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1 Triangle Triangle

Okay, what now?

I'm a percussionist who strongly AGREES with this. All you have to do is tap it a few times, and now your a professional. This was probably invented for toddlers.

Clink, clink, clink. Yay You win!

All you do is hit it, although you do need a sense of rhythm

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2 Kazoo

To all of you who think playing kazoo is easy let me tell you a story: I'm a self-taught kazooist. My life was changed when I found this great instrument. Every morning I wake up at 5 am to practice. I'm first chair kazoo in the New York Symphony Orchestra and even got the opportunity to play for Obama at his inauguration. One day, I lost my kazoo! I thought my life was over. Then, I went to the music store and bought another one which set me back an entire $0.99!

This is the only thing that can defeat Shaggy. - Stalin

I have been playing the kazoo for 12 years. The constant number sexual offers from women become tedious after a while but that is just the price I have to pay. I am a professional player but it is EXTREMELY difficult to master the correct end to blow through.

This is truly the hardest instrument on Earth. I play guitar and trombone, and it is way harder to get a smooth sound on the kazoo. Wondering if it is possible!

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3 Ukulele Ukulele The ukulele is a member of the lute family of instruments; it generally employs four nylon or gut strings or four courses of strings.

I play guitar and picking up ukelele took me 10 minutes lol

My brother got an ukelele for Christmas, but never used it. I got it out of the closet about a year later, and taught myself how to play. It is a lot easier than a guitar because of its 4 strings, and few notes. I also believe the ukelele sounds similar to a harp.

Yes, correct. It is quite easy I started learning on christmas day of 2017 I'm also 11 keep in mind. 6 Months later and I learnt every chord. It is a very simple instrument the only hard thing is plucking patterns.

It's been three weeks since I got my first Ukulele, a soprano one. After some video-tutorials on Youtube, I've learned how to play two songs already and some of the most used chords (with my guitar, I took one month to learn my first songs and chords). It's obviously easier if you already know how to play the guitar, and it also helps playing the later, so I'd recommend trying both.

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4 Trumpet Trumpet A trumpet is a blown musical instrument commonly used in classical and jazz ensembles. The trumpet group contains the instruments with the highest register in the brass family.

If someone says that the trumpet is easy to play and they "learned how to play it" in less than a year then they have no idea what they're doing. Trumpet is a hard instrument to learn, especially if you actually want to sound good. The trumpet does not fit on this list and in my opinion you don't know how to play if you haven't completed anything past a level one method book.

I can't believe this is 4th. This is rediculous and the people that vote this have no clue what they are talking about. First, the SLIDES. Trumpet players aren't only moving three fingers in patterns. They are moving their hands. Opening and closing slides is no joke, so it's like a trombone and a trumpet in one. Second, playing in a large range. High notes aren't achieved by pressing a button or plucking a string. You have to work to the point your face turns red and your lips feel "broken". And low notes can even be a challenge. - EchoX0

The trumpet is way more difficult than it looks. The most common response I get is, "But it only has three valves! The saxophone way more and is therefore more difficult." Let me ask you this: how do you think we play different notes with the same fingerings? The answer: or FACES. Saxophones can learn a new note by practicing it over a weekend, but trumpet players need months or even years to learn a new note, because your lips are muscles, and they must be trained to play more strenuous notes. - stuxnetjr

I started playing the trumpet almost 2 years ago and I am already in my schools jazz and adv band. (not showing off) this may have just been good luck but its still a very hard instrument to get the hang of. One should not take the role of playing this instrument lightly. If you are just learning, keep practicing you can and will get there

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5 Guitar Guitar

Guitar is in NO way the easiest instrument to learn. You first have to deal with the pain of the strings, especially on an acoustic guitar as the gauge is the highest, and the strings are the roughest. Classical guitars have nylon strings, and electric guitars have steel strings, both of which are more comfortable to play. There are many styles of guitar, and none of them are particularly easy. I have to admit, chords are probably the easiest to learn, but it is difficult to master. Some chords are virtually impossible to play if you have small hands, and some chords require music theory to know and learn, and can be extremely complex. Riffs are extremely hard to learn, as you need to learn to read tablature as well as the actual playing, which could be extremely fast. Classical guitar is difficult because you need to successfully capture the emotion of the song, and you need to know the layout of the guitar in order to play songs.

