Top 10 Most Epic Metallica Songs

These aren't necessarily the best Metallica songs but are definitely the top 10 most epic.

The Top Ten

1 One One

you listen to this song a 100 times and still you will like it. it is really an epic. no wonder it is voted as the 5th best song of all time on this site by the people. long-live MetallicA and heavy metal.

EPIC SONG! That's all I can say about it, but this dumb thing makes me type more. It is an absolutely amazing song, with very good melody and vocals and meaning. Awesome song!


Thank god I grew up with this music.

Long live Metallica.

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2 Master of Puppets Master of Puppets

This song has it all. Its heavy, its catchy(the lyrics and the riffs), a great middle melodic part, and most of all its epic! Its not the most epic song but its probally Metallica's best song
Most Epic part(6:10-to the end)actually pretty much everything. - Clancy

this song is the best metal song... it describes what metal is in 8 minutes..

How could it be no.2 I should be 1 it has such rock in the start and peaceful in middle and rock again

Beatcspng ever

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3 Orion Orion

Most epic song Metallica wrote in my opinion... Cliffs bass is a real standout in this masterpiece

Best instrumental ever period.

4 Fade to Black Fade to Black

Not my favorite Metallica song, but the last few minutes of it are probably their most "epic". The guitar harmony that backs up the solo is absolutely brilliant and one of the most underrated riffs of all time.

Metallica's older songs are much better than what they brought out after their Master of Puppets album, with songs like: Fade to Black, For Whom the Bell Tolls, Creeping Death, Seek & Destroy and many others

even though 'one' shares the theme of fading to death, this song has more lyrics describing death.. and this song was written when james was younger - mushthaqshaji

There's nothing out there comparable to Fade to Black's guitar intro. Period.

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5 The Four Horsemen The Four Horsemen

This is definitely a fantastic song! It's one of my favorites on Kill 'em all:);) and I agree this song is EPIC!

The Four Horsemen was Metallica's first work of art, given Mustaine created it. If I had to pick the 'face' track of every album, The Four Horsemen would be the epic of Kill 'Em All, just as Master of Puppets is to it's album.

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6 The Outlaw Torn The Outlaw Torn

Very Long song but Epic.
Most Epic Part(6:55-7:35) - Clancy

7 Suicide & Redemption Suicide & Redemption
8 Ride the Lightning Ride the Lightning

this is the most epic song ever. more epic than any of iron maidens songs or slayers or acdc or especially megadeth. metallica is definitely more epic, talented, and overall better than any band of today.


Fade to black shouldn't be on this list. Its not the most epic, but the most DEEPEST AND EMOTIONAL song in history, no doubt - uZi91

Right from the start, the grabs you by the throat and never lets go, and of course, its epic.
Most Epic Part(3:35-4:25) - Clancy

the intro, the solo is epic right from the start and live is even more awesome

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9 For Whom the Bell Tolls For Whom the Bell Tolls

Seriously epic, shredding on the guitars, powerful yet simple drums, screaming vocals. The bell in the beginning is a nice addition.

One does not simply think One is better than For Whom The Bell Tolls. Best song ever!

The best opening for any song ever
Most Epic part(The whole damn song) - Clancy

That bass intro though

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10 To Live Is to Die To Live Is to Die

The most epic Metallica song!

9 minutes long, so many different things in the song, so incredibly melodic and also heavy at the same time, and also a fitting tribute for Cliff Burton...

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? Mercyful Fate Mercyful Fate
? ... and Justice for All ... and Justice for All

AND... The Justice For Music

No way, AJFA is the best!

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11 Battery Battery

Battery amazingly builds up intensity, and then follows it with even more intense, explosive, outrageous arrangement. It's Blackened's brazen twin.

The best opening for any song ever
Most Epic part(The beginning to 1:20) - Clancy

0:38... This very moment on the track when the entire band explodes into insanity and metal. This moment is like a drug. It's so epic. It's one of those moments where you have to listen to it again and again and again.

12 Enter Sandman Enter Sandman
13 Astronomy Astronomy
14 The Unforgiven III The Unforgiven III

Epic piano intro, Holy solo!!!! Violins in the background... can it get any more epic!

This Song should not be on the top ten! What!

15 All Nightmare Long All Nightmare Long

Heard this on guitar hero first. Intro: not too bad, sounds cool I guess. Riff starts: I drop the controller in shock.

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16 Nothing Else Matters Nothing Else Matters

When I feel bad, sad or depressed, I listen this song and my problems disappears

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17 The Unforgiven The Unforgiven V 1 Comment
18 Creeping Death Creeping Death

how is this not even on the list? awesome song - MAIDEN4LIFE

19 The Call of Ktulu The Call of Ktulu

THE BEST METLLICA SOLO IS IN THIS SONg also parts of this songs were written by Dave from Megadeth - rockisgood132

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20 Bleeding Me Bleeding Me

This song has a cool part at the...
Most Epic Part(The near silence beginning at 7:15-7-:35. A simalar style song to "The Outlaw Torn". - Clancy

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