Top 10 "Ethical Hackers" of India

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201 Master Hacker
202 Sachin Verma
203 Sidlove
204 Mithai Wali Dukaan
205 Cyberd
206 Aditya Hajela

He's really the great mind in the field of IT security Thinker & Idealist. Lack of sources he is struggling but I know he will definitely make it large.

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207 Tanoy Bose
208 Surendra Dhaka
209 Samron Sushant

He started Hacking at the age of 15.
He first created an aimbot cheat and wall hack cheat for his favorite game CS 1.6.
Later he started to hack into websites and defacing it.
He is good at social engineering.
Now he is very much working on Backtrack and Kali Linux.

210 Vichumon
211 Chetan Patil
212 Vijay Kumar
213 Rahul Gupta

Best Hacker... Best in WiFi Hack

214 Shailabh Singh

Hack me if you can

215 Vivek Dogra
216 Manu Zacharia

He one of the best Indian hacker

He is a good hacker and teachet


217 Rohit Srivastwa V 2 Comments
218 Pavan
219 Chaitanya

Age 21
Best Real skilled hack3r
Good at Wi-Fi hack
Good at Security
E-mail id Hack
Computer hack
E.T. C
He helps many people in hacking

Hey I am Sumit Patel... I am teaching to you hacking support you please help me

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220 Vidit Baxi V 1 Comment
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