Top 10 Evidences Black Sabbath Didn't Invent Heavy Metal

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1 Tony Iommi, Black Sabbath's guitarist, didn't like to be called 'Heavy Metal' in the 70s. Tony Iommi considered their music as 'Heavy Rock' and not 'Heavy Metal.'

It was Deep Purple who created metal. - Userguy44

In a metal documentary Tony Iommi described Black Sabbath's music of the 70s as Heavy Blues Rock. I think this is correct for most of their songs of the 70s. In the 80s they started playing metal with Dio. - Metal_Treasure

It wasn't just Iommi, all original Members didn't like the name 'Heavy Metal'. - waldo

2 Black Sabbath wasn't the heaviest band when they made their debut.
3 Most famous metal bands didn't even try to play like Black Sabbath.
4 Black Sabbath discovered their real metal sound in the 80s with Dio, when most metal bands were already influenced by other bands which were heavier.

I would agree with this. And Black Sabbath with Dio sounded like a version of the 70s Rainbow. - Metal_Treasure

5 Black Sabbath's members only had very little influence on other bands.
6 That Black Sabbath has dark lyrics, doesn't mean it's metal. Literature is different from sound.
7 Most metal bands are influenced by Deep Purple, which started earlier than Black Sabbath.

Yup. Deep Purple started it all. God bless Ritchie Blackmore. - Userguy44

8 That Black Sabbath invented Doom Metal, doesn't mean they contributed a lot to Metal. Doom Metal is only a very minor subgenre of Heavy Metal.

Yup. This list is so true. - Userguy44

9 Most bands influenced by Black Sabbath are Doom Metal, and Doom Metal is only a minor subgenre of Heavy Metal.
10 Stone Cold Crazy by Queen was much heavier than most black sabbath songs, and Stone Cold Crazy was released in 1974 while Symptom Of The Universe, one of black sabbath's heaviest songs, was released in 1975 and still less heavy than Stone Cold Crazy.

Stone Cold Crazy was actually a trash metal song. This list is about heavy metal not trash metal. You should know that. - Userguy44

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