Top 10 Worst Websites Schools Use

This is a list of the absolute worst educational websites that schools make students use. Feel free to add any school websites you hate.
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1 i-Ready

I ready is the #1 WORST website in the world to me. I think schools should take bake their money and tell I ready to go and find a pit to sit in forever. and that's from a 6th grader.

I-Ready is the WORST of them all. Even worse is the fact that my 8th grade math teacher made the class do I-Ready for 2 hours per week in addition to MobyMax for an additional 1 hour plus assigning us physical homework on paper all 5 days of the week (this was the 2019 - 2020 school year for those wondering). As if going to school wasn't already physically and mentally draining enough. Also, I hate how it makes you repeat lessons even if you learn nothing from repeating it.

I have to use I ready and it sucks, it is the worst site for schools to use, so many issues for this site.

The questions are stressful and the diagnostic is too long.

2 MobyMax

I had to do MobyMax for an hour per week from August 2019 - June 2020 when I was only 13 and in the 8th grade, and boy did I hate it. The website is lame and is only slightly better than stupid I-Ready.

3 XtraMath

Put me under so much pressure! The photos of the teacher was also very distracting. This website made me and probably other people pretty mad.

I had to do XtraMath back in 4th grade (2015 - 2016 school year) and I always hated the "race the teacher" thing that would always stress me out as I was terrible at math.

I get upset because I only got about 2 seconds to solve. though, that guy on it is pretty creepy...

4 Achieve3000

I will never forget when my 7th grade history teacher assigned the class homework on Achieve 3000 for Thanksgiving Break 2018, Christmas Break 2018 - 19, and Spring Break 2019. I hope I don't get her again next year, because she now teaches at my current high school for 11th grade history and I'm already in the 10th grade. She's that one teacher who assigns homework over the break.

5 Apex Learning

I had to use this website last year in 9th grade, and it sucked. At least my teacher didn't actually make sure we did the assignments and based our grades on the scores we got. This meant that I didn't have to do any work for months on end after I did chapter 2 and got an 80% score overall.

So boring as heck.

Very bad site

6 GoGuardian

It's not really a website, but I added this anyways because it's spyware that some schools (like mine) install on the computers, and it basically blocks most websites (including ones that actually are appropriate for school) and it spies on you even when you're in your own home. Whoever created this extension deserves to rot in hell someday.

The blocking is annoying like the spying some teachers forgot to turn off the site checking.

7 Achieve3000 Math

My geometry teacher makes the class use this and it sucks.

8 Illuminate Education

My elementary school made us do boring tests on this website.

9 IXL Math

I'm supposed to be doing it now but it's so depressing, my mom is wondering why I don't want to study, It is because of how stressful and annoying it is. Oh and I have to use it 1 hour a day everyday, I use this because I have a tuition that put me up (by the way my mom is forcing me to do Ixl) lucky you and your parents didn't know this website if they do say bye to your fun life, Bye.

It is the worst website that I have ever seen!
I don't recommend it!
I put me in doom!
I would rather throw this website into the trash can!

Don't even get me started on this. IXL Math is the worst! It doesn't teach kids anything and just lowers confidence.

I have never seen worst websites like these they all need to be shut down I hate them so much


If you don't know what this is, it's basically the state testing website for California students.

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11 IXL

Worst thing ever. The smart score is rigged, and lots of kids have had break downs because of this(including me). Plus, it costs lots of money which is pointless.

The worst educational extension known to mankind.

12 McGraw Hill

The website won't let you log in and it has online textbooks that your teachers don't even make you use once, so it's pretty pointless.

I hate this one so much

13 Big Ideas Math

It's trash. There are spelling errors everywhere, the math can be wrong, and worst of all, it came from a book, so a lot of the text from the book gets cut off. I remember one time the instructions in the website said "In exercises 13-1" It got cut off! It was ridiculously dumb.

14 Blocksi

The staff members of my school use this stupid website to block basically ANYTHING video-game-related. The only exceptions I've found are most Wikia Fandom pages, and a website called Yandex Games. Everything on Youtube relating to video games is blocked.

15 Raz-Kids

The books weren't exciting and the quizzes were very annoying. Didn't teach me anything.

16 BrainPOP

The videos don't make much sense and the quizzes are very off-topic. You really need to listen to pass these assignments.

17 DeltaMath
18 DreamBox Learning
19 Reading Plus
20 Reflex Math

Reflex Math puts me under so much pressure! Don't even get me started on Coach Penny. She waste's time and puts pressure on kids. The games are fun but they don't give enough time.

21 LanSchool

Some schools use this to torture students during class.

23 Spelling City
24 Cool Math Games
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