Top 10 Best CrossFit Gyms In the US

CrossFit in its current form began in 2000. Since then, it has grown and grown with no end in sight. In 2005 there were just 13 CrossFit affiliated gyms. Now there are over 7,000. In fact, opening a CrossFit gym is a potentially sound business venture considering that you have a 98% chance of success when you open one.

With the number of participants growing day by day, and the number of gyms (or "boxes" as they are called in the CrossFit world) also increasing, you might find yourself in a situation where you can pick and choose which gym to workout in. In fact, in some towns there is a question of oversaturation, causing gyms to compete with each other for clients.

Below is a list of the top ten CrossFit boxes, or gyms, in the United States. This list is based on quality of training, variety of equipment and services, and the overall culture of the members. The format is the name of the gym, then the city, state it is located in. Be sure to say why the gym is the best...
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1 Outlaw CrossFit - Alexandria, Virginia

I've been going to NW CrossFit for almost 2 years. The progress I have made is simply amazing! When I first started I could barely do a push up, let alone a renegade row. Now I'm easily doing renegade rows with 20# Barbells! At 50+ years of age I am in the best shape of my life! The community aspect is awesome! Everyone is very encouraging and supportive and the coaches are oustanding!

Challenged every day in a new way. This place changed the way I workout for life. I haven't gone to this gym for almost 2 yrs because of a move but I still follow their weekly blog that's published and still feel connected to the Outlaw family there. The lifting emphasis is key and makes such a difference in overall health.

2 810 CrossFit - Grand Blanc, Michigan

The coaches at 810 are world class. They have also consistently placed coaches and members into the Crossfit Regionals. JOe and Liz are exceptional people, focusing programming on elite fitness but doing so with a flexibility to allow newcomers and those who are not "crossfit games" level to really improve their strength and conditioning. As a testament, there are more than a few members who drive up to an hour to work out with there. The community at 810 is fantastic that rolls over into everyday life where many members organize socially with each other too.

3 Windy City CrossFit - Chicago, Illinois

This gym offers a unique Athlete's Development program designed to help you prep for competitions like the CrossFit Games. Hosting 80 classes each week, they also make an effort to profile their individual members on their website to help motivate you to get your gains. Lots of space and lots to do.

The box has a great energy and so many classes. Regular WODs, Oly, strength and condition classes. The offer speciality traing training traxs. One the most popular traxs is a woman fitness. The coaches are all awesome, various styles and all engaging. It's huge!

4 I Am CrossFit - Miami, Florida

Upper keys location is so friendly with a great community and so much support from everyone not just the coaches. However Melissa, Jonathan and Ryan are the best. But all the I am Crossfit locations deserve a round of applause! Open 7 days a week and everybody is welcome and feels welcomed the minute they walk in the door!

I love the Upper Keys CrossFit. The coaches (Ryan, Melissa and Elves) are excellent at teaching and motivating. Everyone roots for each other, and there is a feeling of closeness between all members and coaches. It is a difficult workout, but I love it, and that is why I am there 5 days a week.

5 Northwest CrossFit - Seattle, Washington

With four locations and many, many members, it would be easy to lose the sense of community that draws people into CrossFit and keeps them coming back. The coaches and members at this box (these boxes) put their heart and soul into creating a tight-knit community and ensuring each member is engaged in it. The programming is diverse and allows elite athletes to push themselves in special clinics and competition programs while allowing beginners to learn and grow at a safe, comfortable pace. The coaches are awesome at teaching and stressing proper form and range-of-motion on every rep of every set.

6 Reebok CrossFit 5th Ave - New York, New York

10,000 square feet of CrossFit pain. All the equipment you could ever want and specialty classes to keep your body guessing. They even have Yoga. Don't forget that there's a Reebok Fit-Hub store attached to the gym...

7 Santa Cruz CrossFit - Santa Cruz, California

Not only is this gym run by a brother and sister team who were coached by Greg Glassman (the founder of CrossFit), but they cater to all sorts of people from the working professionals to the professional athletes. They also offer discounts for students, military, and first responders.

I went there for two years (and still go there) with my dad!

8 San Francisco CrossFit - San Francisco, California

One of the very first affiliated gyms, this one has gained fame due to Kelly Starrett and his Mobility WOD YouTube channel. And his books. If you want to get the best training about the bio-mechanics of your body, this is the place to go. The box also offers CrossFit for kids and teens, as well as programs for running, gymnastics, weightlifting, movement/mobility, and CrossFit endurance.

9 College Hill CrossFit - Greensboro, North Carolina

I LOVE College Hill SO much! I recently moved to another state and literally tried over 20 boxes, and still didn't find anyone who compared to CHC, or even came close. My first month there (I had just moved to the area) I participated in a big competition, and there was this HUGE outpouring of support and encouragement, cheering me on as if I had been there for years. It really touched my heart and meant so much to me. The coaches are truly passionate about CrossFit and about coaching. They are knowledgeable and know each athlete and how to help each athlete as an individual. The community is the epitome of what a CrossFit community is supposed to be. They are family that truly care about each other and want the best for each other. From the first day I walked in and every day after I literally felt so happy inside because the gym radiates a strong positive energy. There is a strong atmosphere and spirit of unity and acceptance and just fun. Pam, the owner, is OUTSTANDING and quite ingenious. There's nothing she doesn't think of or doesn't do to make CHC and her athletes better and the best they can be. Her gifts and talents are limitless, and I am inspired by how she dedicates them to helping others. CHC is truly the epitome of what a box, leadership, coaching, programming, community and CrossFit family should be.

