Eastenders Top 10 Sam Mitchell Storylines

The younger sister of the bad boys phil and grant sam has been through alot over the years she may changed her face but one thing will not stay the same that she will allways make bad mistakes from running away with ricky to get marrid to lapping in a bar to getting involed with murder and running away.

The Top Ten

1 Strip Shame (2002)

You wouldn't expect your mum to be in spin. Well your working. The moment when peggy catches her daughter in a lap danceing club. - Subs1997

2 Elopeing (1991)

Running away with her teen lover ricky butcher of all people"yes that ricky. To aviod her family. - Subs1997

3 Dirty Dens Murder and Her Feud with Chrissie Watts (2005)

Dirty den has pushed people too far now its his time to pay but they didn't mean to kill him the three witches only set out to ruin him, but things went out of hand. Which led to the biggest catfights of the year with hair pulling pushing slapping and slanging matches. Sam dug up dirty den ans sharon and dennis's wedding day to set chrissie out but the plan backfired on her. - Subs1997

4 Love Tringle with Ricky and Binca (1995-1996)

Sam allways cursed trouble between ricky and bianca allways set out to make bianca mad. She did all sorts and got her self into catfights with her. - Subs1997

5 Sams Wrong Choice of Men (1995-2009)

Sam allways wanted a bad boy she went aload men back in the early naughties lets take a her jorney in realationships with other men who allways use her. David Wicks to beppie to Steave Owen who used her to get back at phil. And most most baddest of all evil Treover Morgan yes the Treover who abused Little Mo Slater. Then Ricky Agsin then there was Dennis Rickman And Dirty Den for some time then And Finely she found the one well she thought she found the one is gangster Andy Hunter who used to to Get Contral Of The Mitchell Empaire He Was a nasty pice of work. When sam got conned out the mitchell empaire add realises shes git no money he rips her wedding ring and chucks her out leave sam homeless. Then after sam could not resist the charms of danny moon. But she realises he's bit of s nutt case. Then there was ricky again for third time and had fling with jack branning. - Subs1997

6 Running the Mitchell Empaire (2003-2004)

Sam was left in charge of the mitchell empaire well phil went on the run who was set up with armed robry by den watts. Sam first move was to set the snooker club on fire for an insurance scam but end up takeing angies den with her she got billy mitchell to get it on fire not knowing Vicky Fowler was in there. Then her getting with andy. But one day den watts and her brif marcus chrisste tricked her into selling all the mitchells assets. How ever sam sold everything then was left with nothing. - Subs1997

7 Who's the Daddy (2010)

Sam had a kid with Jack Branning she was ment to put ritchard up for addpotion but things didn't work out to plan how ever sam started strugleing with motherhood she end up leaveing her son with jack in 2016. - Subs1997

8 Sam Hates Other Women (2002-2016)

We have seen the catfights with Biancs Tiffany Chrissie. Sam she allways seems to get attacked by other women but one person who sam dosnt not have a sort spot for is Sharon the way she tried ruining things with her and Tom Banks not and allso Janine Butcher who made comments about each other. And allso Kate Mitchell She was Allways Bitchy to her brothers ex's maybe is the whole sister in law thing. And allso her cousins Ronnie And Roxy - Subs1997

9 Breast Cancer Scare (2002)

In 2002 when sam went for a moddleing job she wanted to hsve breast inplants this was not the time sam believed she had a moodleing caraer. During the best cancer scare thing she felt like she wasnt attractive no more. - Subs1997

10 Topless Photo Shoot/Miss Queen Vic (1992)

Sam believe she had a modleing caraer and wanted to up in the world the photo shoot runined her marrage with ricky. - Subs1997

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