Top Ten Benefits of Physical Exercise

Feel free to add more. I apologise if this list sounds like I know all the facts about this stuff, I still have a few more things to learn.

If I sound too opinionated, it will be because this is my occupation and you can disagree or agree with my opinions. Thanks!
The Top Ten
1 Increased Energy Levels

The main reason I love exercising is because I have more energy to perform other stuff throughout The day with ease. Exercising means more stamina for people. You will see nearly 100% of Personal Trainers or Physio's be energetic and encouraging when they speak. The reason is because they exercise constantly, and understand many benefits.

2 Loss of Body Fat
3 Muscular Growth

This relates to more of the weight lifting side to exercise. I have been body building for 8 months now. I don't wish to take any performance enhancement. I do it all naturally, but you have to work your butt off to get the results.

The secret to losing fat is not do extreme cardio workouts because it won't make you lose much fat. Weights is the key to losing body fat. Muscle simply weighs more than fat. The more muscle you build, the less fat you will have.
Eating a high amount of calories is the greatest challenge for me, I keep working to put on weight as a goal.
But another idea to lose weight is that if you eat less calories than you expend in a day, the fat will get off of you fast. Eating more calories than you expend in one day, you will put on weight. Many overweight or obese people simply just eat more than they expend.

Take this idea and lose weight much easier! Eat less calories than you will expend in a day and lift weights with a bit of cardio. You ...more

4 Increased Endorphin Levels

If you exercise, you feel happier simple as that!

5 Decreased Stress Levels

From personal experience again I have found that exercising releases pure anxiety and stress greatly.

6 Stronger Bone Development

Could be here for a long time talking about the science to this. But could not be bothered would go on forever. But in general most of the time if you go out for runs or lift weights, people's bones become more prone to mineral deposit build-up, causing our joints to become more stable and stronger and many older people who lift weights or exercise regularly will find they are less likely to develop osteoporosis or even break their bones from a hard knock. Exercise is a great way to protect your joints for when you are older and develop weakness in the bones.

7 Improved Flexibility

If you lift weights or play sport or go for walks or jogs on most days of the week. Your legs, arms and other joints will stretch out. Of course I'm not into the static flexibility side of exercise but usually any type of physical movement causes your muscles to stretch out making you physiologically be able to perform more movements with other tasks.

8 Better Body Posture

I have exercised most days of the week since I was a little kid. Starting with running to sport to cardio tournaments to body building and weights as I have got older now. Your body posture and back will improve greatly if you exercise no doubt. Just from my personal experience over the years.

9 Improved Motivation

A very important skill to have in life. Exercise is the main thing that improves your will to get up in the morning and be a champion. Whether your studying, working or simply just going to the gym in general.

10 Increased Confidence
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11 Increased Fitness
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