Top 10 Dumbest Reasons People Hate Thrash Metal

I have seen many dumb and ignorant comments towards extreme metal genres, mainly Death Metal and Black Metal, and some even hate Thrash Metal. This list is part 3 of 3 lists i'm going to make in which i point out some of the stupidest reasons for hating these genres, this list being about Thrash Metal, i love Thrash Metal, its easily one of the best metal subgenres at just the amount of great bands, songs and albums that has come from it, that being said it does have some haters out there some of which hate it for stupid reasons, now i am perfectly fine with someone not liking Thrash Metal as long as they are respectful to both the fans who like it and the musicans who work their butts off to entertain crowds of fans.

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1 Bad Fanbases

Yes, Metallica and Megadeth fanwars are terrible, but the fans should not have anything to do with the music - yungstirjoey666

Ok I'll admit there are some bad fanbases in Thrash Metal but not every fan of Thrash is like Megadeth fans who constantly bash on Metallica and then whine about people liking other thrash bands (especially Metallica and Slayer) over their precious band, and Slayer's fanbase isn't exactly great either but I'm I have been personally more annoyed by Megadeth's fanbase (mainly for calling out their sxxt reasons for saying Megadeth is better than Metallica) but those are only 2 bands and not every thrash metal fan is like the fanbases of the 2 bands I mentioned, it's just those two give thrash metal a bad name and also the fanbase has nothing to do with quality of the music. - christangrant

It's time to separate the opinions about the music artists from the opinions about their fanbases. In all music genres. - Metal_Treasure

2 Not Enough Variety

There's non-extreme thrash such as Metallica and Anthrax, and the more extreme ones such as Slayer - yungstirjoey666

Most of the people who use this argument are probably mainstream fans who think all Thrash Metal sounds the same just because they heard songs from the big 4 and it needs "more variety" and by "more variety" they mean more pop elements, thrash metal bands aren't supposed to release rap or pop albums just because some people don't like thrash metal, and need "variety"

Plus there is variety in thrash metal and Metallica is a perfect example of this because all their Thrash albums sound different from one another, their first album is Raw and defined what Thrash metal sounds like, their 2nd album has one of the best guitar tones ever and they started to do more vareity on that album by having a ballad and ending the album with a instrumental which at the time were very risky things to do then Master of Puppets which once again defined Thrash Metal in 1986 with a new sound and still had a ballady song and a instrumental, then the next album they ...more - christangrant

No, you are not the only one - thrash metal is a mix of metal and hardcore punk. - Metal_Treasure

3 The Lyrics

Thrash metal has a lot of good lyrics - yungstirjoey666

Most of the thrash lyrics are pretty good and meaningful, and some of the best metal lyrics come from thrash bands. - Metal_Treasure

Thrash Metal is about the music/instrumentals not the lyrics and the fans of it know this, they listen to the music for the music not the lyrics, so hating thrash metal based soley off the lyrics is stupid. Plus their are good lyrics in thrash metal let me give you some example: Master of Puppets by Metallica, yup probaly the most popular Thrash song has great lyrics which are anti drugs and tells of how doing drugs is bad for you. - christangrant

4 It's Overrated

I enjoy Minecraft, a somewhat overrated game (although its popularity has died down somewhat these days, but it might be regaining once again) - yungstirjoey666

It maybe a popular genre in the metal scene being "overrated" does not give you any reason to hate thrash metal and as well as pretty much anything in general. - christangrant

5 The Bass Guitar Isn't Loud Enough

The greatest instrumental song of all time has literal guitar solos played by the bassist

Who gives a crap if you can't hear the bass? When I listen to Thrash Metal I want to listen to the Guitar riffs not the bass. Plus not every Thrash Metal band is like this in some you can clearly hear the bass and some it's harder to listen to the point is it shouldn't matter, it's like complaining to the waiter that your pizza doesn't have enough air-pockets. - christangrant

I heaven't heard this one before, until now. I don't see anything particularly different in the loudness of bass guitar in thrash metal. But let me guess: the person (or people) who said that probably heard something but not everything. They probably heard that a Metallica album (AJFA) had inaudible bass which was a mistake of the mixing. And these people thought it was something usual in all thrash metal. LOL. - Metal_Treasure

Especially Metallica. In AJFA. And the bass in the song Master of puppets is very low tough. - Userguy44

6 It's Too Fast/Heavy

Groove metal is slower thrash metal, try some Pantera - yungstirjoey666

Haha, that's really ridiculous. Thrash is heavy and fast by default. Slow thrash lite? No, thanks. - Metal_Treasure

If you were expecting it to be slow and boring like a a lot of pop/alternative songs then you must be really stupid, if you know anything about the genre you would know it has its origins from Speed metal, NWOBHM and Hardcore Punk, the speed obviously comes from Speed Metal and the heaviness comes from Hardcore Punk, it's not hard to understand if you actually did some research, I get it if you don't like heavy or fast music but if Thrash Metal is too fast and heavy for you then I wonder what your reaction would be for Death Metal, Grindcore and Black Metal. - christangrant

7 It's Predictable

And? what does that have to do with the music being bad. Plus I'm 1000% sure I can predict a pop, Hip Hop and Bro Country song easier than I can a Thrash song. Plus I'm pretty sure if you are listening to Thrash Metal you should expect well Thrash Metal if you have heard other bands in the genre, that be like saying Death Metal is predictible just because every Death Metal band uses growls, you should expect that. - christangrant

8 It's Outdated

Oh really then and your mainstream pop/hip hop crap will be too, just wait a few years they will be forgotten and then you'll look back and say "i used to listen to this crap... ew" Does that happen with Thrash Metal fans? Nope or at least I have never seen one do that. - christangrant

9 The Bands are Too "Average"

I don't how these bands are "average" if they are well respected in the metal community and even by non metal fans, plus very subjetcive argument that can apply to just about anything in music and it doesn't prove anything as to why those bands are "average" and as a reason to hate Thrash Metal - christangrant

10 It's Bland

Very subjective and vague reason, doesn't explain anything as to why Thrash is bland or as a reason to hate it, plus again can apply to pretty much anything in the musical spectrum. - christangrant

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11 The songs are too short

This is refering to the short songs from Reign in Blood and Crossover Thrash songs, not every thrash band has short songs but being short does not mean bad, plus I'd rather have a short thrash metal song than a boring 20+ minute song. - christangrant

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