Top Ten Best YouTube Channels for Muscle Building Videos

Everyone wants to be healthy and live longer, more well-rounded lives. With the internet so easily accessible you can spend time researching exercises and diet tips at home, the office, or right at the gym while you're choosing what machine to go to.

Some of the best information out there is being broadcast by fitness personalities and other healthy individuals via YouTube. The only problem is that anybody with a cell phone and a computer can make a video and post it for some unsuspecting pupil to watch - only to be told contradictory information.

The worst thing you can do as a fitness YouTube channel is to mislead someone into getting hurt. Frustrations can arise from not seeing gains due to inefficient and often outdated information and you can end up turning off more users than you help.

Below are the top ten YouTube channels to help you with your muscle building efforts.
The Top Ten
1 Athlean-X

Jeff Cavalier has impressive credentials and an even more impressive physique. He can show you the efficient way to build lean muscle instead fo the traditional Bulk vs cut mentality. His technique tips will keep your health in line and those injuries away.

There's no other channel that gives reliable accurate content.

Innovative, fresh and honest. If you have hit a plateau, check Jeff out

Best channel by far

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2 SwoldierNation

Steve Cook, one of the most popular fitness personalities at the moment is there to show you how to get it done. He has both lifestyle and cooking videos, a college workout series, a trainer edition, and all the fans and smiles to keep you feeling motivated.

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3 Six Pack Shortcuts

Mike has been spreading his knowledge on the internet for years now and his channel is full of useful information and his personality is easy to get along with.

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4 Strength Camp

He Has some unconventional training tips and isn't afraid to use them. This channel will get you thinking twice about how and what you lift.

Strengthcamp should be number one. elliot hulse is probably the realest dude on YouTube who gives his honest opinions on all the topics. he is inspirational, motivates everyone for working out and really a great mentor.
And he's strong.

5 Mobility WOD

Kelly Starrett has become the healthy voice of Crossfit. His start as a physical therapist combined with the rigors of Crossfit (he owns Crossfit San Francisco) has kept him on the forefront of the exercise world. Check out his books too.

6 CT Fletcher

This guy means business. Holder of multiple world records and titles in power lifting, his unconventional techniques (when used appropriately) will get you shredded. His motivation is a shot of adrenaline right to the face.

7 Dana Linn Bailey

Ms Olympia with a rock star attitude. She'll motivate you to shred that fat by hard work and dedication. Shes not afraid to have a personality and will lift the weights to prove it.

8 Buff Dudes

Best channel with their highly informative and entertaining content

9 BarStarzz

While it's all bodyweight, I dare you to train on getting as strong as these guys are. Sure it's some showing off but dig through the channel and you'll find the training tips to get you ripped.

10 Frank Medrano

Lots of bodyweight but if you can do any of this stuff, you don't need to be looking at this list.

The Contenders
11 Physiques of Greatness

Some attitude to go with your dose of training tips and motivation.

12 Jeff Nippard

This channel should be #1 on the list because it's highly science based.

13 Beast Muscle Show
14 Jeremy Ethier
15 Greg Doucette
16 Justin Lee
17 Max Euceda
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