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i know some sports in this list have some rules that are hard to understand, but this list is about when you play for fun with some pals

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1 Soccer Soccer Association football, more commonly known as football or soccer, is a sport played between two teams of eleven players with a spherical ball. The goal is to score the ball on the other team's goal.

Soccer is simple to look at. It's EXTREMELY harder to play. It requires mentally knowing every person's position on the field, cardiovascular endurance, muscular strength and endurance, flexibility, coordination, foot-skill, and so much more. All you need is a field, ball, and net. But you need so much more to actually be able to play it WELL. Think the goalies have it easy? Try falling on the ground on your ribs 50 times per game. Try anticipating that shot that comes 90 miles and hour. Please don't say it's easy when you're just looking at the simplicity of the rules of soccer. I assure you it's harder to play.

The best and harder sport.

I do not understand this sport because how hard can it be to kick a ball in a HUGE net and run a little bit.

Soccer is the most technical sport out there. First of all your running most of the time for 90 minutes, unlike baseball where you don't even run a mile a game (no wonder there is 160+ games in a season). In soccer you need to know how to dribble, kick with power or accuracy, pass at the exact moment, and aim your shot. In baseball all you do is swing at a ball or catch it, in football you're not even running constantly (not to mention 17, 60 minute games in a season), and hockey (if your good) you play around 25 minutes and rest every other minute. Soccer isn't the hardest, but it sure isn't the easiest. It requires mental aspects as well as physical athleticism and vision. Don't be voting if you aren't playing it.

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2 Golf Golf Golf is a club and ball sport in which players use various clubs to hit balls into a series of holes from a range of 80 to 600 yards on a course in as few strokes as possible.

Golf is not easy, it is a sport that requires skill and mental capability. If you lose your mind, you lose your game.

Golf is definitely the hardest sport because of mental toughness anf the ability to fail. I do not know what these people are talking about you should try playing a real round of golf.

I play golf and it is definitely the hardest sport! I don't even understand why its on this list. People think it's so easy but you should try it before you open your mouth. The conditioning and fitness I do for it is INSANELY hard. I weigh 60 pounds and push sleds with 120+ pounds. In golf you have to be really strong. Golfers don't "RETIRE" at 25 like most soccer players do either. The margin for error is huge. A golf ball is 50 times smaller than a basketball or football. The mental toll is insane as well. While you basketball people are playing the AC I'm out in the 100 degrees heat for 4 hours. Golf requires so much coordination. I also have to train my muscles to work together. you people are totally underestimatibg a really hard sport. So before you open your mouth you should try to do it and see how hard it really is.

Hmm, is that why Ronaldo is 31 and still playing soccer? Golf is easy that's why in golf they don't retire until, they're dead. - _SoccerGirl

Why do you think, the elderly play it. Requires little strength and anyone can be good at it.

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3 Bowling

I don't think this sport is easy at all but I had to chose 1 sport.

You may be able to throw a ball down the land and hit some pins or get a few stores a game, try getting more than than four in a row and not missing any spares the whole game. Good luck. Try averaging 220 a game for six games straight. Not going to happen. Curling is all about repetition and consistency to actually bowl in a real leauge and make any money. Even young kids average 180 in their tournaments and that's bowling six to eight games back to back. Bowling is one if the hardest sports bit the hardest but top ten to become any good at.

Bowling is a very hard sport. I have been bowling for 40 years and trust me, it takes tons of practice. And that guy who said five year olds can hit pins, that's because they use ball rollers. - benhos

You're knocking pins down with a ball. Little kids play bowling, if a five year old can knock down a pin then you can too.

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4 Basketball Basketball Basketball is a sport played by two teams of five players on a rectangular court. The objective is to shoot a ball through a hoop 18 inches in diameter and 10 feet high mounted to a backboard at each end.

Noo basketball is extremely challenging. Its like football but without pads. The amount of running is similar to that of football or soccer and it requires lower and upper body strength. Though it is physically demanding, its rather easy to pick up and understand. Gets more mentally challenging the older you get.

Basketball like soccer is a very hard and athletic sport running and ball control wise. Seriously basketball is a 3 I want to knock whoever made this list in the head.

Am not voting because I think it's easy but its because its think the opposite. Half of the sports here are 10 times harder than cheer I take cheer and a lot of these sports are much harder.