To people who say they've learnt guitar in a ...more

I don't agree with this. I'm being taught guitar at school, and I'm already learning a string instrument but I found it really hard to put my left hand (fingers) on the correct string and correct position whilst strumming the correct beat with my right hand. You really need a guitar pick too. I played without a pick once and I got a blister right at the tip of my thumb.

I disagree completely. This instrument was actually the hardest instrument for me to learn. It takes a lot of effort and even gets to the point where if you play to long without being used to it, your fingers bleed! I wouldn't recommend this instrument to a beginner unless you have some great motivation and someone or something to help you out.

I can agree with this, of all the instruments I've started learning, guitar was the easiest for me to pick up. Sure, you have really advanced techniques like sweeps, arpeggios, off-timing junk, but overall it's in my opinion the easiest instrument for anyone to pick up and start toying with. Definitely easier than piano or violin, at least for me.

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6 Whistle

How is this even an instrument

So easy I could play when I was 1

This should be number 1.

How is a clarinet easier than a whistle

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7 Clarinet

The clarinet is easy to begin on but once you start playing harder pieces it becomes difficult. If anyone things they make a perfect sound on the clarinet they are wrong. You don't just blow. To make a good sound you have to have a trained embouchure and a perfect air flow. Your fingers also have to be light and speedy on the keys, something that takes years of practice. I've been playing for two years. I make a good a sound but it's far from perfect. People playing other woodwind instruments find it very difficult to learn clarinet. But playing the clarinet means that you can pretty much play any woodwind instrument with ease. This is because of the amount of strain playing the clarinet puts on you embouchure. It trains your mouth to become a much better musician than other woodwind players. Also the third register is very hard to learn. The fingering is all over the place. Also to get that high you have to have a very strong embouchure. - HAR0111

Excuse me. I've played the clarinet since 5th grade and it's hardly easy to play! The amount of notes and keys that go along with those notes to remember is a lot! There is about 5 different ways to play one note on clarinets! Some unofficial but it is still the same note. Perfect tone is really hard to get and takes a lot practice. It took me many years. It's a rough instrument to learn. Basic notes are a breeze but the high notes take lots of air. Definitely not an easy instrument. Might as well say a Saxophone is easy if you say a clarinet is lol

Clarinet is hard! It's not just moving your fingers and blowing. You need to curve your lips properly and stretch your hands a lot. The slightest crack in your reed may mean a new one. And don't puff your cheeks! Also try to remember al the notes and keys

The clarinet isn't easy. You've heard Squidward play it

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8 Piano Piano The piano is a musical instrument played using a keyboard, which is a row of keys that the performer presses down or strikes with the fingers and thumbs of both hands.

This is not correct. Moving 2 hands in coordinated orders pressing keys at a certain time doing it for a while multiple at a time with the pedal and looking at the music while blindly moving your hands is not considered easy. It is learnable but it gets very difficult and not even the best in the world has mastered the piano to its full potential. But John Schmidt from the Piano Guys, for example, finds bizarre ways to use this instrument and you should look him up and watch his videos. - EchoX0


I've been playing the piano for only a year and a half now but it can be very difficult, especially getting new pieces. All of these people who say that they learned piano easily and can play so many songs because of YouTube is pretty stupid in my opinion, it takes a lot to practice and actually pursue especially if you get a hard piece and you feel like you want to throw the piano out the window but you can't because you don't have muscles because you picked to play the piano in Orchestra instead of P.E. But anywho this is not an easy instrument sure it's easy when you start because the most advanced song you play is Mary had a little lamb but it takes a lot of time and effort to actually know how to play it, almost everybody can just smack keys and call it a song, this is not an easy instrument.

When I failed to play Rondo Alla Turca for half a month. *sigh* not easy when you have to memorize it.

