Top Ten Most Emotional Video Games Scenes

There are video games scenes that make us hype,crazy,and happy.But there are some sad ones that will make you cry

The Top Ten

1 Sarah Dies - The Last of Us
2 John Marston's Death - Red Dead Redemption
3 Lee Dies - The Walking Dead
4 Farewell, Aggro - Shadow of The Colossus
5 The Death of Toroko - Cave Story
6 Fighting the Boss - Metal Gear Solid 3
7 Chloe Digging Up Dead Rachel - Life Is Strange
8 Claus' Death - Mother 3
9 Final Battle Against Asriel - Undertale
10 Chloe Gets Shot and Max Gets Drugged - Life Is Strange

The Contenders

11 Aerith's Death - Final Fantasy VII

The thing about this scene was, although I knew it was going to happen the first time I played it, when I got to the City of the Ancients, I didn't want to continue at that point. I knew it was coming. When I saw her praying, I seriously didn't want to watch the next scene. I had out so much of my time into falling in love with and leveling up Aerith, and it was all a waste. When a game makes you feel that, you know it's emotional. - EGBrett

12 Walking Through Asgore's House - Undertale
13 True Pacifist Ending - Undertale
14 Sans' Death - Undertale
15 Metal Gear Rex Fight - Metal Gear Solid
16 George and Cindy - Resident Evil Outbreak
17 Vic's Death Letter - NBA 2K16

Ik you might disagree with me but this scene got me in the feels - Alxg_mez

18 The Storybook - Super Mario Galaxy

This one always gets me emotional in chapter 7, when child Rosalina starts remembering her mother (who she said she saw ''sleeping'' under the tree, a hint that Rosalina's mother is dead and burried under the tree) and gets sad... VERY SAD, she starts crying, and when the usually quite cheery and hopeful music changes to a sad tone, well I just start getting tears in my own eyes (well almost)! But in the end, Rosalina realizes that she's with her true family - the Lumas! Another emotional moment from a Mario Game is in Super Mario Sunshine, when after Mario finally defeats Bowser in the final boss battle, everyone (Mario, Peach, Bowser, and Bowser Jr.) fall from Bowser's sky hot tub! Here's the sad part: when Mario and Peach land, F.L.U.D.D. (a water spraying robot that Mario uses to clean-up Isle Delfino) is broken and dying (he has a personality, you know). So sad... but fortunately, since he's a robot, the Toads fixed him, and Mario and Peach enjoyed the rest of their vacation! I ...more

19 Bench Friends - Super Mario Odyssey
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