Why I Hate : Stupid Stuff In School

Skullkid755 Okay, today I've decided to do something relate able for many users on here, a rant about exams, stuff that isn't interesting or useful, and bad types of people. Yep, all of this is in one package called school, where we learn stuff we use in life. Yeah, algebra is so useful. Well, now that I'm out of school, teachers can't scream at me for writing this, so I think this is the perfect time to write about stupid stuff in school. Give me a grade too when you comment. Time to rant!

Exams : Do you ever want to sit at a desk for 4 hours answering a bunch of questions like "What is 9 times B?", or "Who is Sally friends with in the end?". Well, unless you're very unique, no! And, why do exams have to determine whether we go to the next grade or not if you already have all A's and B's throughout the year? Exams are basically something to make you bored, stress you out, and want to beat up your teacher without punishment.

Useless Information : Do you use algebra in real life? Unless you are suppose to teach people how to use algebra in real life, then probably not! What about cursive, which nobody uses anymore! How about I translate this post into cursive for you and tell me if you understand it easily? In computer lab, we mainly learn how to type, type, and type. I don't hate computer class, I kind of like it since I like computers, but I was hoping we'd get to learn how to code and design 2D games, or burn to discs, or copy files, or reset passwords Windows Password Reset Disc style. Well, the later after my laptop was locked up for weeks, and guess what, I asked my computer lab teacher how to reset a PC password, and wanna know what her answer was? Guess, guess. Well, she said to remember. Good advice, no!

Teachers : Usually boring, mean, or just lazy. For lazy, they get everything they do from a paper and just talk about stuff during class. For boring, don't allow you to have fun like talking or telling jokes. You can deal with boring teachers though by just drawing in a notebook. And for mean, they scream at you, punish students differently for the same stuff, and sometimes, well, here's something that happened in 6th grade. We had a substitute for art class, and at the time, I went to lunch with my art class. Wanna know what she did the whole time? Guess, guess. If you guessed wrong, then what your answer should have been was, "watch us while we eat up close". In fact, we all hated her. We even requested our official art teacher not to send her here again.

Brats : Bullies : The worst types of people in school, they cause kids to get depressed, cut themselves, and commit suicide. They are either spoiled brats, popular, or just have problems that cause them to take their emotional problems out on others. They should be both punished, and helped. They deserve hate and pity. Well, except for the ones without problems, they deserve just punishment and hate.

So, in conclusion, while school can help you out in life and give you friends, it also gives us bad people and useless information.
So, what do you hate about school most? And what is one thing that keeps you from hating school completely, tell me in the comments section.


I like school but I agree with everything you said. Half the time, they are just talking about the same thing everyday. Most of my teachers I like but they all have something bad about them weather it is boredom of just because they take things to seriously. - visitor

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... - visitor

Guys, am I too late to the meme again? - visitor

No. - RalphBob

... - Elina

What's with the...? - visitor

... (I don't know why people are doing this, but I'm also doing it anyway) - visitor

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... I agree with this post. - Lucy1402

I agree - visitor

I agree with everything here. Good job - Martinglez

I like school, but although most of my teachers are nice, I do agree that substitute teachers suck. Some of them don't know the class subject they are substituting for and just give out boring work for students to do. I hate that! - ModernSpongeBobSucks

I have this substitute teacher who is literally a pedophile. - visitor

I agree with everything you said - Nateawesomeness

Nah bruh, Geometry is what you'll never use in real life. For real, why the hell can't we just use measuring tape? - visitor

Agreed: - RalphBob

We're having a substitute teacher for English until middle of July so we're all going to fail our mock exams probably. - IronSabbathPriest

Hehe grade A
:p I agree - leafstar

Exams: They're just supposed to be assessments in knowing how you're doing with certain skils. The real deal here should be the project and final output, which shows your legitimate performance. This is how it works in my country.

Useless Info: Let every useless info become general knowledge until 10th grade, then specialize afterwards. So at least you have some backup plan if you accidentally picked the specialization you don't really like.

Teachers: I can argue with them for all I care, as long as I have the valid grounds. The real problem here is when the teachers give you unreasonably low grades and is usually done by taking your behavior into consideration which shouldn't even be done that way. That's why my parents argue with teachers, too.

Bullies: I've been physically bullied before. As for the verbal ones, I never take them seriously. Remember, actions above words. And most "bullying cases" are usually overreactions of victims. I never reported any verbal bullying case, only the ones that caused me physical health damage and legit wounds. And still, not a valid reason for suicide. - visitor

I've always hated grading scales. They encourage unwanted competition. - NuMetalManiak

I remember my parents having their own record book of my classmates' scores so they can compare my performance with my other classmates. It was very stressful back in those days. - visitor

The kids here are insanely competitive, so the school cut out rankings, GPA weights, averages, percentiles... Lol, as if that's going to stop kids from comparing themselves anyways. - keycha1n

School is cursed by the curse of the cursed cabbage. That's why it's so torrentially disastrous. - styLIShT

80 percent of the stuff I learn at school is completely useless - TwilightKitsune

True. Most of the stuff you learn you wouldn't use, - Oliveleaf

I agree - jbella9000

Exams are meant to test wheter you fully obtained the information taught in the class. An "a" grade on a report card won't just settle that
Algebra is a basic skill and there are situations in real life involving something onvolving algebra.
Most teachers are pretty good, the point is to be taught
Couldn't agree more on bullies - ProPanda

The teacher I had subbing for my homeroom teacher gone for personal issues (respectable) tought us jack. All she did was tell us to stop talking and hammered a study guide in our faces for a test that you would only not get a 100 on if you were mentally retarded or just straight up didn't pay attention. Whenever I'd get something wrong, she'd actively AVOID telling me how I got it wrong or how she's right. Scum.

This was the last day she's gonna be here, so hallelujah, now I have no teachers I dislike! - WonkeyDude98

Exams just test memory, not your understanding of the subject - visitor

I went to school in the 1980s and 90s and I had no IT and computers in my childhood, and that must sound like horror to your generation lols - visitor