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9 Harmonica

If you think the harmonica is an easy instrument to play, you shouldn't be allowed to even think about the name of the instrument.
This is one of the hardest instruments, in all honesty.
I've been playing for four years now, and I can guarantee you that this is not an easy instrument.
If you think you're so good at it after one day of learning Bob Dylan songs, you can go throw away your harmonica, it's disrespectful to the instrument if you keep it. Bob Dylan and Billy Joel etc. are bad players. They shouldn't even be called harmonica players.
Go try something else, you're not going to be successful in music if you think the harmonica is an easy instrument

Many people have said this is the easiest instrument to learn and play. I've just started and I'm finding it quite difficult. Still, I'll persevere with it. I'll be bending those notes in no time right? *Sigh* - Britgirl

I really agree with this. I started playing yesterday and I know 16 songs. It's really fun!

People only think the harmonica is easy to play because there is no wrong notes to play and it is easily tuned. It is hard to be able to over blow and bend. Many people can't even play a single note and they can only play cords.

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10 Tambourine

It is like the easiest instruments to play. Al you have to do is hit it, it's like clapping. But unless you play the tambourine crazy (like me), then it will be the easiest instrument.

I have played tambourine for one week and I can play to any song already. I have 8 years experience with piano, 2 years experience with mandolin, and 1 year experience with harmonica. Because of my experience, I can tell you that all that is needed to play this instrument is basic rythym skills.

Yes definitely one of the easiest. More percussion should be on the list. I tamborine, when attempting to play guitar. Any instrument that requires multiple refined techniques of body parts, including piano should not be on the list.

Very easy to learn to play. Getting the rhythm of sounds does not take long to catch on.

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11 Double Bass Double Bass

This is only easy for extreme beginners but once you get more advanced the shifting can be hard along with vibrato

I've been playing for the last 4 years in school. It takes some skill, being able to pluck and shift fast, controlling the bow and the gargantuan instrument itself. But I also took guitar lessons for a while, and double bass was far easier to learn. Vibrato can be difficult on bass too, and glissando can be painful. By the end of All-County last year, my back was aching, my fingers were raw and calloused, and I could barely stand up straight. It takes a toll on your body, yes, and it's difficult to manage, yes, but as far as mastering the instrument goes, it's actually pretty easy.

I have been playing double bass for quite a while now, and although we get the easiest parts, the instrument is not easy. It is difficult to get good tone from instrument, and requires extremely trained hands to hold down the strings in solo pieces often used for auditions.

I disagree because the double bass is very big and you have to hold up the instrument, control the bow and play the right notes

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12 Recorder

I would rather have learned to play the piano or guitar in school than this. Name one professional recorder player (not amateur). That's what I said.

Very easy, but retardedly annoying to listen to after awhile.

I bet it is hard to master, but easy to learn.

I remember when we learned how to play songs like "Hot Cross Buns" on these annoying things in 4th grade. - Turkeyasylum

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13 Cow Bell

You gotta want that cowbell!


I've got a fever, and the only prescription is more cowbell!

So easy it's stupid

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14 Harp Harp The harp is a stringed musical instrument that has a number of individual strings running at an angle to its soundboard; the strings are plucked with the fingers.

I have been playing the celtic harp (no pedals) for the last 5 years and I find it VERY challenging! One has to think in finger patterns---always putting down 4 fingers before playing the actual notes. And there are many other complicated finger patterns as well. In addition, one is playing different patterns with each hand--often 4 notes per hand and each hand playing different rhythms together as well. As a pianist who has played piano all my life since age 7 with lessons, and with a degree in music as well as being a elementary vocal teacher (now retired), I find harp challenging. When I began, everyone said it would be so easy because harp and piano are similar in many ways--same notation, and using both hands as the harp. A harp is a piano turned on its side. But there's where the resemblance ends! My piano knowledge has been a great help as well as a hindrance as the hand techniques are so different for each one. But... both make beautiful sounds from the beginning and that ...more

If you aim to play Celtic style instead of classical style, it is much easier, as Celtic style uses 3 fingers (two and a thumb) on each hand instead of 4 fingers (3 and a thumb) as in Classical,so the actions are quicker and easier and continuity is achieved sooner. This is music for enjoyment, not disappointment and frustration.