Its not easy actually its really hard

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5 Volleyball Volleyball Volleyball is a team sport in which two teams of six players are separated by a net. Each team tries to score points by grounding a ball on the other team's court under organized rules.

so easy

Recently learning volleyball, trying out for my schools team, and making it I understand why people think that it is a fairly easy to learn sport. I came into the sport thinking that it would be easier to learn than basketball, which is another sport I play along with track and field. I was complacently wrong, learning to play volleyball is definitely the hardest. You need to learn how to hit, set, block, dive, sprawl, and many more. and don't forget the fact you need to learn different variations of each thing. before I played I would need to put hours of just learning the rotation which is hard physically, and mentally. we come home after practice with burns, bruises, and sore muscles, with only knee pads to protect us just like any sport, and it is definitely one of the hardest. (by the way there is a difference between real volleyball and gym volleyball, gym volleyball is the one where you just stand there and its really easy. )

This is NOT easy... I had a lot of trouble hitting the ball over the net and even more trouble with serving it. Should be in the "hardest sports" list...

Yeah starting out it's really easy but if you played club it would most likely be lower on the list. Like any sports, it's easy to get the basic motions down but it gets harder as you progress. For example, spiking a volleyball correctly is hard. Same with jump serves, bumps, and sets.

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6 Curling

You throw a rock across ice. I see 6 year olds do it, I see 60 year olds do it. No athleticism required, no difficult rules, no strategy involved. Just slide a rock. I don't know why this isn't #1. After watching it the first time, I thought it was a joke, after watching multiple games over the last few years I still think it's a joke

Basketball and soccer above curling, what a joke! - AliciaMae

first you slide a rock on ice... then you sweep in front of the ice - spillengmistace

Looks hard but I don't understand it

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7 Ping Pong Ping Pong Ping-pong, or table tennis, is a sport where players hit a lightweight ball back and forth across a table.

That's a lie. Ping Pong takes so much mental capability because that ball is flying at you so fast. You have to think about the spins, speed and your counter-spin.

Hard, if you stop for a week you lose a lot of technic, and the psychological plays a lot, by the way, it's extremely hard to correct all the technical problems a player has, you really need to be mentally tough to play this sport seriously

This is easy if you rallying but hard because it comes at you so fast

You just have to think were the ball is going to go

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8 Table Tennis Table Tennis Ping-pong, or table tennis, is a sport where players hit a lightweight ball back and forth across a table.

Table tennis is the same thing as ping pong

Yup! It's maybe easy

Very easy and fun

I always win

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9 Tetherball

A pole in the middle, two players on each side, and a ball hanging from the top of the pole... the only objective is to hit the ball to the opposing side - jbatista

May be the easiest "sport"... But to me its definitely the funnest haha

Is it even considered a sporth though?

If you could've played this when you where 5 I'm sure it's the easiest sport

Is this even a sport? I thought it was a simple playground game.

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10 Football Football American football is a sport played by two teams of eleven players on a rectangular field with goalposts at each end.

Um...have you tried playing QB? - general_tao

Football is an amazing sport and anyone who thinks its easy is a complete fool

Ok I'm a swimmer and I totally agree with this! I even have a shirt that says " if swimming were easy they'd call it football" sure it may be dangerous getting hit and stuff but really? It's not that hard! My Best friend does football and swimming and he even says swimming is a million times harder! Besides at games you sit on the side line half the time and don't even play. And when. You are on the field you're not guaranteed to be running. So what I'm saying here is that football is easy.

Oh yeah, you only have to pick a certain play with complicating routes and then pass to the receiver going that way or when you run the ball make sure the back is going through the line or you toss it to him. Also ya need a kicker with kick power stronger than Messi's and make sure your defense perfectly counters the offense. Very easy to play! (For all those that can't understand sarcasm, this is sarcastic)

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11 Boxing Boxing Boxing is a martial art and combat sport in which two people wearing protective gloves throw punches at each other for a predetermined set of time in a boxing ring..

Sorry I meant in fact not is fact.

Kick his ass and it's over.

Just punch people in the face?

So easy! Could do it in my sleep

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12 Baseball Baseball Baseball is a bat-and-ball game played between two teams of nine players each who take turns batting and fielding.