10 CrossFit LoDo - Denver Colorado

What a great place - location, atmosphere and membership! A fun group of coaches, who continually guide, instruct, push the members all the while keeping us safe! The membership is pretty awesome as well. We have a great time while pushing ourselves and each other to success. When in Denver, you have to try this place out!

Great gym! The coaches are awesome; the are always furthering their education and it shows in how they lead the athletes. They help even when they aren't coaching the class; they'll assist when they are working out alongside of you. Thanks CFLoDo!

The Contenders
11 Titan CrossFit - Cockeysville, Maryland

Huge faculty equipped with high quality equipment and excellent coaches who constantly work to improve their training through OPT and other programs. There's also a special olympic weightlifting room with tailored programming by a dedicated coach that fits every athletes lifestyle and goals. Titan holds local competitions like Gemini games and Atlas games that attracts latge crowds and various athletes from the DC/MD/VA area. Most importantly, the Titan staff makes the gym a place where people WANT to spend hours of their free time simply because they are awesome people who love what they do. Titan is a great community and I'm so lucky to be a part of it!

12 CrossFit Fenway - Boston, Massachusetts

They max their classes out at 10 people to make sure you get the specialized coaching you need. They offer all levels of classes including competitor training and endurance training. Space and options galore.

Fantastic box. Great coaches, equipment, and location (in the shadow of Fenway Park). Small classes and super-friendly environment. There is a reason it is near of the top of everyone's list of boxes to drop in for a WOD.

13 CrossFit Central - Austin, Texas

Crossfit Central was the first box I ever had the pleasure of working out at. Since then, I've tried several boxes over the last several years and always find myself comparing those to Crossfit Central. Their coaches, facility, and energy are amazing. From the second you walk in and are greeted by the always smiling front desk person, to the coaches and class. It truly is an excellent gym. I would recommend this gym over any other in the Austin, Texas area.

I tried other Crossfit gyms in Austin, and none could compare to Crossfit Central. Their coaches are truly top notch. The programming is stellar. And most importantly, they make sure you stay committed by belonging to a home room class that you must attend or otherwise notify your coach... Talk about holding you accountable! I've never wanted to come back for more pain so badly than after joining crossfit central.

14 Barbell Brigade - Los Angeles, California
15 12 Labours - Baltimore, Maryland

They greet you like you are a family member, with open arms, and a smiling face. Extremely well trained to provide for each and every client, from the absolute beginner to the advanced, competitive athlete to satisfy their needs/goals.

Incredible coaching staff, warm open community, and thoughtful programming. There is something for everyone here, regardless of whether a top notch athlete or someone just getting into fitness.

Experienced and attentive coaches, and a friendly and supportive community. A great space for the timid novice up to and including the games competitor!

16 CrossFit 580 - Livermore, California
17 CrossFit Reborn - Bowie, Maryland

Emphasizing the importance of comradery or each one help/teach one, Reborn has made it possible for most athletes who walk through its doors to realize his or her inner and physical strength. With dynamic and knowledgeable coaching and athletes who yearn to learn and grow, whether it be to maintain or reach fitness goals or prepare for competition, we all bring our skills and talents to this Box. With that, we have positioned ourselves to set the bar high for local and national Crossfit facilities. Reborn stresses the importance of mobility first and then developing strength and endurance. #rebornstrong

18 Vintage CrossFit - Houston, Texas
19 Plymouth CrossFit - Canton, Michigan

This is the best crossfit gym hands down! Amazing community very large and everyone supports each other. They have extremely knowledgable staff all very skilled in their crafts! The best olympic lifting, running, and crossfit competition training around. They also make sure to spend lots of time going over proper nutrition!

20 CrossFit Marysville - Marysville, Washington
21 CFP the Pitt - Pittsfield, Massachusetts
22 CrossFit StoneAgeFuel - Reno, Nevada
23 CrossFit 248 - Farmington Hills, Michigan

CrossFit 248 is run by people who love CrossFit and love coaching others in CrossFit. The gym has great programming, quality equipment, a wide variety of classes and is run by exert coaches certified in many different areas of fitness. The gym has a ton of fun an has developed a tight knit community of athletes pursuing constant improvements in their health and fitness. CrossFit 248 was also recently voted one of the Top 5 CrossFit affiliates in Metro Detroit by CBS News!

The best coaches I've seen so far.

24 Roanoke Valley CrossFit - Roanoke, Virginia

Crossfit Roanoke Valley has been a life changer for me. I started at zero fitness level at age 50 and found a welcoming, nonjudgmental, and very encouraging atmosphere. The highly trained coaches and members are always ready to encourage, help and make working out fun. Even though we work hard the time goes by really fast because your completely engaged and having fun, the programming is ever changing, progressive and interesting. It is also scalable, so even though I work out with some uber athletes, I am always getting a great workout, making improvements and I can feel great about what my body can do too. Progress here is trackable and the improvements are impressive. I always leave Roanoke Valley Crossfit feeling better than I did when I got there. I have made leaps and bounds in my ability to function in the gym as well as in everyday life. I feel and function like I am 10+ years younger in just 6 months training here. The time commitment for the results is impressive! All I have to do is show up, be present and try and I get amazing results.

25 CrossFit Wicked - Middleton, Massachusetts
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