Aparantly harp is really hard

15 Bongos

Does this even count?

Not even kidding this takes almost no skill.

No skill needed at all except for sense of rhythm

Easy to learn, hard to master

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16 Flute Flute The flute is a family of musical instruments in the woodwind group. Unlike woodwind instruments with reeds, a flute is an aerophone or reedless wind instrument that produces its sound from the flow of air across an opening.

Flute is hard for some people and easy for other people. Since I am a flutist, I have experienced everything, and I'd say it's in the middle. And I disagree with the "crazy sheet music" thing. Yes, they're are, a lot of different fingerLINGS, but that's how it is with every instrument. Look at clarinet. You also have to have correct embouchure, yes, but that is an essential part of playing the flute and if you look at clarinet again, you'll see that you'll have to be careful about specific things, like not drop the reed so it doesn't get chipped, and if it does, you won't be able to make a sound. You can't drop the mouthpiece of the clarinet, otherwise you won't be able to make a sound either! You see, if you dent the flute, you can still make a sound. Think before you speak.

Once you get the basics its actually not that hard. Of course for some it takes time to learn to blow into it but in the end its not that hard. The sheet music is simpler than piano in that there are no chords to play and there can only be one line of music you play at once. 205 hours of practice of about a half an hour a day would give you what you need to play in the most common scales. And it quickly becomes fun for you. As long as your not trying to become a professional I would say try a 0% interest rent to own or something similar and for adults you wont need a teacher for a while just to learn the basics! Also if you can play any other flute or the oboe Soprano Flute should be even easier.

I am so mad right now. Who even put flute on this list? It takes years to master the flute. Did you know that only about %20 of the air you blow into it goes in? It sometimes makes me feel faint, because it takes so much air just to make a sound. The person who put it on here, either hasn't even played the instrument and is just judging it by it's size, or is a very good flute player who doesn't remember what it was like. But it has no place on this list, and neither does trumpet.

I have played the flute for about 2 years and it is very easy for me. It took two days until I got any sound out, but after that it was easier than making an instant lunch. I never really practice and I have still never been less than the second chair flute in my band. All you need to do is add in detail like dynamics and such and it sounds beautiful. I have played piano for 3 years and that is a real challenge.

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17 Rainstick

Even though this might seem easy to use, it might be hard to make the right rhythm or go to the right beat.

All you have to do is rotate a stick. Definitely one of the easiest.

What is this?


18 Saxophone Saxophone The saxophone is a family of woodwind instruments. Saxophones are usually made of brass and played with a single-reed mouthpiece similar to that of the clarinet.

I am on my third year on alto saxophone and for me was very easy to learn the notes.

Lol tenor sax suks

I started playing saxophone at Christmas and now I'm doing my grade three, three months later. From a strings stand point, having to learn what keys create what is mind numbing. But once you understand that you just can't guess it, it gets kinda fun to learn sharps

Not only an easy woodwind, woodwinds are often easier than brass to play. - mhroblak

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19 Tin Whistle

Okay the tin whistle is actually kinda hard if you literally want a song to come out. It just takes some practice though. - Tab

So say it's not even funny���"

Tin whistle is very easily there is only the notes B,A,C #,Csharp,D,E,F

I've been playing tin whistle ten years now and to be honest its actually not that easy! Yes the basics like hot cross buns, sally garden, etc are simple but if you want to learn all the notes (Yep there's more than B A G #F E D #C surprisingly) it can be quite challenging! Especially faster songs with a lot of notes :)
(This is coming from someone whos in a trad group and has played for ceile's pretty much their whole lives haha)

20 Stick Dulcimer

Very e a st to learn

21 Maraca

All u do is shake your hands and dance what

It's not easy, if you play freely it is, if you're in an orchestra, it is not.

