Dream Theater Songs With The Best Live Performances


The Top Ten

1 The Count of Tuscany

It’s just perfect live. - NightmareCinema

2 In the Presence of Enemies

The Chaos In Motion version is so good, I honestly forgot I was listening to a live performance. - NightmareCinema

3 In the Name of God

Especially the Live At Budokan one, which has an additional Petrucci solo at the end. - NightmareCinema

4 Octavarium

Self-explanatory. - NightmareCinema

5 The Dance Of Eternity

They always just nail it. Which is surprising considering, uh...yeah. - NightmareCinema

6 Another Hand/The Killing Hand Another Hand/The Killing Hand

It has a different intro than the original song, The Killing Hand. I honestly like it a little more than the original but it’s really rare to see them play the original song live. - NightmareCinema

7 Six Degrees Of Inner Turbulence

The Score version with the Octavarium Orchestra is amazing. - NightmareCinema

8 A Mind Beside Itself A Mind Beside Itself

The entire suite was played live on the Live Scenes From New York album. Just listen. - NightmareCinema

9 Metropolis Pt. 1 (The Miracle And The Sleeper)

Despite me thinking it’s slightly overrated and it not being my favorite from I&W, they add an extra instrumental break. Which is never a bad thing. - NightmareCinema

10 A Change of Seasons

From Live Scenes From New York. Literally everything is perfect there - NightmareCinema

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