Baseball. What to say first. Well...90% of the game you just stand there in the field and do nothing or stand in the dugout eating chicken wings and drinking beer #Red Sox 2012 and if you are a pitcher you only play in every 1 in 5 games if that. Actual baseball players say in interviews that they just swing the bat and try to get lucky. Sports Science actually did a segment on this and they proved that baseball players can't know for sure where the ball is so they must just swing and try to get lucky. Baseball players claim they know where its going, but that is just to make themselves feel better. I have nothing else to say. Wait, actually yes I do. In any sport where the best players are morbidly obese it must be a joke. It is not a coincidence that the only other sport where this is true is sumo wrestling

Soccer/football number one? HA!
Let's put this into a better perspective.
Let's say that we are determining which sport is easiest based on professional play.
Soccer, forget it. No way in hell 5% of the population could run 90 minutes the way any Barcelona player can.
Tetherball, I don't know, pretty easy, but Baseball is still easier.
Basketball, no way in hell you could play defense like Kobe, Lebron or Dwight. You'd get trashed and offense? Forget about shooting, you're gonna get blocked. Once they play D on you, you'd probably get it stripped.
Golf? That sport is really hard, maybe not energy wise, but skillwise, harder than anything.
Tennis, way harder than you think.

Now baseball.
Can you stand there? Yes.
Can you swing a bat and hope to get lucky? Yes.
Can you sit in the dugout most of the game? Yes.
Can you stand in the outfield and catch a ball with more ease than trying to score on Goalkeepers or make a layup on a 7 footer (2.2 ...more

Baseball requires timing to hit the ball and thinking in the field if I get the ball what am I going to so with it, it takes a lot of practice to get good at hitting the ball and fielding. Pitching is very hard. First you need all of the mechanics, then you need to learn that you need speed when you are pitching or you really won't strike people out, this is my dad's saying don't aim it just throw it. It is not as easy as you think it takes a lot of effort and skill. FWI I throw 52 miles per hour and I am 9 - Johniscool

Baseball players have the ability to play other sports easily like football or soccer since parts of baseball are very similar to those sports. But put a football, soccer, or basketball player up to the plate against somebody throwing a ball 80-100 mph from 60 feet away. Baseball is definitely the most mentally challenging game. You need good timing and reaction. Though its not as physically demanding as football or basketball, it's still one of the hardest sports you could ever play

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13 Badminton Badminton Badminton is a racquet sport played using racquets to hit a shuttlecock across a net. Although it may be played with larger teams, the most common forms of the game are "singles" and "doubles".

It is so easy

The game is challenging. It's not just about hitting the shuttle, but how hard you hit it. How much distance. And how fast you can get to the shuttle. - ARandomPerson

I have been through many tournaments playing this, and trust me, THIS IS EXTREMELY difficult to master - ARandomPerson

Very very easy. After one round you'll completely understand the game and be a pro. It's one of my favorites. Really addicting and super fun, also very easy to understand.

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14 Competitive Eating

Anyone who is hungry can play this lol

Voting this just because its on here although I don't think of it as a sport. Every sport has its challenges and it is unfair to rank one as the "easiest" in my opinion

This is kind of silly

Anyone can eat this is not a sport and to who ever does it Stop this is not a game and certainly not a SPORT binge eating is very unhealthy

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15 Swim Team

What do you people mean by saying swim is easy, it’s ranked the second hardest sport. Try swimming ten one thousands timed, then kick five two hundreds ALSO timed.

We kick more than soccer players, more flips than gymnastics, and more dives than volleyball players.

SERIOUSLY!?!?! For your information on this same website, swimming is ranked the second hardest sport! I've been swimming half my life now and I know it is definitely NOT!

For all of you who think swimming is easy, you are dumb. Swimming is an endurance sport that burns 4x as much calories as running does. If you think this is easy, come to the pool. I will time your 100 free and I can show you how many 8 year odds are faster than you.

Swimming is the 2nd hardest sport and 1st most demanding on this site. We swim 11x a week, in the gym 4x a week. You call this easy, come to a practice. We do more kicks than soccer players, more flips than gymnasts, more dives than volleyball players, we go further to reach our 'home plate' than baseball/softball players, and you call this sport easy

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16 Netball

Netball is really simple the only skills you need is catching throwing and you need a loud voice like me if you are like me you don't like sport net ball is really easy to get into

Sounds really easy... Try to say it is harder than baseball, basketball, gymnastics, or cheer (al star cheer).

Netball is my favourite sport in the world and in my mind it is one of the best.

You have to love it its de easiest

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17 Gymnastics Gymnastics Gymnastics is a sport involving the performance of exercises requiring strength, flexibility, balance and control.