This is extremely easy I don't know how this is not #1 because all you literally do is shake. - Tab

How is the piano easier than this

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22 Bass Guitar

The electric bass is not an easy instrument to learn. If you branch out beyond rock and country, you'll learn that there's much more to this instrument than just playing the roots of the chords.
Also, the fewer strings makes the instrument more difficult because you must move horizontally along the neck to reach higher tones. Guitarists have the luxury of being able to move vertically because of their extra strings. Plus, the fret spacings on a bass are much longer than a guitars which means more stretching.

Bass is easier to pick up than Guitar, but harder to master. - Nickelstickman

Guitar But Easier, should be second or at least third

It looks easy to play because it has four or five string, but actually it isn't easy, the strings are thick,and playing thick strings aren't easy - zxm

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23 Drums

Actually pretty hard, once you get in to 16th notes on the kick drum

Beginner song is easy but when when you get more advanced, playing drum can be a nightmare.

Stupid instrument that anyone can learn

A few YouTube tutorials and about four hours of practice, and I can play well enough that I can jam with them without holding anyone back. Maybe it's because I'm already used to playing music, but it was insanely easy to pick up.

I think all the people attacking the simplicity of learning the drums are a little defensive of their craft. Half the peoples argument on difficulty was "You have to hold the drum sticks in a specific way" LOL

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24 Ocarina

Easier than flute because you don't have to learn embouchure -- you just place your mouth on the mouthpiece and blow. Easier than recorder because you have much less range -- fewer notes to learn and worry about.
Be sure you pick the "transverse ocarina" -- the one that looks like a sweet potato! It's easiest.
"Pendant ocarinas" are the competing alternative. They have only 6 holes (4 on top and two thumb holes on the bottom). These are harder to learn because there is little relationship between the fingering pattern and the scale.

I LOVE ocarinas! I got mine because I'm a Legend of Zelda fan. If you play the Zelda games, specifically Ocarina of Time, then you know what the ocarina is. It's a very simple instrument, similar to a recorder, but the ocarina sounds different. If you get an alto, tenor, or bass ocarina, the sound is mellow and easy on your ears. If you want a more tin whistle-like sound, go for a soprano ocarina. There are even ocarinas inspired by the Zelda games, so if you're a Zelda fan, those are nice (if you buy one from a good brand, such as STL Ocarina or Songbird Ocarina.)

What is a Oceania?

I watched a tutorial of how to play Lugia's Song on youtube, and it is actually very easy to play! It even shows how many finger-thingies you should place on the Orcarina!

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25 Electric Bagpipes


26 Pan Flute

I love playing the pan flute! I use my piano and violin music for it. If you know how to blow across the top of a bottle and make sound, you can learn basic pan flute.

What is a pan flute?

Bruh the panflute I have one because of my family. They are peruvian, but its kind a hard for me to move my mouth from a specific spot to another and back...

I might try it soon! :D

27 Cello Cello The cello or violoncello is a bowed or plucked string instrument with four strings tuned in perfect fifths.

Cello is way harder than you think

This is definitely not an instrument you can just pick up and play right off the bat. It takes a lot of skill and effort to make a good quality sound with just plucking. When you are skilled enough to use a bow, it gets harder to play just one note without squeaking or making a really sour sound. It takes a lot of determination and effort.

Definitely not an easy instrument. All orchestral instruments take an exemplary amount of precision and focus.

The Cello is very hard! It should not be on this list. Don't listen to the people who put cello on this. They have obviously every played a cello before!

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28 Oboe Oboe Oboes belong to the classification of double reed woodwind instruments. Oboes are usually made of wood, but there are also oboes made of synthetic materials.

Yeah uh no. I'm an oboist and I have to say, your fingers are even centimeters away from the correct note, you sound awful. My band director was honest with my section when we said we wanted to play it, he said, I quote, "The oboe makes your mistakes sound louder. It's unforgiving. You either nail it or you don't." So there's no way the oboe is easy to play. The only thing that's easy is carrying it around and putting it together and taking it apart,

It's very easy to learn; all you really need to do is work very hard. Some people actually call this instrument a hard one to play. But, if you've been playing as long as I have you'll know that it came to you easy.

