Best ELO (Electric Light Orchestra) Albums

The Top Ten

1 Out of the Blue Out of the Blue Product Image

Two of the greatest songs of all time on here- my favorite, Mr. Blue Sky, and Turn to Stone.

2 Time Time Product Image

"Twilight" is the epitome of everything great about the 80s.

One of the greatest albums of all time- definitely their best

"Time" is the absolute No. 1 - Don't use random play!

3 A New World Record A New World Record Product Image

It is hard to choose one of ELO albums as the best; since all of them are so good. But I guess this is it.

Just has the best songs on it

4 Face the Music Face the Music Product Image

A big draw to this album is the fantastic use of strings, and the variety of songs of different tones. A fantastic album, and my personal favorite.

5 Eldorado Eldorado Product Image

Very impressive album. - Ninjaturtlesforpresident

6 Secret Messages Secret Messages Product Image
7 Discovery Discovery Product Image
8 On the Third Day On the Third Day Product Image
9 ELO 2 ELO 2 Product Image
10 Alone in the Universe - Jeff Lynne's Elo Alone in the Universe - Jeff Lynne's Elo Product Image

The Contenders

11 No Answer No Answer Product Image
12 Zoom Zoom Product Image
13 Electric Light Orchestra Live Electric Light Orchestra Live Product Image
14 Balance of Power Balance of Power Product Image
15 The Electric Light Orchestra
16 Xanadu Xanadu Product Image
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