Top Ten Pieces of Equipment Needed In a Home Gym

With more and more gyms popping up it's difficult to find an excuse to not join up and get in better shape. However, excuses abound such as being too expensive, not being convenient, or not having the time. What if you could eliminate all those excuses and still get what you want?

With the sizes of homes increasing every year, chances are you've got more open space than you realize. In addition, there are so many fitness companies starting up that prices on equipment are falling to all-time lows.

Why not set up your own personal home gym? For a hundred dollars or so you can have everything you need to get in the best shape of your life. Below are the most important pieces of equipment needed to start your own home gym. You might not need all of these but I recommend you find those things that fit for your situation.
The Top Ten
1 Entertainment Device

This can be a stereo, a TV, something. This sounds weird but let's face it, working out without your headphones or some other form of mental distraction can ruin your motivation. Keep your brain amped up and motivated, and your body will follow.

2 Pull Up Bar

Whether it's in a doorway or fixed to a wall, having somewhere to not only do pull-ups but also just hang, put bands around and pull down. It's versatile and essential.

3 Olympic Bar

Sure, you might not have room to put this in your living room, or maybe you do. Regardless, if you are going to make a serious attempt at working out at home, you're going to want an Olympic bar. Curls, bench press, rows, deadlifts, pretty much all lifts will use this one.

4 Bumper Plates

This is separate from the Olympic bar because many people will just think of a bar with the plates together. However, bumper plates are essential because they aren't just metal plates. In fact, they are rubber-covered. These are important because you can drop them without ruining your floors. They don't crack or chip, and they are easier to handle.

5 Kettlebell

I recommend a 35lb kettlebell as it's the standard single weight in the Russian KB system. You can use it for swings, general weights, or in place of a dumbbell. It's versatile and ergonomic.

6 Dumbbells

I recommend getting at least one set of dumbbells. If you can't afford to buy multiples, buy the lightest set you think you'll need. You can always increase the reps or decrease the speed instead of using a heavier pair. Now, you'll also have the correct weights for your lightest needs.

7 Climate Control

If you have cold winters, you'll need a heater to help with those first few minutes before your body warms up. If you've got hot summers, a large fan will keep your body from overheating and staying comfortable.

8 Rubber Mats

Unless you're going to be working out on your living room floor, you're eventually going to end up laying, kneeling, crawling, on a cold, hard floor. A mat will make you more likely to do those pushups, burpees, or lunges. And it'll help with shock absorption.

9 Pirouette Bars

Make them out of PVC pipe for something lightweight and incredibly inexpensive. Use them for pushups, dips, handstands, you name it.

10 Bench

You'll want this for everything from bench presses to dips to box jumps. If it adjusts, all the better because then you can use it at an angle and double or triple your workout options.

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11 BP Monitoring Device
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