Worst Things to Happen On the Day of Your Final Exam

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1 You wake up late

Trust me that's The Worst thing ever it happened to me several times, every year I must be late for one of my exams, why is this the worst of them? Crystal clear because You Don't Get Enough time To Get the Highest Score in the exam.

2 You get sick

If You Get Sick, You screw up Everything, especially if you get a flu, Fever, Catch Cold, Headache, High Temprature, because after all Your Brain Doesn't Function Well. This Happened To Me This year on the day OF the Geography Exam, I Felt the symptoms the night before the exam in which I had Been Studying Abnormally Hard, The Day Of the Exam I found that I Had Forgotten A lot Of things Because Geography IS All About Memory, You Get To Memorize Names of mountains, Rivers, Islands... Etc but memory get completely screwed up If You're Sick

I got a horrendous stomach ache in one of my AS Physics exams. I'll never forget that hour and a half that felt like a day...I was sure I was screwing the whole thing up, but God must have been on my side when I ended up with a B on it.

3 You realize there's a part of the course you haven't studied

Oh Gosh That Would Kill me, I Mean that Would not be fair if I had studied so Hard Most the course and Made Myself To Get A full mark And the exam Included content From this part I never studied. I Would Probably Use Some Cheating In that case :P

Like I have to read Chapter 15 in my Filipino book but it doesn't appear in my test paper and instead Chapter 12 which I may haven't discussed in school.

When my mother did her Biology A-Level, she only realised she had been taught the wrong board until she was sitting the exam. It was OK in the end, as she received an A.

4 You forget all the information

Happens rarely to me in uni exams (I study Chemistry on Master by the way). Mostly in subjects that are very "dry" and theoretical, with many mathematical formulas, I tend to get the so-called "black out", right when the paper appears in front of me. You can imagine how the exam goes from then... 😖

That annoys me a lot!

Even if we study, we get anxious and puzzled after seeing the paper

5 You get caught cheating

I've somehow never got caught cheating on any of my tests and I've been doing this since I was in 7th grade.

That May BE The Worst Of them Because your exam may get cancelled, I Got Caught Several Times And the principal Just Called My Dad

6 You forget to fill the car with gas
7 You fail
8 People keep asking you to cheat them up
9 You forgot to study
10 Your smartphone/laptop gets broken
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11 You forget to submit the paper

That may happen, if you are too fast on leaving the room after an exam. Time is up and you didn't write your name on every sheet you've written on (this is a rule in my university). Or even better: packing your things after an exam, and - in the haste of things - putting the exam paper in your bag as well. And then, you're on your way home and suddenly: "Oh, did I hand in my paper?", followed by opening your bag in panic, just to find your exam papers inside it... - that would be embarrassing! 😖

At university, that should be no problem. The professors want you to sign your name on every page of the paper and go around the room while you're writing the exam. That makes sure, that every participant submits his paper when time is up.

That probable the worst I remember that I was going to get 19/20 but I forgot my name.
Damn I put my so valuable time on studing but now...
I wish I just have learnt to write my name.

It happened to me

12 You don't finish the exam
13 You slacked off the entire time
14 You have a surprise doctor appointment that can't be cancelled

This could also be applied to dentist and orthodontist appointments.

15 A new mean teacher comes because your favourite one has left just on that day
16 You run out of time on the final exam
17 Someone else takes credit for your work
18 You are forced to sit and do nothing after you finish
19 You can't go because of a last minute sports meeting that you can't skip
20 You get to school late

It's so annoying

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