Gymnastics is not easy at all. It is actually the hardest sport. Search the hardest sports and it will come up. Watch an elite competition and try to do what they do.

Whoever thinks gymnastics is easy should get themselves educated, quick. Not only does gymnastics require countless hours of hard work, but it is the combination of floor, beams, vault, bars, and so much more. Also it is very dangerous so it take up to a year to perfect a new skill!

Gymnastics is hard. That's a fact even naturally inclined gymnasts have to train super hard. Gymnastics takes incredible upper body lower body and abdominal strength.

Are you crazy? Gymnastics is definitely not easy. you think it's easy? Try it. you couldn't last one minute

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18 Tennis Tennis Tennis is a racket sport that can be played individually against a single opponent or between two teams of two players each.

Tennis depends on your skill level. If you just pancake volleys and serves, and then just push back shots at the service line, sure, I guess that's tennis. But, try playing at UTR 16 or Federer and I doubt tennis is easy. - general_tao

Tennis is gay

It’s boring and easy

I disagree because if you want to win then you are going to need to hit hard with top spin and you need to hit to a certain part of the court and a certain way in different situations. Also for your serve you need it to be hard, deep, and have a lot of top spin.

Yeah, all that stuff in the main topic is literally all you need to do to play tennis. Focus on good serves and returns and you can play tennis...

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19 Cheerleading

This isn't a sport though - general_tao

Cheer leading is not easy.. we have to seal crawls, real push-ups, leg raises, crunches, sprints, planks, and 100 jumps EVERYDAY and it increases every day.. and it is a sport because you compete against other schools.. you memorize 90+ cheers, 20+ floor cheers, Meet the Team cheer, Hello cheer, before the first game. You should try it. See if it's a sport or not. And our seasons go all year round by the way.

Cheerleading is actually super hard, very difficult.

Cheerleading is so easy

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20 Walking

So your saying when I walk everyday I am doing a sport? This is not a sport.

Okay, even a toddler can do this "sport". Please, this shouldn't even be apart of this controversy.

Really why isn't this first

They actually do have competitive walking. - Kaboom

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21 Horse Riding

NON-EQUESTRIAN HATERS PLEASE READ! Ok ok non-equestrians saying It's not a sport I've got something for you.

For those of you inexperienced with horses and watching Olympic Equestrian events, it may look as though the horse is doing most the work, but...no. OW, and no. Imagine sitting on a big exercise ball, but not able to put your feet on the ground but rather gripping the sides of it with your lower leg and thigh (not just sitting--in fact, your butt should be light). For posting trot, squeeze from your upper thighs and knees so you lift your butt off the ball--yes, still without letting your feet touch the ground--and maintain your balance/center. (Stirrups are for extra security and a balance aid, not for pushing against. Watch the Olympic riders' stirrups -- they barely move because they're using their legs to grip, so their feet are still). Balance yourself so you don't just roll off. Then imagine the ball moving every which way and bouncing. Then imagine the ball having ...more

Don't even try to win this one guys... horseback riding is the HARDEST sport in the world. Who do you think controls it? Who do you think tells it when to jump? "You just sit there" "The horse does all the work" "It's easy" WE HAVE TO COMMUNICATE WITH AN ANIMAL THAT SPEAKS A DIFFERENT LANGUAGE. WE RISK OUR LIVES FOR A SPORT. WE RIDE AN ANIMAL THAT COULD KILL US INSTANTLY. Don't deny it, we all know you're jealous that you can't make riding a horse while paying attention to leads, diagonals, speed and having the correct posture and remembering the course while trying to make it LOOK easy.

Horse riding cracks me up... I mean crufts is hard because you have to run along side dogs and that run super fast yet for someone obviously had sense and saw its down to the dogs ability like horse ridind is down to the horse. Lets face the fact if I was a millionaire I could probably win the olympics as I have done proper sport my full life (triathlon) so I have way more endurance (muscular and cardiovascular) than most jockeys and because I would be loaded I could just buy a well trained horse as I have more muscle than all the horse riders I know I'm sure I would be fine when it comes to the riding element. And ok I get the skill is hard but so is darts and most darts players play after a few pints also maths is hard but people still don't crack on pretending it's a sport. So to all horse riders try a proper sport like rowing, swimming, running or anything else so you can realise the truth

Its not that easy... People think you just sit on a horse and ride but you have to wear all these clothes in the heat and pulse up and down on the horse so you don't hurt their back so it takes a lot of leg muscles!

