Worst Things About the Gym

The Top Ten
1 The machine you want to go on is never free
2 Excercising

Exactly! I hate exercising, unless it's randomly dancing or doing tap and ballet.

3 Everyone else is already fit
4 Everyone staring at you
5 Bad music

The gym I went to before it changed location always played chart music, how on earth is that supposed to pump you up? That's why I always stuck in my earphones and listened to heavy metal

6 Falling off the treadmill
7 Not knowing how to use the machines
8 Looking dumb when you excercise
9 People who don't wipe their sweat off machines
10 No space to stretch
The Contenders
11 The gym teacher is a jerk
12 Taking a Fitness test
13 Naked people in the locker room
14 Air conditioning is switched off
15 The smell of sweat
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