Best Team Fortress 2 Pyro Weapons

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1 Degreaser

If you have this weapon directly firing at a specific person, you can pile up loads up damage of em'! And its good for switching to your secondary at far range, and melee weapon at close range! Another reason its really good is because it has air blast, which is good for dealing with soldiers, demomen, and Level 3 Sentries.

This weapon is great. It is a weapon that gives you 60% quicker weapon switch, but as a downside 10% less fire damage over time, and 10% less damage. The reason why this weapon is amazing is because it works great in conjunction with both the flare gun and the axtinguisher/postal plummer. With the flare gun, if you set your opponent on fire and airblast then hit them with the flare gun, it will crit and do 90 damage. For the axtinguisher, it will do 125 damage up front and 195 from behind. I dislike the axtinguisher combo because you have to get real close, while with the flare gun you can do quite a amount of damage.

The Degreaser, despite personally feeling that it's incredibly overrated, is still a very reliable weapon for Pyro. A 65% faster in and out speed in exchange for a 25% higher airblast cost and 66% less afterburn damage, despite the ratio of positives to negatives, is still very useful in many situations. A quick switch to or from another weapon is useful if another player is ambushing you from afar.

At first when I saw this flamethrower in the crafting I thought, "what's the point of faster weapon switch? " well, I wanted to see what it was like so I made it, and it was the best choice I had made so far in tf2. I use the postal pummeler with it and I am just op. I just light people on fire and wack them with a mailbox and they die. Best. Weapon. EVER!

2 Axtinguisher

Really? How can you kill a pyro that is immune to fire!?

Best pyro melee. (Except the bat outta hell with the scout style on it)

I have this weapon

This should be #2

3 Flare Gun

The good thing is that there is not down-side, so that you can do 33 damage with burn, shoot long range, and 100% critical hit chance, one of the best.

I have 1579 kills on my Strange Flare Gun atm, it is my favorite weapon ever. Takes a lot of skill, but once you've mastered it, you can't lose.

Very good secondary, mostly against non pyros, but if equipped with the Degreaser, if you are REALLY good, you can crit other pyros even, because you instantly flare them for 90 damage.

It's like a long range flamethrower!

4 Powerjack

Best melee weapon not like axtinguisher or postal pummel... This weapon can steal hp and when you are trying to run away or catch up to the spy your chasing.. You can just battle with this when you're fighting a pyro.

I think the weapon it pretty OP that you get health on kill and you move faster. The weapon does great damage, but I'd prefer the Back Scratcher if you want great damage
To players.

The new patch has made this weapon a beast, the extra movement speed is great and reminds me of the old Escape Plan. Not only this, but it truly is an awesome looking hammer!

I think it's an awesome weapon because, you can run (almost) as a scout and when ever you kill someone you instantly heal 75 health!

5 Reserve Shooter

I enjoy playing with reserve shooter. Used with flame thrower or degreaser it's perfect against rocket jumping soldiers and double jumping scouts. Perfect for close range playing.

Best pyro secondary. With even FASTER weapon switch, I can be used for some great airblast combos. Also better than flare gun because its actually useful against other pyros.

The best secondary weapon for pyro in TF2! If you use your compression blast on your foe and shoot him in the air, he will 'drop dead'(achievement name in TF2). Definitely should be a military weapon if ever invented!

6 Flame Thrower

Good for dealing damage (in comparison to the degreaser) while still being able to air blast at a decent ammo cost (in comparison to the back burner).

Easily best flamethrower. It got no downsides and doesn't require combos to be effective.

7 Detonator

It is good for keeping the sewers clean on 2fort if combined with the neon annihilator as you can surf on the sides of the tunnels with it. Its upside out of 2fort is that it is able to get you up to places a pyro would normally not be able to reach, this can throw off your enemy when a random pyro shows up from the roof of a small building.

This weapon gives what a Pyro doesn't have, range. The Blast Radius is helpful as you do not need the sharpskill shooting which should be necessary for a pyro anyway just alt fire and 1-3 people are guarenteed to burn

It gives the Pyro some much needed mobility, which comes in super useful in Saxton Hale. Use it with the Airblast, and you're going to be tearing through Hale after Hale!

Also you can extend your jump similar to rocket and sticky jumping. pressing secondary fire when your bullet is in the

8 Scorch Shot

I love this weapon in every way. If the enemy is about to cap on doomsday, this weapon can be your teams savior.

When used correctly it can be good, when I'm a pyro I used it for just the extra knock back/damage and is good for just some shoot enemies while not is distance for my back-burner, The damage isn't a deal since the knockback and crit makes it good, Plus the area damage with the explosive meaning it can be shot but also a weak demoman explosive

.Best secondary for pyro, the reduced damage isn't a big deal and the explosions and knockback are epic, better than the detonator

Can burn enemies from far away way faster than the detonator or the flare gun.

9 Shotgun

People tend to underestimate the shotgun, but in practice, it's one of your most powerful tools. It may not kill light classes as fast, but it's very viable against other Pyros if you don't have phlog crits/can't flarepunch, does respectable damage against sentries compared to its alternatives, and is now the most viable shotgun Pyro has since his other options have either been nerfed to the ground (reserve shooter) or are a meme weapon butchered by the balance patch (COME ON! I JUST WANT THE OLD PANIC ATTACK BACK!)