First of all, the horse is never in pain. Second of all, it work so many muscles if you haven't ridden in a few months it makes you so sore you can't walk without hurting. And third of all, you don't know anything about this sport, so shut your mouth. - Horsesrlife

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22 Cross-Country

Yeah cross country is pretty hard - general_tao

Are you kidding? Cross country is incredibly hard. "Doesn't get easier than running"? You try running hours and hours of mile repeats and doing 400, 800, and 1200m repeats until you feel like you're about to pass out. Try being so physically exhausted and out of breath that you literally can't stand and collapse on the ground. Try having your legs be in so much pain that they feel like they're on fire. Try training so hard that passing out would be a huge relief. In no other sport do you push yourself so hard that you pass out or collapse or throw up. Cross country is the number one hardest sport I've ever done, and I'd like to see you make it through a single practice.

Cross country is absolutely exhausting. Sure a highschool race is only 3 miles, but during practices, the GIRLS team has run 10 miles just to get a pr. You are pushing yourself over your limit all in the name to say that you got a certain time. Running isn't easy for everybody, myself included. You may not need the hand-eye coordination, but you meed to have the stamina and endurance to go 2-10 miles for a race at nearly top speed, without a break. In almost all other sports you get to have a break, and you can cancel for heat and rain. Try running 3 miles in 103 degree heat in under 30 minutes on a muddy backwoods course, getting pushed and spiked, then try and tell me that this isn't a sport!

If your actually good cross country is the hardest sport

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23 Field Hockey

I have never tried it but seen people play it

24 Auto Racing

Really, I get that this is hard. It takes a lot of skill and bravery and all that, but is it really a sport? It takes literally NO athleticism AT ALL and even golf takes more mentality than this. Seriously, I can't see why this is a sport. - SassyEquine

Yes of course this is a sport it is very intense and you should show some respect you smelly poo

Your just driving can't get easier than that

Is this even a sport?

25 Softball

I fell think that softball is the most easiest in the world is so easy that every body thinks its hard and it's so easy because it's so easy.

Oh my, I've played this sport for a very long time and finally I decided to quit after high school. Thankfully I decided to start rowing and let me tell you our warm up for rowing alone was harder than anything I've ever done playing softball. Honestly this sport doesn't require much physical activity at all but I will say I've gotten hurt quite a lot by the ball but it wasn't anything that couldn't be fixed. However, softball does require a lot of patience and time dedicated to succeed but it's not really that hard to be honest. - Mg03

Softball is the most easiest sport in the world because I play it and I can’t believe how people think its hard

Softball is not a easy sport it is hard on pitchers, catchers, and batters it is hard on the pitchers because the wind up can mess up a pitchers shoulder and they have pressure on them to throw accurate pitches. It is hard on catchers because they have to worry about getting the players out by like throw downs and they can throw their arm out. It is also hard on batters because they have to have a good bat speed that it's quick enough to hit the ball but it takes patience sometimes when hitting because it might be a slower pitcher and you might not be use to slow pitches and they may swing to fast because they are impatient and they are too anxious to hit the ball

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26 Cricket Cricket Cricket is a bat-and-ball game played between two teams of eleven players on a cricket field, at the centre of which is a rectangular 22-yard-long pitch with a wicket, a set of three wooden stumps sited at each end.

I find many and many of sports easier than this. Maybe that's because I'm from India

My game it should be on top hmmm tired of finding cricket

Isn't this an animal

Sooo easy! Batting: see the ball and hit

27 Lacrosse Lacrosse Lacrosse is a contact team sport played between two teams using a small rubber ball and a long-handled stick called a crosse or lacrosse stick.

Lacrosse is very hard and you can get terrible injuries

Lax is also a sport for women and its hard

Lacrosse takes lots of practice and determination. It combines the hard hitting of football, the running of soccer, the mental aspect of chess, and the hand eye coordination like no other sport. This sport is so good because it's so hard to find people that are great at it!

Lax is a sport for dudes

28 Kickball

This is so easy I only played this with my friends in elementary school it's easier than baseball because your using your feet and it's not coming at you fast I don't thin I have missed kicking the ball 2 times and the time I missed it I was in 1rest grade!