Its very easy to learn, but to become proficient, it becomes extremely difficult - Charlesman01

I think this should be further down on the list. Why?
1.) It's difficult to make a sound. Double reeds aren't for everybody.
2.) It's hard to make a good sound, especially when you start out (I have only played for 7 months).
3.) There is a lot of technique involved.
4.) There are a lot of fingerings.

29 Mountain Dulcimer

I am waiting patiently for my first Dulcimer to arrive, but I have not been idle for the computer offers many ''How To Play a Dulcima'' programs with some instructors ready and willing to teach me. At the ripe old age of 89 years you might think that I am far to old to learn any musical instrument, but the desire is there so wish me luck.

Robert; The Old Codger

With only three strings, (or four with two paired) the Mountain Dulcimer is an instrument that is simple to use, and easy to learn. Using a noter stick sounds great on it, and the chords are moderately simple. It is the only true American instrument with few ties back to the old country.

30 Trombone

As a trombonist with a few years' experience I have to say this doesn't really belong on the list. Sure, playing Hot Cross Buns on it may be easy at first, but once you get into 16th note territory, it can easily get lost on you due to how fast you have to move a fairly large slide. If your slide isn't in the correct position, the notes sound awful, and to top it all off, your embouchure (mouth position) matters too, as you have to open up on lower notes and tighten your lips as the notes get higher. All in all I wouldn't recommend this as a first instrument, but it's definitely worth your time if you're dedicated enough.

I remember I had to pick an instrument for fifth grade and I picked the Trombone because my cousin played it. I was good at it but like every instrument you have to keep practicing. Needless to say I hated it because I was being trained to fast.

This instrument is very hard to play because you have to make sure u get the slide in the right place so you hit the right note.

This instrument is very differcult because you never have perfect notes because you don't have exact positions and when your playing you don't put the slide exact unlike a flute that has specific notes with specific fingerings...

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31 Glockenspiel

I have played a Glockenspiel on several occasions. It is basically a tiny vibraphone. It is slightly difficult but not harder than a cello.

Half the population doesn't even know this exists. But it's pretty much just the piano with drum sticks.

Glockenspiel is life

It is so easy it took me 5 weeks it is not hard

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32 Tuba

Tuba should be higher on the list for being the easiest because all you have to do is to play omppas for band and play jaws to become a great tuba player

Tuba is the Biggest brass instrument. But not the easiest. If you can count notes and read well you'll do good at a high School level. However it it takes years of practice to get a 4, 5 or even 6 octave range. and even longer to gain the warm and bright tones in your notes necessary to be successful at College and Professional levels. This is due to the Large mouth piece and bulk of the instrument. It can be hard to control if you don't practice frequently.

If you go outside the realm of high school band, it's not an easy instrument to play well with whatsoever. Just like with any other brass instrument, it takes a lot of practice, patience, and understanding to play proficiently and even more so to play at a professional level.

I play it currently in school I learned everything about it in six hours so no not really a hard instrument only issue it's pretty heavy depending on the type

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33 Baritone Horn

No way. I play a couple instruments and this is by far the easiest. I got it down in weeks! The trombone is the hardest. It should be farther down than baritone

Wouldn't say it's the easiest, but if you played the trombone and figured out what valve combinations coincide with slide positions, it makes it significantly easier. Definitely gets complicated at higher ranges however.

The bass clef range is easy, lower or higher than that and it gets difficult. 5 years of practice and treble clef baritone still kicks my butt. Also tuning at those high pitches is difficult at best.

I've played the baritone for about a 2 years and it's really easy to play. I learned 4 songs in about an hour on my second practice 110% would recommend if you want to join band

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34 Electric Bass Guitar

This instrument is BY FAR the easiest string instrument to play. It has big frets, far apart strings, and is tuned in fourths. It can also be directly transposed to the guitar.

