Best Factions / Occupations In Skyrim

A list of the top ten factions or jobs in the Elder Scrolls V. I welcome all comments and opinions.

The Top Ten

1 Dark Brotherhood

Most creative and fun quests in my humble opinion dark brotherhood quests are always best--not just because of the killing, but because of the stories involved and interesting quests

Love that feeling when you're wanted everywhere for stabbing a load of people in the back. Plus you get SO MUCH CASH for doing missions for Nazir. And shadowmere is such a badass horse that I love to kill dragons with.

Sneaking around an silently killing your contracts is very enjoyable. - fan-o-freddie

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2 Thieves Guild

Becoming the guild master of the Riften Ratway and earning the respect of your subordinates is (in my opinion) the most rewarding. Perhaps it is as a result of my sneak prowess. - fan-o-freddie

3 The Companions

Getting paid to destroy monsters and bandits is a profitable career. - fan-o-freddie

#1: Companions. (I'm the leader of them, so I have to put them at #1)
#2: Thieves Guild. (I'm awesome at picking locks, sneaking, and stealing.
#3: Dark Brotherhood. (Pretty cool to be an assassin, and plus you get a free horse and free assassin robes. - Alpha101

4 Independent Bandit Killer
5 Imperial Legion
6 Hunter

Killing animals to use their fur to smith or to sell while also improving other skills. - fan-o-freddie

7 Alchemist

Gathering ingredients in the wild and making potions can be profitable as well as handy in combat. - fan-o-freddie

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8 Smith

Forging your own armor, weapons or Jewellery to use or to sell can be profitable if you have the patience. - fan-o-freddie

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9 Civil War Fighter

All the required quests are at the bottom for every top ten. Haha.

Choose to be either a Stormcloack or an Imperial and fight for Skyrim - fan-o-freddie

10 The Blades

The Contenders

11 Pit Fighter
12 College of Winterhold

Oh come on they're lower than a hunter what

13 Farmer

Nothing more satisfying in the game than watching your crops grow. No need for all this mindless killing, just buy a house in the countryside and relax.

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14 Stormcloaks

All hail to Ulfric! You are the high king! In you great honor we drink and we sing! - Alpha101

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