Top 10 Cities that Most Need a Major League Baseball (MLB) Team

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1 Charlotte

If the MLB expands teams to the State of North Carolina, I hope they get 2 teams. I would put one in the Charlotte area, & the other in the Raleigh area. The whole State only has NFL, NHL, & NBA. The Carolina Panthers of Charlotte, Charlotte Hornets, & Carolina Hurricanes of Raleigh. North Carolina has a way too large population for not having an MLB Team. If it happens & if the state gets two teams, I'd put the Charlotte Team in the National League put in a new expanded NL South Division. I'd put the Raleigh Team in American League in a new expanded AL South Division. That would be the main InterLeague rivalries. The whole Southern United States needs more MLB teams. The MLB needs to do this in the next 5 years. Charlotte is just way to big of a city to just have two Pro-Sports. They need to have an MLB & NHL team soon.

Charlotte should get a team from a MLB team expansion. Drugs and steroids have tarnished the game and baseball fans are losing interest in the sport. And what better way to get new fans then having new teams with new fan bases. Charlotte is one of the many great places for baseball. With thousands of baseball fans and even more room for fans to come along, Charlotte is guaranteed to have a successful MLB franchise.

It is a very big city and has good turnout for its other professional teams. It could easily build a stadium on the site of the minor league stadium there.

Charlotte is a very big city and a very nice city as well. This is a city that can have more than two cities and with a big population as well. I think that it would be cool for ACC teams to have a team that they all like (North Carolina, NC State, Wake Forest and Duke) just as they did with the Charlotte Hornets. I also want this to happen because I live in NC.

2 New Orleans

Here's my idea. Keep baseball in the United States by re-locating the Blue Jays from Toronto and put the team in New Orleans. Demolish the Superdome (but keep Champions Square), build the baseball park on the site. The Saints will get a new stadium that will be bigger than Cowboys Stadium. WHO that!

New Orleans is a large city with tall skyscrapers. Despite the damage from Hurricane Katrina, it's still a great city. The culture there is marvelous and so is the food. The Saints are terrible, and no one cares about the Pelicans. New Orleans SHOULD get an MLB team.

The deep south needs a team, and NOLA is perfect. The stadium can be built on that open lot along the river by the convention center and Port of New Orleans. Please... I'm about to have twin boys and would love to bring them to the ball games.

I am an Arizona Expat who misses going to Arizona Dbacks games. Companies in Phoenix would give away tickets. I love going to a good baseball game, getting a foot long hotdog, and a beer. Its time for the Big Easy to get a true MLB baseball team.

3 Indianapolis

Indiana has only basketball and football. If you bring in a team, it will struggle at first like the Colts, but after a while it will get into its groove

Indianapolis has NFL and NBA. The Colts and Pacers are great teams. I think the closest MLB team to Indianapolis is the Cincinnati Reds. The Colts and Pacers get great support so I think a MLB Baseball team can get great support.

All cities in America and Canada with over a million people should have a baseball team, and so does Indianapolis, which is state capital and largest city in Indiana. Indianapolis can and should be able to support a baseball team.

I live in Indiana and I hate how there is no MLB team for us. Instead of some states having more than 1 team, how about we give a team to states that don't even have 1 team!

4 Nashville

The City of Nashville has 2 teams out of the 4 main major Pro-Sports (NFL, NBA, MLB, and NHL) Teams, which are the Tennessee Titans of the National Football League (NFL) and the Nashville Predators of the National Hockey League (NHL). In my opinion, I think that both teams have been pretty average in the last 5 years. Both the Titans and Predators made the playoffs during the 2017-2018 National Football League (NFL) Football Regular Season and the 2017-2018 National Hockey League (NHL) Football Regular Season. The Predators are always very good and make the playoffs almost every time. Nashville has one of the best College Baseball teams in the Vanderbilt Commodores and they give a lot of support to the Titans and Predators. I think that Nashville should also have an NBA team along with an MLB team. The Southern United States should really have at least 5 more teams along with the Atlanta Braves, Miami Marlins, Tampa Bay Rays, Houston Astros and Texas Rangers. I'm sure that there are ...more

Another great, possibly perfect city for BASEBALL. Indianapolis, Las Vegas, Charlotte, Columbus, Portland, and San Antonio are another great cities for an expansion/relocation. The city populations need to upgrade for BASEBALL and downgrade for NFL, like relocating the A's, Rays, White Sox, Indians, Reds, Pirates, or Rangers to this city. Call them Nashville whatever.

We have a great youth development system. How many cities in the US can say they won both cy Young's in the same year? We also have five Fortune 500 companies and two North American headquarters. A loyal fan base just look at the 2017 cup finial and 2018 uniform reveal. It's one of the top tourist destination in the US. We are comparable in size to about ten cities in mlb. We are bigger then five and in the ball park for another five. We are also a fastly growing city.

Nashville really needs a team because people should not have to go all the way to Atlanta or St. Louis for the Cardinals or Braves. I know who Nashville's Inter League rival could be a Memphis team. The Nashville team could be in the American League and the Memphis team could be in the National League. I want this to happen.

