Top 10 "Ethical Hackers" of India

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121 Ayush Raniwala

He has conquered quite a lot for a 16-17 year old, one of the top hackers in social engineering, downloaded his application and was highly impressed by his work

Can't believe he is 189 suberb hacker I heard he once debugged a virus at age of 14

Nice work just tried the word list made by him

A young kid, who started from scratch and has made it to the top overcoming all social-barriers along his way.

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122 Aaditya Purani (in73ct0r D3vil)

I have Worked with Him Before, he has amazing Grasping power and Knowledge. His expertise in the field of Web application security is immense. He is actually far better than the rest of these Hackers.

Currently, the best one. With good white hat skills and good knowledge.

I have worked with him before, He is passionate, Energetic and confident about his work. He is one of the finest White Hat Hacker who started his journey from India and now he plays with World's Number 1 CTF Team. Obviously, he should be rated much higher than this

He doesn't even deserves to be in this list lol. He knows much more than all of peeps listed here. Respect

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123 Aravind

A typical boy who is interested in technology entered into the field of hackers as A beginner.. He later hacked 100s of websites also defaced them.. Is a growing hacker of Tamilnadu..

124 JK Hackers
125 Abir Atarthy

Extremely talented.. Silently he works.
Have very good vision on upcoming Hacking trends.. Awesome workshop I attended from him...

126 Kelvin Christian
127 Kunal Parmar

Top Ethical Grey Hat Hacker Very Much Motivational And Inspirational To Upcoming Age Of Information Security Area

Very Great sir of the decade No One can beat him

Very best sir of all time - Aronstk15

128 The Destroyer

He helps me a lot on setting up various Prv8 exploit Kit

He help a lot for the begginers in the cyber field

He is a good box pawner.
Master in Reverse Er./Cracking.
Hellps many peoples in learning & stuffs.

129 Hardeep Singh

My inspiration and nice guy in linux security

130 Hunny Hkr

Nice guy and great hacking skill. really impressive,

131 Aryan Ranjith
132 Prabh Nair

He consist great knowledge on Backtrack upcoming best ethical hacker

He is a geek for sure. What I know about him is that he knows inside/outside of information security domain. No doubt he has expertise over some popoular and well known tools, but he also knows the background processing of these tools, which is a good stand for him.

"I was planning for my ECSA/LPT in Phoenix, maryland, USA thinking that
Training would be better there but missed with it got depressed but at
KOENIG I was delivered BEST than USA.

Prabhakaran Sir has given me the real Strengh tools for using them in
Real time. He managed training environment in a fabulous way. I am
Fortunate to have a GURU like my Sir.


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133 Vishal Malik

Amazing knowledge goods hands on web penetration testing

Vishal Malik is best hacker, Age 17 Years

134 Lalit Meena

Helped me twice and started hacking at 15 only

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135 Shorty420

Best Defacer of India

I think best defacer

Going to die soon

up up

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136 Dixit V 2 Comments
137 Vivek Gurung

Nice and a young guys having great knowledge of Cyber World. Very much helpful to other, don't have attitude like others.

138 Rahul Maini

He is god for those who are eager to learn about application security! Kind genuine and high skilled person. - Testbybob

He is god for those who are eager to learn about application security.

Gawd Maini

139 Aditya Hajela

He's really the great mind in the field of IT security Thinker & Idealist. Lack of sources he is struggling but I know he will definitely make it large.

Keep up the good work...
Once a soldier always a soldier.

You r so cute bby


140 Mohit Gupta
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