The only hard part is getting an out - jbatista

It is very hard to see the ball hit your foot and know where to run when you hit it. And it's very hard to tell non baseball players what to do when it's hit cause they are like 2 year olds when it comes to listening

So easy

29 Ice Hockey Ice Hockey Ice hockey is a contact team sport played on ice, usually in a rink, in which two teams of skaters use their sticks to shoot a vulcanized rubber puck into their opponent's net to score points.

I play hockey and I can tell you if you don't play hockey you will never know what it's like to skate, stick handle, look for a team mate to pass to or shoot, avoid getting flattened by an opponent, and much more all at once. - mattyice2826

Easiest sport in the world

Hockey is so hard! People say they know hockey, but you don't really know the rules unless you've played for a few years

It is a lot of fun you could also play floor hockey inside the gym and everybody I know enjoys it!

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30 Running Running Running is a method of terrestrial locomotion allowing humans and other animals to move rapidly on foot. Running is a type of gait characterized by an aerial phase in which all feet are above the ground.

This is exhausting, not hard

Ecerybody thinks its hard just because I swag foolio do bro so though.

31 Wrestling Wrestling Wrestling is a combat sport involving grappling type techniques such as clinch fighting, throws and takedowns, joint locks, pins and other grappling holds.

I've wrestled for five years and it's so much harder than people think it is. I'm not going to say it's the hardest sport ever. But people think it's an easy sport because the match is only six minutes with a possible extra minute to break a tie. This sport requires you to memorize countless moves that your taught done incorrectly could seriously hurt yourself or opponent. It requires you to not eat for some times days at a time so that you can try and make weight only to maybe not wrestle in your match. It also requires both upper and lower body strength. Couple that with endless amounts oh sprints and then miles apon miles that you run to get into shape for that six minute match. Then there's the endless amount of push ups, pull ups and sit up along with climbing of ropes. So believe me this sport is not a sport that you can just pick up lightly there's a reason why many wrestlers also run track or cross country during the off season.

Wrestling is a very physically draining sport,

I've played football and baseball and you can pick things up really quick and you don't exactly have to be in really great shape. But this is my second year wrestling and it's by far the toughest thing I've ever done. It mentally and physically drains you every day and getting a technique that you're comfortable with and can do without really thinking can take a long time.

Its a physical and mental sport need lots of conditioning to do

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32 Ice Skating

This sport is really hard actually. I've broken my shoulder, strained my wrist twice, and had a friend
who had to get stiches because of figure skating. It is not easy! You must land every jump perfectly, spin really fast in complicated positions at least eight times, and perform complex footwork steps, all while smiling in a freezing mini dress on ice. Also, figure skaters can often suffer from eating disorders and have to be physically and mentally very fit. Like I said it is NOT easy!

I'm a figure skating and it is a REALLY hard sport I have broken my wrist twice in less than a year and you have to land everything perfectly and I spin are really hard

Ice skating is hard you HAVE to land EVERY move perfectly or you'll end up with something cold and broken (Unless it's kiddie stuff with barriers around you)

I'm a kid I do ice skating I would say it's the hardest sport I've tried and I've tried all of them but I like ice skating the most

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33 Dodgeball

Dodgeball is very easy. But it can also be dangerous once this kid threw a ball very hard and almost broke my finger.

I'm good at dodgeball and I've only played 6 games. All you do is wait for someone to throw a ball, pick it up, throw it, rinse and repeat.

The easiest and best sport ever. Throw. Dodge. Just a couple more rules and you're all set. - sdgeek2003

Throw, Dodge, Catch, Easy

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34 Skateboarding Skateboarding Skateboarding is an action sport which involves riding and performing tricks using a skateboard. Skateboarding can also be considered a recreational activity, an art form, a job, or a method of transportation.

You're kidding right, skateboarding in 25th place? It should be in last. This sport is SO HARD. It takes time, dedication, hard work, mental strength, physical strength, confidence, a good mindset, determination, creativity, balance, and coordination to pull off tricks. It's difficult to consistently land tricks, you fall all the time and you can get hurt super easily. It took me months to learn to ollie, and two years to learn how to kickflip, and those are two of the most basic tricks. No way is skateboarding easy. All those pros you see out there, all those really good steezy sponsored skateboarders that have been skating non stop for years, they didn't just sit around and relax to get that good. They work hard, every single day for hours, working on getting that one trick they've been trying to do for ages. They overcome falls, get back on their board and try a switch 360 heelflip body varials down a 10 stair or whatever again. Skateboarding is so damn hard, it shouldn't even be ...more

So fun to skateboard.

