Top 10 "Ethical Hackers" of India

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161 Ajai Singh
162 Vaibhav Gupta
163 Yuvraj Kumar
164 Prototype
165 SunnyRockzzs
166 Aditya Hajela

He's really the great mind in the field of IT security Thinker & Idealist. Lack of sources he is struggling but I know he will definitely make it large.

Keep up the good work...
Once a soldier always a soldier.

You r so cute bby


167 Anurag Dwivedi
168 Sunil Pratap Singh

Good in Social Reverse Engineering and finding Bugs in Webs

Good in white hat

169 Pavan
170 Yash Kedia

Best school hacker

PAper leaker

171 Mr. Dharmendra Nalawade, Thane

Smart Personality with smart Tricks...

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172 Haxor T0du (Sujit)

Good one, defaced pak government portal

173 Mukesh Dhama
174 Tapan Jha

Kindly Type the Name of Tapan Jha Cyber Security Expert and see the results. Update your List it is a wrong one

He Deserve to be on 10 Top Ethical Hacker Position. Kindly Update your List with the Ranking.

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175 Nitin Pandey

A well matured Ethical Hacker, with hands on experience in hacking. He was so much active in hacking in between 2010 to 2013 but suddenly left it all. Currently working with govn of uttar pradesh.

176 Kishan Sharma

One of the Great Indian Hacker with a excellent hacking knowledge

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177 Vivek Gupta

A young hacker of 17, An old black hat turned into white hat hacked. Hacked many Pakistani and Bangladeshi websites till date and also is a penetration testion reporting bugs. - bookworm

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178 Badempet Pavan

I had seen that he is a hacker since he was 11 year old boy its great

He is in 8th class but hacks awesome
Its amazing hacking of everthing

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179 Shritam Bhowmick

Very Very genius man. Outstanding haxor performance. Best Hacker from India.

180 San Sonkar

Good experience

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