5 Montreal Montreal is the most populous municipality in the Canadian province of Quebec and the second-most populous municipality in Canada. Originally called Ville-Marie, it is named after Mount Royal, the triple-peaked hill in the heart of the city. The city is centred on the Island of Montreal, which took more.

The expos need to return. Montreal was a great baseball market even in the expos final years. Attendance for games was high. Zack Hample has a video from 2003 inside montreal's stadium to proove it

Once the Tampa Bay Rays' lease expires for the dump/wasteland/landfill that is their home of Tropicana Field, I think they could move the Rays to Montreal. Montreal seems to be growing again and they need another chance. Tampa fails to fill seats... and did I mention their stadium is terrible?

The Blue Jays have played exhibition games there the past few years and they've sold out every game there. Montreal wants baseball, and if the Rays don't renew their lease with the city of St. Petersburg, they may just get their wish.

Personally, I don't think Tampa deserves an MLB team half as much as Montreal; The Rays are simply a boring team, and Tropicana Field is a dump. By contrast, Montreal is one of the biggest cities in North America. It was the first city I ever visited outside of the U.S., and it's full of character for a new MLB team to arise!

6 Portland, OR Portland is the largest city in the U.S. state of Oregon and the seat of Multnomah County. It is a major port in the Willamette Valley region of the Pacific Northwest, at the confluence of the Willamette and Columbia Rivers.

Most cities with over 400 thousand people in America and Canada should have a BASEBALL team. But definitely Portland should have BASEBALL, just like they have an NBA team, which is called the Trail Blazers. I was thinking of a BASEBALL team to be called the Roses, the Rangers, the Blue Jays, the Rays, or any terrible team can be relocated here.

Portland would be a great rivalry with the Seattle Mariners. The Portland Beavers sounds good.

Another platform for the world to view the weirdness of Portland!

We'd be a great rival to Seattle or SF. Many baseball lovers here with a lot of love to give, but no team to give it to.

7 Salt Lake City

Too many people look at just the Salt Lake metro area. The truth is that the Wasatch front is really just the amalgamation of three good sized metro areas that is MUCH bigger than Denver. Not to mention that Utah boasts 5 of the top 20 fastest growing cities in the nation right now. REAL Salt Lake (Major League Soccer) is one of the best attended and successful sports franchises in the nation. It stands to reason why the Wasatch Front does not have a MLB team. It should be noted that an MLB team in Salt Lake would not have to compete with the NFL for attendance.

The people in Utah need more professional sport teams to root for. The weather is really great during the summer and there are a lot of kids who have, do, or will play baseball at some point in their lifetime.

SLC Metro population is about 2.5 million, they heavily support their Utah Jazz and Real Salt Lake... Warm weather 7 months a year with a picturesque backdrop that puts Denver to shame...

I live in Utah and am a huge baseball fan! I wish we had a pro baseball team.

8 Las Vegas Las Vegas, officially the City of Las Vegas and often known simply as Vegas, is the 28th-most populated city in the United States, the most populated city in the state of Nevada, and the county seat of Clark County.

Are you kidding me? I'm from vegas, we have a triple a team that we can't support. If we can't do that, how will we support a major league team?

The perfect reason to spend a day with the Fam on your weekend bachelor trip!

A majar league team in the gambling capital of the world? I don't think so. It would be like joe jackson every night

This city needs baseball

9 Buffalo Buffalo is the second largest city in the U.S. state of New York and the largest city in Western New York.

There has to be a team in the north east other than boston as there fan base is too big. buffalo is the only other big city far up north that could support a team

Great city great fans

10 Vancouver Vancouver is a coastal seaport city in western Canada, located in the Lower Mainland region of British Columbia.

I would love to have an MLB team in Vancouver. Maybe another one in Portland (OR), for geographical reasons. Then the Astros could go back to the NL Central. The Rangers could move to the AL Central, where they belong, and Vancouver & Portland join the AL West. Then NL West would be:
LA Dodgers, Arizona, San Fran, Colorado & SD. AL West could be Vancouver, Seattle, Portland, Oakland & LA Angels

Lots of Canadian people from Vancouver would like a Vancouver team to put in and to have The vancouver canadians baseball teams play some other time.

Loads of space for a new arena in the downtown core, majority of canadian MLB players are from Vancouver, matches the NHL off-season perfectly!

If there's an MLB team in Toronto, then Canada needs a team in the West of Canada, and both cities can form a rivalry in the American Conference!

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11 San Antonio

7th largest City in the country and only one major sports franchise - ridiculous! San Antonio would be a great baseball city. Voters would have to support a new stadium. Plenty of room to build, but nowhere for a team to play in the interim.

San Antonio I think deserves a team. Some people in San Antonio want to go to games but they probally go to the Texas Rangers or Houston Astros, If the city of San Antonio gets a team, people don't have to worry about going up to Dallas or Houston to see the Rangers or Astros play. People could go to games right there in San Antonio.

