Top Ten Most Awkward Things That Happen at School

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1 Teacher makes a joke and no-one laughs

Well t my school we always laugh at her jokes. She's funny. But she's old.

I was the only one who smirked at my math teacher's joke.

Admit it, you have one teacher that's like that.

It happens every day in my class..

2 Person is giving answer to question and mistakely reads out the stupid sex joke his friend wrote on his book
3 A dude is talking and another dude spits a spitball which lands in his throat

This happened to me once, but it was an m and m instead.

What if he choked

4 Person gets up and their pants falls down

Id start laughing! Especially if E did it. He's so funny!

That happened to me in first grade the whole class was laughing at me I will never forget

5 Student expresses feelings for crush in front of class

I've done this in third grade. It wasn't just a silly thing. It was really complicated. I held it in, but then it just started to pour out of me. I still regret doing such a most awkward thing. Besides, who would like me anyway?

That shows you are deeply in love and you're brave.

Third Grade... even my teacher knew.

I know right! This sorta kinda happened to someone I know Earliaer this year

6 Girl gives air kisses to her friend on the cheek, friend mistakely turns and they lock lips

I nearly did this once! Except instead of air kisses, I was talking to my friend and the guy isn't watching where he was going and we both fell down and our lips like brushed against each other! It was weird!

I've never seen anyone do this.

7 Person talks about a creepy teacher, teacher is standing behind them

In high school my friends and I started a student council where we complained about how cruel and unfair that our special ed teacher was treating us. During a meeting at lunch we were talking about it and then our teacher suddenly appeared out of nowhere and approached us.

One of my middle school teachers was very nosy and inappropriate. She would always sneak up behind me and look at my computer screen and also would spy on my conversations with my friends

That happened to me in fourth grade. I was sent to the principal's office.

That's why you check your surroundings before talking about teachers.

8 Student makes joke about teacher and teacher eventually finds out

Same with my fried

9 Getting a hanging wedgie on the flagpole the day you wore your frilly pink granny panties in front of everyone
10 Student pees pants

It happened to me in kindergarten, in the cafeteria.

This happened in kindergarten a lot but the teachers wouldn't let me go or that I didn't want to get in trouble for going without the teacher knowing (though the assistant was ok with those two who went, though the teacher found out and got them in trouble), like that time the music teacher came and the bathroom was 10 feet away and she wouldn't let me use it so I peed all on the floor and got away with it.

Happened twice in first grade. I really hope no one remembers that

Why would you tell that to everyone?

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11 Getting put into the wrong classroom because you are tall and look old
12 Person smiles at crush just to get hit by their best friend behind him

Maybe he wants sense

13 Student slobbers all over desk during a nap after a test

It almost got bad. So it was on the day of STAAR and I had just finished,I was so tired. I fell asleep but I noticed I was slobbering. It happens people. At least people didn't see me.

14 Teacher announces to class students that got an F on the test

I'm the only one that got a 100 on the grammar test.

This happened to me once, it was awful!

15 Student does dumb thing in practical test and awkwardly covers it

What the heck!? Anyone would always cover their test. Nobody except you and your teacher should look at your test any way.

I do that a lot.

My friend set his hair on fire in science no one was hurt and on the end o was laughing

16 Teacher finds out about secret crush and tells the class

This has happened to me in third and fifth grade. I went CRAZY! I neglected my homework, didn't talk to anyone, and spent hours cursing to myself in the closet.

My friend has had this happen to her. That's all she talks about now, because it happened recently. It's hard listening to it all, but I take it.

My social studies teacher did this to me once. But he also does it to everyone. He's one of those joking type teachers.

My teacher does this to everyone! She has no sense of privacy!

17 Person's friend gets excited and slaps them hard on the face
18 Person messes their face with food and crush laughs hard at them

That's just sad, man..

19 Student gets stuffed in locker
20 Having to poop at school

Another reason why I don't use the restroom at school, I have never pooped at school since 2nd.

It's horrible, especially if the teacher won't let you go...

Oh my god that is the most awkward thing ever to hold in.

Trust me, it's hell.

21 Walks backwards and trips over some kid's shoe and lands on their crush
22 Teacher mistakenly changes smartboard background to porn

I nearly laughed my ace of, but this actually happened with my 2nd grade teacher, apparently she likes em big&black.

That would be interesting... !

23 Student's shirt gets caught on desk and tears off

One time I was wearing a kimono in the school hallway and a kid shoved me against a locker. My kimono got torn :(

24 Getting yelled at by the teacher in front of the whole class

This happened to me in college once. I cried for the remainder of the class and for nearly 6-7 hours after class I was still massively traumatized by it.

This happened to me in the 5th grade, and I actually started crying. I've hated her since.

That happen to me when I was in six grade except It happen on stage at the winter concert rehearsal

25 When you accidentally call your teacher Mom.

Happened to me once it was so embarrassing but funny at the same time

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