Very versatile and very useful.
In fact, people are so used to Pyro using any flaregun that they no longer expect you to bring a shotgun. Use it to your advantage.
Solid choice for comboing and it's overal useful.

When used correctly, the shotgun is a deadly and powerful secondary weapon

10 Backburner

This really embodies the original spirit of Pyro as an ambush class. It's total destruction if you can get behind someone through one of the available flank routes.

"People always look behind them! "

You must not go on pubs much.

The Airblast cost is ignorable since you get an ammo pack for evey kill. You can use the Secondary and Melee Slot for better weapons like Detonator and The Powerjack, respectively

Pretty good, because it basically gives the Pyro the ability to backstab, which is good for ambushing. However, 50 ammo to airblast?!

I love this weapon. I used a nametag on it to name it "Come From Behind Win."

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11 The Phlogistinator

Other than than the non random crits debuff and no airblast (which airblasting is actually one of the things I love about the pyro) it can deal massive damage when used properly. To use this, usually you have to stay alive as long as you can while dealing damage as most as possible. You should also learn to use the mmph effect correctly based on the situation. I won't recommend this to new players or those who stays more deffensively, and those who support the stealthy play style. The reason is because playing with the phlog requires a unique playstyle that not all people can master to be used effectively.

Awesome! I use it purely for the invulnerablity, who cares about crits?

With this weapon, I use the Sharpened Volcano Fragment with the Flaregun to deal the majority of my damage, and I use the Phlogistinator invulnerabilty when taunting for extra survivability.

It's like a personal kritzkrieg, and when you pop your crits, the other team can either run, or die. But if you use this please use manmelter for the good of the team.

It's not the best, but it's still good. The problem is the NO AIRBLAST! And airblast is like one of the main things you need to be a good pyro.

12 Flame Thrower Rainblower

It's the stock flamethrower but with upsides. Who wouldn't want it?

Why isn't this number 1 pyro land is awesome!

Don, t forget Balloonicorn, mayor of Pyroland! It has a ranged radius instant-death taunt!

Hell yeah, pony land is awesome!

13 Homewrecker

For defense pyro or to take down a sentry.

14 Sharpened Volcano Fragment

Very good weapon in tight areas with lots of corners (Granary, Gravel Pit etc.).

Deals 20% less damage than the Flame Thrower, but can light people on fire like the Flame Thrower.

Even though it does a similar thing to the Flame Thrower, making it seem useless, it is not useless.

It can be used as a replacement for the primary function of the Flame Thrower, leaving the Flame Thrower for airblast usage mainly. Used best alongside a Flare Gun (an official TF2 hint states this too).

It is better for ambushes than the Flame Thrower in small, dark places and around corners. Having a melee out makes you harder to spot when walking around corners (no long Flame Thrower front sticking out). Also, it deals afterburn without having particle fire, making it stealthier. Fire particles are easy to see and hear. It glows a bit, but that can be negated by holding out the Flare Gun.

Dowside is that it cannot be used to destroy buildings and multiple players as ...more

It WOULD be a good weapon if used by another class, but with pyro it's pretty useless. It does look cool though, and that is the most important feature of tf2 items

It's a good melee weapon. It can catch things on fire, unlike other melee weapons. I like fire.

By the way, it actually deals 20% less damage than the Fire Axe.

15 Neon Annihilator

Can destroy sappers and critical hit if your enemy is in water or your enemy is wet

16 Dragon's Fury

An amazing weapon, you can constantly kill enemies with this. It deals 200+% damage on burning enemies. However, the airblast takes a long time to recharge, yet it is still a great weapon.

17 Axtinguisher Postal Pummeler

Great weapon if you're using it in conjunction with the degreaser. The main weapon of probably at least 50% of the pyros because it gets you so many kills if you use it correctly. See an enemy at close distance? Degrease, then axtinguish. See an enemy heavy mowing down your team? Degrease, then axtinguish. 2 shots from an axtinguisher to most people and they're dead.

18 Third Degree

Nobody use that,nobody post it...unused and underrated weapon...I have to post this because I personally think that this weapon deserves more and also deserve changes...I think that this stats would be ok for this weapon:+hits all players connected via medibeam,+20% damage bonus against players connected via medibeam,
-20% damage penalty against players not connected via medibeam...if you agree please share this...Valve have to fix this weapon!

The Third Degree is super underrated it is a direct upgrade from the fire axe

19 Hot Hand
20 Tomislav
21 Maul Homewrecker
22 Back Scratcher

Why is this not more loved? It may be detrimental to a medic who roams around often, but medics are an endangered species in pubs. It helps a lot if you want to go solo (say, using the backburner properly with a detonator for some sneaky jumps)

High damage more health from heath packs. I don't understand why you would need a medic any way close range makes the medic a easy target

Extra health from packs, higher damage, style, and medics are all but extinct in pubs, best melee weapon.

Does a ton of damage, second only to axtinguisher for a fast switching player.

23 Panic Attack

Currently the Puff 'n' Sting meta is kind of 'eh' right now. The flare gun is nice. Reserve Shooter got nerfed (thank the lord gaben) and the axtinguisher deals mini-crits (still good though). The panic attack allows me to kill a heavy with a mere 3 shots(if all shots land)

Very good with Degreaser, the faster weapon switch speed is awesome.

24 Nostromo Napalmer
25 Sandvich
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