Top Ten Things Insomniacs Are Tired of Hearing

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1 You should really get more sleep

Wow! Thank you! That never occured to me in the many hours in which I lay awake! What was I doing lying awake? Simple. I was testing my cryokinetic powers.

Person: you need a full 8 ho-

Me: I've slept 20 hours nonstop... Do NOT tell me I need eight hours sleep everynight... I go to sleep at 7 P. M and I have to get up at 6 A. M

Hearing that over and over again may just work. But I doubt it, you crazy person, you.

2 Try sleeping on the other side

In bed, I have a rotational speed about my height of about ten revolutions per hour. You'd think at some point I'd be at an ideal angle. Well, news flash: no such bloody thing!

I sleep on literally every bloody side.

3 Take a chill pill, mate

The more you say that, in any foolish belief that it is relevant to the situation, the more I want to sublime your skull.

4 Avoid electronic devices

My teachers think they're so smart telling me this. What they don't know is that the phone comes to ME.

That doesn't even help, actually it helps as much as your lectures.

But I want to find insomniac friends like me.-.

5 Get a bed that works

Get a bed that works what? Overtime? As an accountant? Or one that I can hit you with?

My bed is comfortable enough.

Get a brain that works

6 It's because you can't sleep

WOW! I never would have guessed!

Oh, is it? That I did not consider.

7 Why not look online?

I once had an appointment with Dr Google and Dr Yahoo! Answers, didn't end well

Because they're just as helpful as you.

Thanks, they helped as much as you did.

8 Just sleep

Me: I haven't slept for 42 hours please stop it...
Some dumm friend: Just go to sleep now, it's not healthy and it's very dangerous

Insaunia- inability to sleep

It's about not being able to sleep... A sleep disorder, would you tell an anorexic person,"just eat"

HOW?! If I could just sleep and wasn't an insomniac I wouldn't just done that.

9 Turn in around 8PM, that'll help

And if that doesn't work, turn in an hour earlier each time, until you never get out of bed! It's not rocket science, it's nonsense!

But then I will be lying in bed for 3 more hours every day, because I simply can't fall asleep that early.

I cannot fall asleep until after 10, unless I am really (and I mean really) tired.

10 Do you know what sleep loss does to you?

I am autistic and suffer from insomnia... Reading this at 2:27 in the morning.

Well, what do you intend to do about it, other than list the effects?

"Yeah, I do. And it's not pleasant. But it's even worse if you're insomniac. Think about it."

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11 How many fingers am I holding up?

I really hope you're not a hallucination, so I can break your jaw right here and now.

Oh, I'm holding up 1 finger, it's my middle one.

Oh, only one. And its not a very nice one.

12 Just go to a drugstore and get some medicine

You think I haven't tried? Miracle pills don't exist, lady.

I don't do drugs, mate.

13 Stop going to bed so late

I go to bed around 10 pm or 11 pm, I just sleep 4 hours later.

14 Sleep is important
15 Turn off the TV and go to sleep
16 Stop thinking about so many things

OK, I will just commit suicide then.

17 Stop worrying
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