The reason why San Antonio needs a team is because people should not have to go to all the way to Dallas or Houston to see the Rangers or Astros play. That way the people in San Antonio that want to a game they can go to games right there in San Antonio. People don't have to worry about going to Dallas or Houston for the Astros or Rangers games.
The San Antonio team should be in the National League because the Rangers and Astros are in the American League

A good size market with a second one 90 minutes away. Too far from Dallas and Houston. The Spurs have always drawn well...plenty of reasons.

12 Louisville

I think that the City of Louisville would be a great fit for not only MLB Baseball, but also NBA Basketball and NFL Football as well (I'm not sure about NHL Hockey or MLS Soccer expanding there) because the State of Kentucky is a big very sports state especially when it comes to college sports (especially college basketball). I think that Louisville is big enough to have the chance to support an MLB Baseball Team. The closest MLB Team to Louisville is the Cincinnati Reds in which Louisville is only 1 hour and 35 minutes from Cincinnati. Louisville would be the best city (#1 city) in my opinion with NO Pro�"Sports Teams to have a chance to support an MLB, NBA, and NFL Team. Louisville Slugger bats are made there, so I don't see how Louisville couldn't support a MLB Team!

There's already a team in the MLB named the Athletics. They're in Oakland, dumbass

Haha you are funny! This city has one you donut

Two teams named the Athletics?

13 Columbus
14 Jacksonville

I've lived in Jacksonville for a long time and it woulb be great!
Daytona Beach, Brunswick, Savannah, Lake City, Valdosta Tallahassee, Gainesville, and possibly Ocala would all come over and have some great competition with the Rays unless they move here and the Braves. I think they should go back to being called the Suns. That would be a large fan base of people and the Jumbo Shrimp have some of the most attendance in all the MiLB and as the most populous city in Florida, it should have an NLB Team especially with the success of the Jaguars

Jacksonville is one of the fastest growing cities in the country, lots of new wealth and income and a die hard Jaguar fanbase among the millenials. The City hosts the World's Largest Cocktail Party and would just need to add seats to the current baseball stadium. Could easily outdraw the St. Pete located Rays.

Just imagine the future two great players leading each other teams! Allen Robinson for the jaguar and let's say Bryce Harper for how about the Jacksonville sentinels!

Jacksonville is the largest city in Florida and only has one pro sports team. Plus there is nothing else around Northeast Florida

15 Albuquerque

I went to an Isotopes game and they sold out. I think they are a great city to host baseball; wouldn't that be the only professional sport in New Mexico?

I think MLB would do very well in Albuquerque. This has always been a great baseball town, and youth baseball is blowing up here

A city that shows that they lobe baseball. could be like a Oklahoma city in the nba

NM needs a bone. The ball will fly out like in Denver due to the high altitude.

16 Orlando

I live in Orlando I think baseball would do great here with all the New Yorkers moving down here it would be a hot bed for Florida baseball tampa fans got a team can't even fill a dome that's dated we could build a new stadium and take their team... major league needs to step in and make it happen

Florida can't even manage to draw fans to the teams they have now. How would you think another team would be good?

Orlando ocelots. There's already a perfect name!

The Rays or Marlins should move here.

17 Oklahoma City

After all that has happened to that city the terrorist bombings. This city would support a team. Look how they support the Thunder in the NBA.

18 Richmond, VA

Not really. If Raleigh got one southern va would have one and northern already has the Nationals

It has the Weather

19 Green Bay

There the best

20 Hartford

It's a small market, but there are proven sports fans thanks to the Whalers. It could give a nice New England rivalry between Boston.

21 Austin, TX

The people in Austin either go to Dallas for the Rangers and Houston for the Astros. Austin is a pretty big city in my opinion. Some good teams for Austin could be the Austin 35ers, Austin Innvoaters. The stadium could get built off of I-35 or be bulit in Round Rock. So when Austin has a team people do not have to all the way to Dallas or Houston for the Rangers or Astros.

If there is a baseball team in Austin or San Antonio, the team deserves to be in the National League Central. I say this due to A, the Rangers and Astros are both in the American League, and B, even in the National League West, there is plenty between the Dodgers, D-Backs and Rockies. And there is not enough excitement as the National League West.

Team should be named the Austin Bats and a stadium could be built in Cedar Park, which is about 10 minutes outside Austin (Clos r then Round Rock) and has about 70,000 people. Cedar Park also supports the Dallas Stars' and San Antonio Spur's minor league teams so a team could do well there.

22 Quebec City
23 Edmonton

Canada needs more than just one baseball team. The blue jays are the only team up there

Les go edmonton

24 Calgary Calgary is a city in the Canadian province of Alberta. It is situated at the confluence of the Bow River and the Elbow River in the south of the province, in an area of foothills and prairie, about 80 km east of the front ranges of the Canadian Rockies.
25 Durham, NC

Durham has no pro-sports at all. They need a MLB Team. This is a perfect city for one. Their Innerleague rival could be Raleigh. There is a lot of open space on Interstate 85 and Interstate 40. Those open spaces would be a great place to build the Stadium. Some good team names could be the Durham 85ers,40ers. I would be really happy if this happened.

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