Top Ten Best Things About Exercising

The Top Ten
1 Losing Weight

I'm not even fat but I'm glad I've lost 25 pounds in the last two days

2 Making Muscles Stronger

Alright joy... Get off your lazy butt and learn to take care of your body now...

Or tomorrow...

3 Strengthening Your Inner Core
4 Learning New Exercises
5 Lifting Weights

It's been five years but yesterday I proved I can still do it

6 Exercises With Funny Names
7 Good Hobby for Some
8 Punching the Punching Bag
9 Strengthening Your Arms and Legs
10 Strengthening Your Back and Neck
The Contenders
11 It Makes You Feel Good About Yourself
12 It Boosts Your Confidence
13 It Helps Fight Depression
14 You Look Good In a Tight T-Shirt
15 You Can Sleep Better
16 It Motivates You to Not Eat Junk Food
17 It Makes You Happy

For me it improves my mood

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