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21 You are My Life You are My Life

This song is actually more happy to me, but yeah, so touching.

22 Liberian Girl

Every time this song comes up on my headphones the world stops moving. It just makes me lose myself in the music...sensational.

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23 Fly Away Fly Away

A simple track, yet so powerful! I like the free spirit that encourages and how relaxed it makes me feel

24 Someone Put Your Hand Out Someone Put Your Hand Out

this is one of the most beautiful songs... but I wish it is known more, it's Included on Michael's box-set "THE ULTIMATE COLLECTION" released in 2004 with many other new songs.
Michael's singing in it is amazing... HE IS THE KING OF MUSIC.

"I'm just needing that someone to save me now from the path I'm on" Very emotional

25 Butterflies Butterflies

This is an amazing song. His voice is truly brilliant and no other artist will ever have a fraction of his talent. I listen to this sing everyday without fail. 'All ya got ta do' is so hot.

Wonderful & Beautiful, And Emotional. It should be higher than 104! (At the Best Michael Jackson Songs) - gyungmin

The vocals to this song literally make me cry every single time

His best vocal performance! This is my jam, man! Miss MJ every single day!

26 Little Susie Little Susie

This is definitely one of the most sad songs I've ever heard, and not just from Michael, but from any artist.

27 Remember the Time Remember the Time
28 Speechless Speechless

The best song ever written to God, Don't listen to it if you are too emotional

It's so simple and beautiful! I love it...

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29 We've Had Enough We've Had Enough

When you cry every time you listen to it... You know it's something - smile4-life

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30 One Day In Your Life One Day In Your Life

When I hear this song, I miss MJ so much...

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31 Dangerous Dangerous
32 Cry Cry

This song from the Invincible album is way too underrated and powerful emotional ballad.

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33 Speed Demon Speed Demon
34 Give In to Me Give In to Me


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35 Song Groove (a.k.a. Abortion Papers) Song Groove (a.k.a. Abortion Papers)
36 Tabloid Junkie Tabloid Junkie

This song need to be heard more!
All of Michael Jackson songs need to be heard more!

37 The Girl is Mine The Girl is Mine
38 Whatever Happens Whatever Happens
39 Morphine Morphine

I think this is his most emotional song because it may start out rough and a type of rock, but he's singing about drugs - due to his addiction, and the song gets really emotional in the middle (exactly 2:47 - 4:07) and it usually makes me either cry, or be sad for the next 10 minutes or so. Also, not many people have heard it, so go listen to it now before you vote on spotify or youtube or something.

40 Leave Me Alone Leave Me Alone

I love how this was Michael was of responding to toes tabloids. Instead of getting mad and suing, Michael wrote "Leave me alone" as his for of retaliation. I think this song even won an award. You go Michael!

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