with sony PS as new rival console, as fanatic gamer its just go on as history

23 Dragon Ball Fighterz

Visually stunning. A nice mix of a great fighting game and dragonball style. Should be in the top 10 if not top 5.

This game is the best with it awesome graphics awesome choice of characters and the a cool story but my favorite part is the way you can make a special scene depending on which characters you choose I wish it was easy

I don't know if its good yet, but I know it deserves some recognition for being the faithful/best looking dbz game to date.

Best combat system in the franchise

24 Dragon Ball Z: Super Gokuden: Totsugeki-Hen

I wonder for this game, however being claimed part genre of RPG,' but is more look like puzzle journey betwen manga and chronicle kid goku stories

25 Dragon Ball Z: Ultimate Tenkaichi

This isn't even a good game!
The only good thing about it is that it has character creation.

Ultimate T Has Really good graphics

I think ut is really good

I think this game is a 8.5/10 its not really rock paper scissors its just a bit of chance mechanic which adds more on the edge gameplay the graphics are nice combos look nice

26 Dragon Ball Online
27 Dragon Ball Z: Super Saiya Densetsu

Super Nintendo rpg really good! Also on mobilephone with emulator

28 Dragon Ball Z: Super Butoden 3

THIS game is fun, original 2D Fight game so many variatif move, at the time confident also comfort playable. Of course snes is First legend for'boutuden series

29 Dragon Ball Z: Super Butoden 2

For one of the first dbz fighting game trilogies, this game was the best of the bunch. The first was a little stiff on the controls but paved the way for every other decent dbz game out there, the third lacked a story mode and the full experience of the buu saga as it only had the first form majin buu in the game. The second, this game, had the right balance of story, characters and the experience of dbz back in the SNES days.

This game paved the way for all other DBZ games. The mechanics were nice the graphics were great the music was classic and the roster was excellent diffenitly one of the best DBZ games ever made!

This one, make my Upon a time kid life so wonderful. Until'now still as the best fight 2D great ever

30 Dragon Ball Z: Shin Budokai


31 Dragon Ball Z: Chou Saiya Densetsu
32 Dragon Ball Z: Legacy of Goku

This sounds like a really cool game

33 Dragon Ball Z: Shin Budokai Another Road

This game really should be higher on the list like about in the top 6 or 7. The reasons why is because this is the first DBZ game the doesn't go on the same story line. It mixes it up a little, it dives into a what-if saga about arguably the best saga in the story. The only thing I didn't like about it is how they went about the story, in story mode the charterers you fight are the same ones if not clones. The point is if they had done a better job on the story line this would be a better game.

This is good it just need more characters from the dragon ball z kai series event

This is a good game overall for people who enjoy the Budokai series and Burstlimit. It is based of the movie of History of Trunks and is a what if story to the movie. It has a decent character roster and an exclusive SSJ4 Goku in it as well. Although Tournament was replaced with arcade. Arcade is a different turn on tournament. I recommend this for Budokai lovers and Burstlimit lovers, infinite world especially.

Best game for the PSP. I agree the story is a bit messed up although not really bad. What annoyed me was the fact that We had to fight clones but overall I’d recommend this game it’s a beast on the PSP

34 Dragon Ball Z: Super Butouden
35 Dragon Ball Z Dokkan Battle
36 Dragon Ball GT: Transformation
37 Dragon Ball Z: Super Gokuden: Kakusei-Hen
38 ZEQ2-Lite

Come one guys! This is the only dbz game to be released on the pc.

Nuh uh, xenoverse has a PC version

39 Dragon Ball Kai Ultimate Butouden

Better than super sonic warriors 2 guys...

One of the best dbz games of all time. just missing ultimate gohan and future gohan. the rest is perfect

40 Dragon Ball Z Supersonic Warriors 2

Damn good game
Really underrated and full of content
Soundtrack is also dope

Awesome. I really want it.

Alright game espically for the DS

41 Dragon Ball: Attack of the Saiyans

Personal choice but really loved the style and aesthetic of the game. very underrated title. Definitely deserves a spot in the top 15 at the very least.

Although this game doesn't go very far in the series, it's still a great game with a solid combat system

42 Dragon Ball Z: Devolution

You you are all retarded I can. Name 5000000000000000000000000000000 worse games

Still a better DBZ game than most of the modern 7th-gen and 8th-gen ones - PerfectImpulseX

Well it's a very impressive fan game. and the developers still work on it. however. you can still find even games on newgrounds like ultimate power 2

Dude this game rocked. The movie was awesome for what it was not for what it tried to be..it was original and ik a lot of people didn't like that but it really was a movie I could watch over and over lol...the game had a bad story presentation but the game play and graphics were presented stunningly for the psp's graphical capacity.

43 Dragon Ball: Advanced Adventure

This game is great and follows Dragon Ball rather than Dragon Ball Z

One of the best

So surprisingly deep and extense, this game allows you to literally play as a dog

Gameplay is so in depth and fun to have - Enmanu16

Have it on phone. Is v,good

44 Dragon Ball Z: Legacy of Goku II

This was so underrated - Thisisamerica

45 Dragon Ball Z: Extreme Butoden

Like but lack of roster and game mode. Great game though!

This game is 95% the best game

Is really awesome

46 Dragon Ball: Dragon Daihikyou

Really fun Nintendo game.

47 Dragon Ball Z: Buyū Retsuden

Best game everr!

48 Dragon Ball GT: Final Bout
49 Dragon Ball Z: Harukanaru Densetsu
50 Dragon Ball Z: Taiketsu

I wish I ha the game


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