Is not nessasarily THAT EASY!

35 Dance

I'm a self taught dancer it's hard coming up with a dance style you like though.

I think dance is nice if you are flexible but it puts a lot of pressure on your lower body with all the moving and spinning and jumping.

Dance is one of the hardest sports! You have to hold three tines your body weight be extremely flexible learn some gymnastics/cheerleading! Its crazy! So it's good its not on the list

36 Horseshoes

Not a sport

This is not a sport at all like r u 4 real

This is a joke, right?

This is the easiest sport ever

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37 Cycling

Cycling is easy.

That guy who said cycling is boring should actually try cycling.

Worst sport in the world #boring



38 Rugby

Football's angry brother. No padding, lots of contact Ex: Tackles, scrums, rucks. A lot of conditioning, long games with maybe 5 minutes half depending on the Sir. Also a lot of kicks to the head, elbows to the head, and punches if you play a dirty team and the Sir doesn't see it. Very common in a large ruck..

Football is harder

Whats rugby

39 Long Jump
40 Arm Wrestling

Arm wrestling is one of the least easiest sports on this list, bull crap its not even a sport. A moron is who ever made this list.


41 Weightlifting

There's no comments on this sport. Clearly, you guys don't even lift, bro! - wdhjwqhdqw

42 Equestrian

I compete in equestrian sports, and also swim. Personally, I find them both as physically demanding, but for different reasons.

I believe that equestrian disciplines are, in many ways, similar to gymnastics.

It requires a considerable amount of controlled, prolonged'strength' rather than movement in the sense that something like athletics might require.

I'm not for a moment implying or suggesting that athletics/swimming e tc. i s any easier than horse riding or gymnastics, but suggesting that movement and prolonged'strength' are different.

A lot of people perceive that horse riding is easy, because they don't see the rider moving.

However, that is predominantly the reason why it is so challenging.

Highly controlled, small movements are much harder to maintain for a long period of time than big, fast but less controlled movements. For example, when exercising your arms, moving them in small, slow circles for 10 minutes is harder than swinging ...more

This is already on the list...? - SassyEquine

Horse ridding is the opposite of easy! You on are top of an animal 10 times bigger than you and it has a mind of its own! To be able to stay on a horse and look good doing it you have to be a great athlete. One of the hardest sports ever.

Heels down, thumbs up, right diagonal, right lead, look ahead, sit up all while controlling a 1, 000 pound animal with a mind of its own. Riding at 20mph torwards a sturdy wall that can stand taller than you. All while making it look easy and simple.

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43 Rounders

Very easy to do ( hit the ball, run, try go around all bases and then you get a rounder

44 Diving

This is hard you have to be really fit and know how to twist your body in the right way to get any points!

Run robben run you son of a bich


45 Scootering

It is fun and can sometimes be a challenge.


46 Stock Car Racing

I get that it's hard, but it takes no athleticism. Not a sport. - SassyEquine

NASCAR is harder than you think. These drivers have to control loose cars and going 3 wide. It's not just left turns


All this sport requires is deep pockets and an understanding of basic grade 5 brain capacity. All this sport requires is that you make a basic left turn for about three hours straight. NASCAR is a sport based for a slower under developed demographic of hicks, gays, and inbreed children who are only let outta there cage to watch this monstrousity of an excuse for entertainment.

47 Roller Derby

I love roller skating I good at it so roller derby is easy for me

(Mainley for girls) all you basicity need to be good at is roller skating and Blocking, the rest is just rules

48 Fencing

Fencing is mad hard

49 Thumb Wrestling


Ok this shouldn't even be counted as a sport

It's actually the hardest sport. It's impossible to win a man with large hands

The training for this sport it outrageous! I train 5 hours a day, with my grandma, she has big hands

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50 Water Polo

Yeah, because being drowned while trying to play sport is easy.
Being swum on top of is easy.
Being pushed under so you can't breath for ages is DEFINITELY easy.
Learning all the rules is easy.
Game strategy is easy.
Swimming while people are ripping off your suit is easy.

Note that sarcasm.

But seriously, whoever put this on here obviously knows very little about water polo, because it should not feature on this list at all.

Hah, how is this easy? Do you know it's way harder to move in water than running? People jump on top of you, nearly drown you, and rip off your suit.

I have always been bad at water polo
it is so hard

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