35 Slide Whistle

Below flute? What? - RalphBob

36 Viola

Well, the only reason this is far on the list is probably about the fact that it's hard to handle all those jokes.

Viola is very similar to violin. The main difference is that it has a deeper string that the violin doesn't have and it also doesn't have the highest string that's on the violin. It's notes are also different because they're written in the alto clef, not the treble clef. Learning the notes to instruments and the finger placings are easy for most people, but making them the correct sounds can take time; it takes longer to make it sound good too.
The deeper sounds on the viola are hard to master, but not as hard as the high notes on the violin. It usually takes years to master the violin by making the right sounds and learning vibrato, it's the same with the viola. So many violinists/violaists takes years to learn vibrato correctly, although others can learn it in a shorter amount of time. I've been playing the viola for three years and I'm starting to get the hang of vibrato. The two chairs above me in my orchestra have been playing the viola for nine years and only learned vibrato ...more

The only problem is learning the alto clef. Other than that it is really easy.

C string on viola not violin and a e string on violin not viola

37 Castanet

Very easy! All you do is just click the castanets!

38 Euphonium

I have been playing euphonium for 6 years, and for those of you who think the euphonium is easy instrument, then you must be out of your minds. I still struggle at it, and even after playing the bassoon concerto for 1 year now, I still struggle with it greatly. Sure, in the concert band you mostly play bass lines and occasionally have the melody, but if you actually want to pursue a career on the instrument, you have to work your butt off and be the best, the most disciplined, and the most serious person in the band. Euphonium players have to have a range of 5 octaves or more, get over the fear of cracking partials, use various exercises for hours just to conquer your range, master maddening theory such as learning about the compensating valve, transposition, have the ability to march, like it or not, different sets of fingerings and alternate sets for the use of virtuosity, the harmonic series, which is very important for better intonation, less cracks etc. have a great ...more

If you know trumpet, you pick this up wicked fast. - PianoQueen

The kids who play it in my school band have trouble because they are trying to make it sound like the tuda

39 Bassoon

Bassoon is really fun but also quite challenging at the same time. I would say the most difficult thing about it is putting the darn thing together- it’s nearly impossible! As an eight year trumpet player, I was able to pick this up in no time, just keep on practicing and you can do it!

Legit the easiest instrument out there it took me less than a decade to master it.

40 Rhythm Sticks

Have you been hit by a Rhythm Stick? You may be entitled to a claim for personal Ian Dury

This instrument is the easiest instrument I've ever played!

These were done in Kindergarten and considered a big deal.

41 Piccolo Piccolo

This website is a lie. Oboe is harder than a piccolo euphonium and tuba and slide whistle. Never trust this site

It's very hard and I don't even play it.

When you get older the piccolo gets harder

42 French Horn French Horn
43 Steel Drums

Easy percussion to hit, but the trick is to master the strumming patterns this could take some time based on your rhythmic innate skills.

44 Xylophone

Super fun and easy. This should be before the piano. It’s almost like cheating with the notes on the instrument.

It's only easy if you play drums and can read notes

Surely you have heard of this!

Xlto is a lot lot easier than the violin

45 Vibraslap

The band Cake loves this instrument. Sweet Emotion uses the teeth rattle sounding instrument. It can be mastered in a few hours.

46 Toubeleki
47 Mandolin Mandolin

I just started playing not to long ago I find it rather hard but if your into it it is really fun. so in the end your have to find the right instament for you.

I love to play this instrument I have only been playing for two years and the tabliture makes it super fun and easy, note reading takes a little bit of practice but once you get it down it’s easy and fun with only 8 string but they are doubled so really only four.

48 Marimba Marimba

WHY IS THIS ON THE LIST? The marimba is a very complicated instrument and in order to play, you have to know which key is which note. Playing the marimba is not just hitting random keys, it’s about hitting the right noted at the right time at the right speed!

49 Synthesizer Synthesizer

Not that easy, but very ideal for a techno/pop enthusiast.

50 Fife

Haha yeah right you try to play the fife

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