Top Ten Ways to Get In Shape

Health is an important topic these days with more and more people taking stock of their lifestyles. Whether you are looking to lose weight, gain muscle, or just improve your general health, there are some generally good-for-you things you should be doing.

Being in better health isn't just about losing weight. There are plenty of super-skinny super models out there who could technically be considered "obese" based on body composition. In other words, you can be skinny but still be composed of mostly fat (you just might not have enough muscle. )

A major part of your health is fueling your body appropriately to ready it for the activities you need/want to fill your days with. The other part is getting your body into a state where it can efficiently perform in all the ways a human body should. From getting up from the floor to playing your sport of choice, we are built for movement.

Below are the best ways to get your body in better shape. You'll be in less pain, better shape, live longer, and overall happier if you follow these tips.
The Top Ten
1 Generally Move More

Can you get up and down off the floor? Can you play with your kids without having to take a break before they're done? If you can't, you need to work on it. Park at the back of the parking lot and walk to the store, move around your house more...

Well you can always to some jogging. It doesn't matter what execise you do.

2 Eat Real Foods

In this era, more people are eating way too much instead of being malnourished. I mean, sure a jelly donut is great but it's not like you're gonna eat them for lunch and dinner. Concentrate juice has 100 grams of sugar in it. Keep this up and ya won't fit on the couch. We are talking the 5 food groups here. Notice I did not include oils and fats because they don't exactly count. Trans fat can kill you. Eat avocado! Bake ya wings! Let's end world hunger by not wasting so much stuff! Ya with me!

By "real foods" I am referring to foods that you can pick up at your Farmer's Market. Things that are grown or raised - not food-like substances that are created by companies. Real food doesn't HAVE ingredients, it IS an ingredient.

3 Find an Active Hobby

Better than any exercise plan is a good active hobby. If you really enjoy it then it won't be something difficult to "stick to." You'll end up making time to be active because that activity is your hobby.

This is a good way to lose weight because moving about and keeping active will help with your shape. It will also improve your skills at cycling, so if you are good enough, you can join a cycle club.

Play waterpolo and it doesn't matter what you eat you'll burn it all off.

4 Follow an Exercise Program

Sometimes an active hobby just isn't an option during the week. Insert an exercise program. Even moving an hour a day is better than none at all - though make sure your exercising isn't the only movement you do every day or it won't amount to much in the long-term.

Nothing does more work to your body than going for it at the gym. Best results when you regulate yourself. Going to the gym can take from 30 min to 2 hours... it all depends on what YOU are doing!

Tried and tested. Run till you can't no more. And tomorrow go even farther.

5 Sit Less

There are plenty of reasons not to sit often and they could take up a list in themselves. Suffice it to say that sitting more than a couple hours a day will shorten your life and cause you more pain than you might be aware.

6 Stop Eating Sugar

Let's face it, sugar is a toxin for your body. Government regulations aside (go research some of the shady dealings relating to sugar and the government), sugars count as negative calories. It does you harm, spikes your insulin levels (the fat-creating hormone) and ruins your sleep.

So sugar is sad. I wish I could keep eating it. And what ever you do, DO NOT listen to the hiccup cure of eating a spoonful of sugar.

I once gave up sugar for about one month. As a result, I lost a large amount of weight.

7 Street Workout

There are no better ways to get in shape than to pull your bodyweight Up!

8 Use Active Transportation

Walk, ride your bike, rollerblade, walk to the bus stop... Leave a little earlier and you'll be surprised just how good you feel when you arrive at your destination, how many more things you'll observe, and how much less money you'll spend.

9 Hit Your Macro-Nutrient Ratios

Most people should be getting 30% of their calories form fats, 30% from carbohydrates, and 40% from proteins. Use a simple food diary to track what types of nutrients your diet consists of. You might be surprised...

10 Eat Proper Portion Sizes

If you eat the right foods then calories aren't a problem. I dare you to eat 2000 calories of spinach... Fill your plate with 1/3 protein, 1/3 fibrous carbs (sweet potatoes, quinoa... ) and 1/3 other veggies. Keep protein portions to about the size and thickness of your palm. Let everything else follow accordingly.

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11 Stay Hydrated

Water, water, water. Not soda, not fruit juice, not alcohol... Sure, have some of those other liquids in small amounts but keep those cells full of water and they'll both curb your hunger and recover faster from the moving you've done all day.

I drink water every day during school.

12 Join a Support Group

Exercise is so much easier when you're with other people to support you!

13 Get Out More
14 Eat Meals at Appropriate Times

If you skip breakfast, you will be even more hungry for lunch, which will make you eat more and cause weight gain.

15 Stop Smoking
16 Keep a Record or Journal of Your Workouts
17 Follow a Diet Plan
18 Find a Motivated Workout Partner
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